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Welded wire fence: what are the advantages of this design?

Currently, the welded wire mesh fence isa fairly common construction. Usually it is used to create an additional obstacle on sites with different purposes. But recently, such a fence began to be used by the owners of country and suburban areas. Huge popularity for this product provided such qualities as practicality, affordable price, durability and modern design.

welded wire mesh fence

About the product characteristics

Strictly speaking, the fence of welded wire meshPolymer is produced in the form of special layers or maps. Usually the minimum size is somewhere in the range of 0.9 to 2. The maximum size is two by six. As a raw material, a material known as a zinc-coated welded wire is also used. The thickness of the wire in such grids directly affects the length of the card. The cards become shorter if the diameter of the wire decreases.

Fence installation: recommendations

The tension of the elements should be sufficientstrong when installing a structure such as a fence of welded mesh. Otherwise, it will not be possible to keep the proper shape. In addition, it is necessary to use concreting for the posts between which the grid sections are located. It is better to use the clamp in the form of clamps.

On the manufacture of fences

The cells in the grid can have both a rectangularand a square shape. Welded wire fence is usually made of special wire. At the points of intersection, it is rigidly fixed by spot welding. It has already been mentioned above that in most cases galvanized mesh is used for such fences. Neo-galvanized structures are too vulnerable to corrosion. In the manufacturing process, separate sections of the mesh are created.

mesh fence welded

Additional Information

Such structures as a fence made of welded mesh,usually have special frames made of metal corners. It is to this frame that the mesh itself is welded, after which it is installed between the pillars that were piled into the ground in advance. It is often enough that the owners of land plots choose a variant with additional provark, which is used on a metal strip. To ensure that the net does not sag, it is important to provide the maximum tension force.

The advantages of this fence

Welded polymer mesh fence

For the manufacture of fences in the modern marketthere are a lot of materials. But the fence of welded polymer mesh, as well as other types of such fences, are still quite popular options. First of all, this is due to the record low cost of these materials, especially in comparison with the performance of others. In addition, this design will resist corrosion for a long time, so it will last for many years without causing replacement or partial repair. Finally, the installation itself is carried out without problems, it can be made by the owner of the house or plot. Among other things, the grid in such fences misses a sufficient amount of air and light, so that it does not interfere with the plants nearby.

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