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Research Institute of Urology in Moscow: address, testimonials, photos

If you have kidney problems or problems withurination, then you need to urgently consult a specialist. Carry out a detailed and correct diagnosis, and then the effective treatment can doctors of the Moscow Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as NII) of urology. Today we find out what services are provided in this medical institution, what doctors work there, and what the patients themselves think about it.

of urology of Moscow


A specialized medical center thatprovides medical assistance in the field of oncology, urology, pediatric uandandrology and kidney transplantation, is called the Research Institute of Urology. Moscow is the city where this institution is located. The Medical Center also develops, implements and applies new technologies in the field of diagnosis and therapy of urinary system diseases. Doctors of the Scientific Research Institute of Urology provide medical assistance in stationary conditions.


Moscow Institute is a branchNational Medical Research Radiological Center of the Ministry of Health of Russia. There are also 2 other institutions: the Herzen Institute and the establishment of the Tsyba A.F. The center, to which this article is devoted, is named after N. Lopatkin.

Paid or free services?

Reception of patients is carried out:

  • Due to money from the federal budget.
  • Due to the means of compulsory medical insurance in the special programs of the Moscow region.
  • At the expense of the patients themselves.

urology park

How to get there: location of the institution. Operating mode

Address Research Institute of Urology: Moscow, 3 Parkovaya, 51, Building 4.

The Institute's work schedule: Monday-Friday (from 8:00 to 20:00), Saturday: from 9:00 to 18:00. Sunday is a day off.

You can get to this medical facility by car or by using the metro:

  1. From the station "Izmailovo" there is a bus number 97 to the stop "Square V. Kodovilo". From there you will see an 11-storey building, which is the final destination.
  2. You can also go to the station "Schelkovskaya", sit downon any bus that moves towards the center and reach the street. The park. Go along it for about 10 minutes, after which should appear in sight 11-storey building.
  3. Another direction - from the metro station"Preobrazhenskaya Square". To leave it is necessary at this station, take the bus number 230 and get to the stop "Square V. Kodovilo" (as in the first case). Entrance to the building from the side of the lavender boulevard.

The institution's photo is shown below.

of urology


The Institute of Urology has 200 specialists, including:

  • 30 people - doctors of medical sciences.
  • 50 people - Candidates of Medical Sciences.
  • 100 people are research workers.

The remaining specialists are working to improve their skills.


There are paid services in the Research Institute of Urology. Details on their list can be found on the Institute's website. The cost of admission for various specialists is presented in the table below.

Cost of admission
Reception at the doctor:Price, rub:
Andrologist1500 to 3000
Nephrologist1500 to 2500
Cardiologist1500 to 2500
Urologist1500 to 3500
Endocrinologist1500 to 3000


There are eight of them in the Institute of Urology. So, there are the following laboratories:

  1. Biochemistry.
  2. Pathological anatomy.Here the biopsy material is examined, molecular genetic diagnosis is carried out, violations are detected infertility in men. Also, a DNA study of the oncological processes of the kidneys, bladder, prostate gland, etc. is carried out.
  3. Experimental laboratory.
  4. Ultrasound.
  5. Laboratory of radioisotope methods of diagnosis. Here, holographic studies, MRI, multispiral computed tomography are performed.
  6. Express laboratory.
  7. Radiology. Computed tomography and X-rays are performed.
  8. Joint clinical and diagnostic laboratory.A wide range of blood, ejaculate, urine, oncomarker, cytology is carried out here. The results of the analyzes can be sent to the patient's e-mail address, via SMS message or they can be sent by courier. Also, the patient can take them himself by coming to the institute.

3 park 51 urology

Urology Research Institute: clinical departments

There are 7 of them.

  1. All-urology department.There is a round-the-clock monitoring of patients. Friendly staff will help you get up quickly. Here, any person can feel at home, because at his disposal will be: TV, air conditioning, bathroom with shower. This includes people with problems such as urolithiasis, male infertility, prostate adenoma, prostatitis, hydronephrosis, and others.
  2. Consultative and diagnostic department.It provides professional counseling on such issues as kidney stones, genitourinary cancer, infertility, impotence, urinary incontinence, kidney transplantation, etc.
  3. The day hospital.
  4. Children's urology department.Diagnosis and therapy of problems of the urinary system in small patients, correction of kidney defects, plastic surgery on the organs of the reproductive system, treatment of bladder exstrophy, etc. are carried out.
  5. Onco-urological department.
  6. Resuscitation and anesthesiology.
  7. Department of kidney transplantation and vascular surgery in urology.


