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Kitchens "Ikea": customer feedback on different models

Among those people who do not consider themselves to befans of "Ikea", for sure there will be those who purchased or at least considered the possibility of buying goods of this brand. Nothing to hide - the products of the famous Swedish brand is unique, it is distinguished by its convenience and versatility. The flagship of the Ikea furniture series is kitchen sets and accessories - this article will be devoted to them.

According to reviews, Ikea kitchens are differentaffordable prices, which allows the manufacturer to retain leadership positions in the European and domestic market in recent years. Designers always try to follow the trends and every year they release something interesting and original.

Popular brand "Ikea"

The main idea of ​​the firm is to createinexpensive at the cost of kitchens due to reduced costs for the purchase of material, manufacturing, assembly and transportation of finished products. Ikea provides an opportunity for the buyer to independently transport and assemble the purchased set. Adequate price and advertising policy of the company provides it not only popularity in different countries, but also fantastic income. Further we will get acquainted with the most famous series of the brand, we will cite as an example several interior photo kitchens "Ikea" in the apartments and reviews of their owners.

In the new catalogs of the company 2017-2018there are a lot of offers for both miniature kitchens with small footage, and for spacious studios with an unusual design layout. But the most important thing is that Ikea is ready to make furniture to order according to individual parameters, in accordance with personal preferences and functional requirements. At the same time, the feedback on the Ikea kitchens confirms that as ready-made products one can be sure: all sizes will match up to a millimeter, and the chosen color will not differ even by a half-ton.

Specificity of Swedish kitchen furniture

Furniture "Ikea" has a number of characteristic features. First of all, from the production of competitors, it is distinguished by a constant long-term fidelity to four design lines:

  • Youth, which is focused on a self-sufficient consumer of middle age. Models of the youth series are usually performed in a bright saturated gamut and an unusual stylistic solution.
  • Modern, developed for customers who value comfort and current trends in interior design and trendy materials.
  • Country - as a rule, the models of this series are presented in natural colors (stone wood, bamboo, etc.) and are designed for admirers of all natural.
  • Scandinavian. This is a line of classic kitchen furniture, made in traditional white, cold cream and milky tones.
kitchen method Ikea reviews

The most interesting thing is that all these dissimilar friendson the other styles are connected by a single design. After reading a dozen or more reviews of customers about the kitchens "Ikea" and images of sets, it's easy to find they have obvious similarities:

  • almost all kitchen furniture is made of fibreboard MDF sheet, characterized by increased strength and environmental friendliness;
  • on top of MDF plate covers quality veneer;
  • products do not contain frame elements;
  • the sizes of all cuisines are standardized;
  • The fittings of each product are exquisitely strong.

In addition, to each set of furnitureoffers an unlimited range of fasteners for various purposes. Judging by the feedback from buyers, the Ikea kitchen benefits in many respects thanks to the successful fastening and fixing elements - even after a few years after the purchase, the drawers and doors are just as easy to open, close and creak. And this, as you know, is the secret of longevity of any furniture.

Economy of the kitchens "Ikea"

Most of us are demanding, andsometimes even uncompromising, even if we are presented with a wide selection and a rich assortment. However, this is easily explained by the fact that we all want the home to be perfect. And although there is nothing ideal in principle, the consumer nevertheless pays attention to drawbacks and shortcomings in the first place. By the way, there are almost no modular kitchens "Ikea". The feedback of the owners is direct confirmation.

So, what are the nitpicking?It's hard to believe, but some consumers seriously believe that Ikea's branded products are too expensive. Of course, you need to live within your means, so each buyer plans his own budget and expenses himself. However, most users agree in a single opinion - the Swedish brand offers truly budget goods. The kit of Ikea kitchen furniture includes:

  • wireframes;
  • front panels;
  • countertop;
  • accessories;
  • boxes;
  • shelves;
  • cornices;
  • legs;
  • washing;
  • mixers.

On the one hand, there are many components forthe cost of the headset, on the other - the buyer always has the opportunity to make their own strokes, supplement the kitchen environment with suitable accessories, lighting, an interesting dining table and chairs, built-in appliances, doors and other important elements for creating comfort elements. Virtually every branded headset has even stickers on plastic feet and anti-traumatic attachments to the furniture corners for babies.

Variability and practicality of models

But it's much more strange to read unflattering reviews aboutcolors and shapes of products. About the latest catalog there are sometimes the most controversial reviews. The facades of the Ikea kitchens are really made without peacock feathers, gold inlays and Swarovski rhinestones, but for people with more ordinary requests, the assortment is very wide. There is something to choose from: in the line there are both paneled and glass facades. Judging by the reviews, glossy "Ikea" kitchens in pastel and fashionable bright colors are especially often interested buyers over the past years.

