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"Rinostop": reviews. "Rinostop" for children: price

Medicines for topical application in the noseone of the most purchased means. Coryza - this is a very unpleasant condition, which greatly spoils the quality of our life. The constant separation of mucus and nasal obstruction can dislodge every person. One of the means to combat these problems is the drug "Rinostop". Reviews about him are different. It is them that will present you an article. You will learn how to use the drug "Rinostop" for children. You can also find out about the cost of this medicine.

rhinostop reviews

What about composition?

About the drug "Rinostop" reviews report, andthe instruction for use confirms the information that the active substance is xylometazoline. Its content in different forms of the drug is different. So, you can buy a medicine with 0.5 or 1 milligram xylometazoline.

About the product "Rinostop" reviews say that there isthe opportunity to buy a medicine in the form of drops or spray. This is very important and is a huge plus. Since many other formulations are produced in only one dosage form.

What do doctors say about the need to use the compound?

In what situations is the drug "Rinostop" prescribedfor children? Like an adult, a medicament is shown to a child in the complex treatment of viral and bacterial diseases. The drug reduces the stuffiness and makes breathing easier. To children the medicine "Rinostop" is prescribed for otitis and sinusitis. This correction is necessary to avoid complications.

With different rhinitis, sinusitis is useddescribed means. It also allows you to cope with an allergic reaction during the period of its aggravation. In some cases, doctors recommend the formulation to be used before and after some surgical interventions.

rhinostop spray

Important information from the manual

Before applying this or that remedy, you needbe sure to study the annotation. What information is the instruction about the prescribed medication? It indicates contraindications and the possibility of side effects. Among the latter, patients especially often allergic reaction. Often it is manifested by burning and dryness immediately after applying the medication. If this condition does not cause severe discomfort, then there is no point in canceling the correction. In other cases, alternative treatment and medication is selected with another active ingredient.

The drug is not prescribed for somediseases of the eyes and nervous system, the medicine with extreme caution should be used in expectant mothers and during lactation. The composition is contraindicated in atrophic rhinitis, since in such a situation it will only worsen the patient's condition. Hyperthyroidism and previous surgical interventions on the brain prohibit the use of the described agent. For children, the drug is prescribed only after 2 years.

"Rinostop": feedback on the way of application

Consumers and doctors report that inDepending on the type of drug, there is a certain way to use it. Drops and spray are injected into the nasal passages after a preliminary cleansing of the latter. If it is a question of the treatment of otitis, then doctors forbid the lavage of the nasal sinuses by appropriate means before using vasoconstrictive medications.

rhinostop for children

  • Drops are given to children after 6 years of age and adults1-2 doses up to three times a day. If the child is less than 6 years old, the drug is used in the form of drops of 0.05%. In this case, a single dose is 1 drop in each nostril. You can repeat the manipulation twice a day.
  • The drug "Rinostop" (spray) is prescribed one at a timeinjection of adults and children after 6 years. Multiplicity of application - 2-4 times a day. To a child under 6 years (but after 2), the medicine "Rinostop" (spray) is prescribed in the form of a spray of 0.05% once or twice a day.

Duration of treatment is always determined by the doctor anddepends on individual symptoms and characteristics. However, doctors do not recommend using the drug for more than 5 days in a row. If long-term therapy is necessary, doctors are advised to take a break, then continue the treatment.

«Rinostop»: price

How much is the drug at different drugstores? Prices for medication vary. Many depend on the region in which you live, as well as the lot of the drug. The role of the form of release of the drug also plays a role.

At the "Rinostop" (spray), the price is about 100rubles. Children's dosage of medicine will cost you about 80 rubles. If you need to buy a drop, then be ready to give the pharmacist about 40 rubles. Positive feedback on the drug speaks of its availability. In contrast to its expensive analogues, the described drug costs several times cheaper.

rhinostop price

Reviews of users and doctors about the drug

What is reported about the drug "Rhinostop" reviews?Consumers talk about the effectiveness of the tool. Indeed, a few minutes after the application comes a relief of breathing. The patient feels a decrease in the amount of mucus to be separated, which is dried due to the special composition of the preparation.

There are consumers who used the drugduring pregnancy. Despite contraindications, women report that nothing terrible has happened to the baby. However, doctors recommend in such situations to use only the child's dosage of the drug, not exceeding the recommended standards.

Patients who used the composition fairlyfor a long time, they say that they developed atrophic rhinitis. This is a state where a person simply can not do without the described medication. The consumer needs constant use of vasoconstrictor. Get rid of this condition is possible only with the help of strong drugs, which will appoint an otorhinolaryngologist.

rhinostop spray price


You learned about cheap, but quite effectivea medicine called "Rinostop". Remember that no drugs can be prescribed for yourself. Especially responsibly you need to approach the treatment of children. If you need vasoconstrictive compounds to facilitate breathing, do not use them for long. Otherwise, your condition may get worse. Easy breathing to you!

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