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MAZ 5340: overview, specifications

Trucking is greatpopularity because of the ability of vehicles to deliver goods directly to the "threshold of your home." The most popular truck involved in this area is the MAZ 5340 and its various modifications.

Open body with folding sides, whichpossesses this car, allowed him to become popular. Free access to transported cargo made loading and unloading work as convenient and cost-effective as possible.

MAZ 5340

At the same truck can be equipped with awning,protecting products from atmospheric precipitation. But not only these qualities have made the brainchild of the Minsk Automobile Plant popular. This contributed to its technical characteristics, as well as other advantages.

Reasons for popularity

The main feature of the truckMAZ 5340, is a universal chassis. It allows freighters to adjust vehicles to the needs of their business by installing various kinds of superstructures. The truck feels great both in urban conditions, which are characterized by high dynamics, and on regional routes, where reliability and stability are important.

MAZ 5340 specifications

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the carhigh power, performance and unpretentious operation. At the moment, the MAZ 5340 truck is assembled in several modifications with YaMZ engines with a power of 240 to 435 horsepower. A number of modifications also differ from other models by the type of cab, platform and chassis.


The truck is specially adapted forwork in difficult conditions. It has in its composition independent heater engines and reinforced suspension, which allow it not to be afraid of low temperatures or roads of poor quality. The standard model MAZ 5340 has the following specifications:

  • overall dimensions (length X width X height) - 8230x2550x4000 mm;
  • Number of doors - 2, number of seats - 3;
  • the maximum speed is 85-100 km / h;
  • engine power - from 240 to 435 horsepower;
  • fuel consumption for combined traffic - 30 liters per 100 km;
  • type of gearbox - mechanical, 9 speeds.

These technical indicators can significantlydiffer depending on the modification and the installed engine. The same applies to the distribution of mass and loads, as well as load-carrying capacity. In this case, the wheel formula (4x2) of all models MAZ 5340 does not undergo any changes.

MAZ 5340 B5

The MAZ 5340V5 truck is one of the mostbright successful representatives of this series of cars. The side or awning platform behind creates easy conditions for loading and unloading operations. Its volume is 10 cubic meters. m in open condition and 38.74 cu. m with a covered awning. At the same time, the carrying capacity is 9.96 tons.

MAZ 5340 reviews

About this modification MAZ 5340 reviews onlypositive, due to the technical characteristics of its engine YaMZ-5361 power - 310 horsepower. This is enough to develop a speed of up to 85 km / h at full load. The Eaton 9-speed manual transmission, together with a reinforced suspension, provides the right operating conditions for all road quality.

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