Those stylistic solutions that have become the main direction in the work of the Swedish furniture company are the most popular today, which means that all offers from Ikea have a demand.

Another non-argumentative niggle fromdemanding customers: in their opinion, furniture products from Ikea have a distinctive color, it is difficult to maintain and maintain the necessary temperature conditions, the level of humidity. You can parry here only because any natural materials need high-quality care. After all, in addition to the wooden massif, for the production of kitchen facades and frameworks, MDF and chipboard plates are also used, which makes it possible to consider Ikea headsets as an economical solution, an optimal price-to-European ratio.

kitchen ikea photo in apartment reviews

The merits of Ikea furniture

From consumers in general, you can hear such reviews: affordable, comfortable, rational, high quality. Besides:

  • elegant furniture "IKEA" is made of first-class and safe materials;
  • if you want, everyone can assemble their own kitchen, despite the lack of relevant skills;
  • products and accessories are elementary in repair, each element is easily replaced by a new one;
  • involves an incredible selection of kitchen sets from cabinets, shelves, drawers;
  • all models have a long-term quality guarantee from the Swedish manufacturer;
  • The products are distinguished by an exquisite appearance and diverse colors.

If you again refer to the reviews about the kitchens "Ikea" inapartments and photo interiors, it will be obvious the possibility of arranging furniture for rooms of the most complex layout. Buyers with a limited budget always have the opportunity to purchase the internal equipment of kitchens over time or pay the cost of a set in parts, by installments or credit, as material possibilities.

What do not like the owners of the kitchen "Ikea"

Reviews of people who were unhappypurchased furniture for the kitchen in his house, not so much. But if you are faced with the choice of a manufacturer and are inclined to buy a Swedish brand, you definitely need to take into account the disadvantages of this product. Most often, buyers express bewilderment about the following nuances:

  • For high-quality installation of Ikea kitchens, ideally even corners are required in the room, and, for example, in “Khrushchev” it happens extremely rarely.
  • All elements of the headset are attached to the wall with screws, which means that the owner will not be able to carry out the rearrangement in the kitchen, simply by sliding the drawers, cabinets, cabinets.
  • Protective panels and aprons for the walls are made of fragile plastic.
  • Lovers of chic and plenty of decor design kitchens "IKEA", according to reviews, it may seem quite simple and boring.

Modular systems "Factum" and "Method"

The main convenience of furniture Swedish brandis to create a headset modular system, which can be compared with the designer, where all the details fit together. In one kitchen ensemble, even several colors are successfully combined, and there may be lockers of different dimensions in it - this will make even the smallest room the most practical and functional.

Компания «Икеа» изготавливает системы и equipment, taking into account the latest technology and development. So, the mixer which minimizes a water consumption enjoys popularity, at the same time without changing intensity of a pressure. According to the modular principle collected many models. One of the lines of modular kitchens “Ikea” for apartments is “Method”, in reviews and photos of which it is easy to notice a number of improvements and new details in comparison with the previous “Factum” (this is how the model range of modular kitchens “Method” was called until 2015). What has undergone fundamental changes? Key features of the updated modular system are as follows:

  • The height of the cap remains the same and is 8 cm;
  • the view of the upper cabinets was changed - now they are made without sliding doors;
  • Boxes of the Maximer series without legs up to 88 cm high appeared;
  • in addition to the white frames, black-brown is now also produced, thanks to which the contact areas of the furniture do not need paneling;
  • a huge range of facades and accessories;
  • various height, depth of boxes with the closer and without;
  • the strength and durability of the cabinets is guaranteed by galvanized steel edging;
  • Steel elements are used for fixing cabinets;
  • height-adjustable legs for floor bollards.

The changes affected the names of the facades.By the way, most of the models are Northern European names, sometimes even those that are difficult to pronounce. All Ikea product names have Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish roots, and each of them actually corresponds to the names of rivers, cities, birds, attractions, etc. For example:

  • Lidingo;
  • "Brockhult";
  • "Sofilund";
  • Fagerland;
  • Tingsrid.

This principle of the name of the goods can be consideredbusiness card of the Swedish company. Speaking about the assortment of the company, it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail on several of the most popular models. If you would like to learn more about the current offers of the company, just visit the official website of Ikea (ikea.com).