Scientific departments of the hospital

There are 8 of them in the Urology Research Institute. So, these are the departments like:

  1. Development of regional urology.Here 8 specialists work. The main goal of this department is the development of the urological branch. Specialists are engaged in such innovations and improvements as the development of the site, mobile applications, information video database, online translation, interdisciplinary sections, etc.
  2. Department of Pediatric Urology. Here there are 2 specialists.
  3. Department of andrology and reproductive medicine. Eight professionals work on such serious problems as infertility, erectile dysfunction, genital surgery.
  4. Department of urolithiasis.There are 2 specialists working in this field, such as identifying the causes of kidney stones, diet therapy, the treatment of oxalate crystals in the urine, balneotherapy, the installation, replacement or removal of the catheter, the elimination of kidney stones, etc.
  5. Department of Oncourology. Five specialists work here, and they deal with the problems of malignant tumors in the kidneys.
  6. Department of Innovation, which employs 4 people. Here, specialists are engaged in the introduction of various new technologies: drugs, medical equipment, etc.
  7. Department of endourology. Here there are 4 specialists.Doctors of this department perform operations through flexible endoscopic equipment of the leading manufacturing companies. The staff of the endourological department developed and implemented a method for performing urgent transurethral resection of the prostate with acute retention of urination.
  8. Department of Neurourology and urodynamics.3 specialists are attached to it. Patients with problems such as enuresis, dysfunction of urination, difficulty in emptying the bladder can contact this department. Doctors of this department can prescribe the following types of treatment: medication, bladder and pelvic training, surgery, various physiotherapeutic manipulations. It can be: rectal, external, vaginal stimulation.

urology reviews

Communication online

The Institute of Urology has its own website, where anya person can ask a doctor a question. To do this, you need to go to their Internet resource, enter your name, the real email address and the text of the question. Then click the "Send" button. The request will be sent to the organization, and soon the person will be able to receive an answer to his question. You do not even need to go to the institute and stand in line. Probably, the expert will advise to come on consultation and inspection. But it can be that the person will not need to go to the address: st. 3 park, 51. Research Institute of Urology - an institution in which experts do everything possible to make patients feel comfortable and healthy.

And on the site of the institution you can order a servicecallback. For this, a person will need to enter his name and phone number in the appropriate fields, and within a few minutes the phone will ring. This service is needed so that a potential patient does not spend his money and time to get through to the clinic.

Prices in the inpatient department

  • Patient registration and examination by a doctor - 1500 rub.
  • Daily stay in a 1-bed ward (2 rooms) - 15 000 rubles.
  • 2-3-bed room for 24 hours - 3000 rubles.
  • The daily stay in the ward, designed for 3 people or more, is 1500 rubles.
  • Supervision in the intensive care unit (cost per day) - 12 000 thousand rubles.
  • The presence in the department of anesthesiology up to 2 hours - 4000 thousand rubles.

urology department

Positive assessments of people

Research Institute of urology reviews is different.Someone praises this medical institution, and someone criticizes it. Those patients who liked to undergo treatment at this institute, note such positive aspects of the institution:

  • Staff excellent.Many people note that there are collected minds from all over Russia. Urologists, andrologists, endocrinologists are doctors from God. They treat patients very well, advise on all matters relating to the disease, give clear answers to questions, prescribe effective treatment.
  • Purity.Women and men note that the cleanliness in this medical institution is being monitored. In the corridors, no one will meet people in dirty shoes, as they are followed by hospital staff and ask people to buy shoe covers. Also, patients write that the wards are cleaned every day, the toilets do not have an unpleasant smell, everything is quite accurate.
  • Employees of the registry are polite to the patients, they are friendly, kind and always smiling.

Negative assessments of people

The Institute of Urology (Moscow) receives not only approving, but also bad reviews of people. Here are some negative aspects in the work of the institution noted by some patients:

  • Lack of seats. The hospital is heavily overloaded, and sometimes people have to wait for their turn to inpatient treatment.
  • Queues in the registry. This is another negative point. People write that sometimes you have to stand for 40 minutes or more to get a coupon for an appointment.
  • Expensive treatment.Those patients who do not have a compulsory medical insurance policy and other privileges must pay for many services out of their own pocket. People believe that the prices for examination and treatment are too high in this institute. And if you do not have insurance, then it is unrealistic to undergo therapy in this institution. After all, for example, the treatment of chronic prostatitis will cost a man of 120 thousand rubles. If you get rid of prostate cancer, then you need to shell out about 230 thousand rubles. Many people can not take such amounts from anywhere.


From this article you learned that there are 3medical institutions that are branches of the National Medical Radiological Center, and one of them is the Institute of Urology. Park Street in Moscow - that is where this branch is located. There is assistance for patients with problems of the genitourinary system. In this organization it is possible to undergo consultation, examination and treatment on modern equipment. Doctors of the Research Institute of Urology, in the opinion of the majority of patients, are real professionals in their field. This center also has negative feedback from people, but it is not necessary to build an opinion on the basis of bad ratings.

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