This option is great for fansclassics. The old name of this furniture line is “Lodingo”. Many people find the series uncomplicated, but very sweet and pretty. Judging by the reviews, the kitchen “Budbin” from “Ikea” is recognized by the majority of consumers. The demand for furniture in this series is explained by a large number of components, thanks to which the owners can easily adjust the degree of filling the kitchen space.

Ikea Budbin

Kitchens "Budbin" different shaped,glass or varnished chipboard facades. No less often the manufacturer uses MDF sheets. In light, gray IKEA kitchens in reviews are often called primitive and ordinary, but at the same time headsets of calm, cool tones are perfectly combined with other styles. “Budbin” will look good with country music, and with elements of Provence, and against the background of Art Deco. If you decorate the kitchen with the help of natural wood, the bright headsets - exactly what will help to achieve the true Scandinavian flavor.

Those who believe that the kitchen "Budbin" from "Ikea"(there are few such reviews, but still they are) monotonous and inconspicuous, one can only advise - to add interior with bright accessories, curtains or kitchen textiles. By the way, all this can also be selected in the company directory. It is important to note that in a tiny room dark and saturated tones should be smaller, since such a palette "eats" the already limited space.

Furniture "Budbin" does not tolerate cleaning with chemicals and hard abrasive agents, therefore, detergent compositions and rags to care for it should be chosen very carefully.


This is a new model, which was not in the oldlineup until 2015. Despite the affordable budget price, a set of wall cabinets and floor stands looks fashionable and relevant. The facades are made of laminated chipboard, coated with paint or varnish. The choice of colors is almost limitless, the size and availability of removable shelves can also be chosen to suit your preferences. The possibility of combining two or more bright colors in a single headset is not excluded.

In the reviews about the kitchens "Overba" from "Ikea" oftennote one major drawback: the lack of closers for the drawers, but they are very smooth and easy to push. Also it is worth considering that products from this series are sensitive to moisture. Wiping the surface with a damp and immediately dry cloth won't harm the lockers. But if your kitchen is always a high level of humidity or there are problems in the ventilation system, it is better to give up the purchase and choose an option that will be more resistant to moisture.

Ikea kitchens customer reviews


Furniture line "Konkshult" in many respects resembleproducts "Budbin". It is also famous for its versatility, low cost and the ability to replace a part of the headset at any time or supplement it with an appropriate element. For the presentable appearance of the modular kitchens "Knoxhult" from "Ikea" in reviews they are often called the aristocratic restraint. Ostensibly such furniture is very suitable for pedantic people. In addition, it can even be installed in rooms with uneven floors - by equipping the legs and door hinges with the adjusting mechanisms, the right height is easily fixed.

Separate attention deserve the countertops inheadsets series "Knoxult". According to reviews, in the Ikea kitchens of this lineup, they are quite strong (due to the coating with melamine), therefore, without consequences, they endure the treatment with disinfectants, withstand the fall of cutlery from a small height. The tabletop is adjacent to the sink and the built-in hob without any problems, it does not swell along the edges. But at the same time, cutting it with a knife, without using cutting boards, is undesirable. In the reviews of the kitchens "Knoxhult" ("Ikea"), the owners do not recommend putting hot pots and pans on the countertops.

kitchen ikea knoxuhult reviews


Among the modular kitchens "Method" this model is notdifferent something unusual. "Sevedal" is a laconic design that combines signs of country, classic and modern. White chipboard facades of furniture of this series are made using plastic materials. In comparison with other compositions of modular kitchens, “Method” from “Ikea”, according to reviews, “Sevedal” headsets are considered the most modern. Perhaps the role here is played by the wider framework of the facades, which make the design geometrically correct.

To the benefits of kitchen "Sevedal" from "Ikea" inreviews users attribute the possibility of adding them to any furniture, as well as the presence of a complete section for a dishwasher - built-in furniture is not able to spoil the look of the kitchen, unlike stand-alone appliances. The doors of the cabinets are made of tempered glass - this is also a definite plus.

However, along with the virtues of white kitchens"Ikea" negative reviews a lot. Light-colored headsets (and “Sevedal” are made only in a snow-white tone) are not as practical as, for example, dark models or products under the tree. But at the same time, with the “Sevedal” kit, you can create a very interesting and unusual kitchen interior, interspersing bright elements and accessories, doors and panels from other Ikea collections.


Headsets in this series are familiarScandinavian palette, glossy surfaces in white and gray. In the use of "Ringult" is convenient and suitable for anyone who wants to arrange the kitchen in cold restrained colors. The headset causes only positive emotions - at least, numerous testimonies testify to this.

Kitchens "Ringult" from "Ikea", when compared withother models of the "Method" series, costing buyers dearly. In this case, a very impressive amount will have to pay for all sorts of "little things": legs, closers, handles, drawers.

The furniture does not lose its gloss even after several yearsof use. Many people praise the kitchen for its appearance, but in order to maintain this beauty, the owners have to rub a glossy surface every day. If this is not done, it quickly becomes dull due to handprints. Therefore, before purchasing glossy furniture, you need to understand that it is one of the most impractical and fastidious in everyday use.

kitchen ringul Ikea reviews


Provence, retro, classic, country - loversEach of these styles will find its own peculiarity in a simple and functional series “Ikea”, there are not many reviews of Vauxstorp kitchens, since the line was developed not too long ago, but it has already managed to become a sales leader. The main advantage of the furniture of this model range is a convenient system for fixing wall cabinets.

Elementary lines, miniature glass insertson the facades and amazing cabinets, made in the "old" style - it seems as if the whole set was assembled by hand, so the interior breathes home comfort and coziness. In addition, light shades and vertical stripes visually increase the free space, so the Wocksterp fits well into small kitchens. Products are made of chipboard or fiberboard, coated with acrylic or polyester paint.


Another model of modular kitchens "Method" ("Ikea").In the reviews, they note the excellent quality of the products and the harmonious combination with any interior style. A distinctive feature of the Dalarna headsets is not just a facade under a tree, but a natural wooden array. The furniture is made of birch, and the top is covered with a protective stain and paint is applied. In the model range there are not only cabinets, countertops, shelves, overhead and wall panels, but also wooden doors, plinths and a pile of fittings.

«Даларна» выпускается в двух цветах.In addition to the white, standard for the kitchen "Ikea", in the responses from the photo you can find many enthusiastic responses about black and brown sets. Such furniture is popular with modern consumers: it is elegant and at the same time practical.

kitchen facades ikea reviews

Kitchen layout "Ikea"

Models of this brand are perfectany possible placement of furniture. The set can be placed linearly along one wall or angle, the letter “P” or along walls parallel to each other. In addition to the classic ways of placing kitchen furniture, many create small islands in the form of a furniture module with internal drawers in the middle of the room. It is believed that this option is not suitable for modest footage of the kitchen. In fact, with the proper organization of space, this idea is easy to refute. A striking example of this is the small kitchen (6-8 m²) with a bar counter, which skillfully divides the work area. Thus, the space on the walls is freed and does not clutter up the room, due to which it can appear more than it actually is.

The predominant number of optionsoffered by Ikea consultants, created according to the “working triangle” principle - modular kitchens allow you to successfully position everything you need for cooking as close as possible to the work surface. The smaller the room, the smarter and more economical it is to manage the area - use the vertical (for example, for hooks), the sides of the cabinets, the place above the hood or under the sink.

kitchen ikea method photo in apartment reviews

Reviews and recommendations of the owners

Если брать во внимание отклики тех, кто уже I bought furniture and use the Ikea headset, I can get a lot of useful information for myself. Among the tips that give the owners of kitchen sets, it is worth noting the following:

  • Making measurements of the width and height of the kitchen, do not forget to take into account the space that is allocated for drainpipes, gas and ventilation communications.
  • When planning the interior, mentally pull out all the drawers, wall cabinets, window, door and make sure that there is room for the working area and movement around the room.
  • Having stopped the choice on this or that set,Take an interest in its characteristics. This is of particular importance since some models are not designed for exposure to high temperatures or high humidity. By the way, the furniture of natural wood, moderate humidity will only benefit.

Many buyers are advised to be interested in advancefor an employee (if you don’t collect the kitchen yourself) at the cost of certain services, as prices for furniture makers may vary. If you used to have lockers with round handles, but now you have opted for a set with completely different fittings, better think again, because sometimes it is not easy to change your habits. As they say, comfort in the details.

Also experienced users in reviews recommendfocus on your height when choosing wall cabinets and their depths. To make a measurement, stand on tiptoes, imagine that you want to get something from the top shelf, reach for it with your hand and make a mark at a suitable level.

Kitchens "Ikea" produced not the first year.The infinite base of both technical and marketing opportunities of the company is successfully applied every day in practice. Every year, the company produces new collections that correspond to the latest developments and fresh innovative solutions, so Ikea products are always up-to-date and meet all the demands of consumers. If you already decided to purchase furniture from this company, you are unlikely to be disappointed and regret buying.

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