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Installation of PVC wall panels with your own hands. Economical repairs

Plastic panels - inexpensive material,Used for finishing both residential and business premises. This type of wall and ceiling cladding is inexpensive, while the decorative qualities are very good. Among other things, the merits of this material can be attributed to the ease of installation. It is not difficult for anyone to install PVC panels by oneself.

Which material to choose

Before embarking on such aoperations, such as the installation of PVC wall panels with their own hands, should be determined with the very variety of material. For decoration of premises for different purposes, plastic elements of several types can be used from the inside:

  • PVC lining. This material looks similar to its wooden analog - it has a small width and often corresponds to the coloring.

  • Sheet panels. This variety is similar to the sheets of decorative plywood.

  • Conventional panels in the form of a plastic "board" with fixing a stud / groove.

installation of PVC wall panels

When choosing a particular type of materialFirst of all, it is necessary to focus on the specifics and design features of a particular room. Plastic lining has the advantage that it does not "heavier" the room and gives it some kind of natural appearance. Sheet panels are usually used for finishing walls and ceilings of large areas. A very good solution, for example, can be the sheathing of the attic or the basement of the country house. Versatility is one of the main advantages of a material such as a wall panel. For the kitchen, PVC is just perfect, just like for a bathroom, living room, hallway, etc.

The cost of PVC panels

Plastic elements of this variety are not for nothingare considered a budget option for finishing. Very low cost is one of the main advantages of such material as PVC panels. The price for them ranges from 200-300 rubles per lamella in the form of a "board". The width of the plastic decorative element is usually 25-30 cm. Thus, for finishing, for example, walls with a length of five meters will have to spend only about 4-6 thousand rubles. If desired, you can find PVC panels and cheaper - for 100-150 rubles. However, they are unlikely to be too beautiful and original design.

pvc panel price

What tools will you need?

The installation of PVC wall panelshands on a special frame. To install it you will need a drill, a building level, a tape measure. The panels themselves during the installation usually have to be cut. Therefore, you will also need to prepare a hacksaw for wood or a jigsaw. In the event that it is supposed to make additional insulation of the premises, you will have to buy a trowel for applying glue and a construction stapler.

Carcass beams

In addition to the panels themselves,will buy a wooden beam. The weight of decorative PVC finishing is negligible. Therefore, it is not necessary to acquire a beam of too large a cross-section. It will be enough to have the option 3x3 cm or 4x2.5 cm. The exceptions are those cases when the walls are additionally insulated. Insulator plates are installed between the frame elements. Therefore, the beam for this type of skin should be chosen with a cross-section corresponding to the thickness of the insulation. Also, you will need to purchase glue for boards, dowel-mushrooms, primer and vapor barrier film.

Other types of carcass

PVC wall panels for the bathroomThey are usually mounted not on the cobblestones, but on the metal frame. Wooden in the bathroom, sauna or bathhouse can simply "story". Recently, a plastic thin skeleton is often used under PVC panels. Its use allows you to save a few centimeters of the area of ​​the room. However, it is recommended to use this option only in rooms with very even walls.

interior wall decoration

Assembling the frame

Elements of the base under the panels can be installedhorizontally or vertically. Everything depends on the direction in which the PVC-paneled walls will be finished. Fastened beam or profile by level. Preliminary in the wall holes for dowels are drilled. Since the joint between the panels and the ceiling is usually closed with a decorative plastic skirting board, the beam or profile in this place must be installed necessarily. The same applies to the corners of the room. Angled strips are mounted here.

When installing the frame is important in accuracyTo adhere not only to the verticality or horizontality of the elements. It is also necessary to ensure that all the beams are in the same plane. PVC panels - the material is elastic. However, the distortions will give the wall a less than neat appearance. Correct position of the beams in the right places can be done with small wooden wedges.

Before installing the frame, you should think about where in the future will hang heavy hanging cabinets, shelves, pictures and so on. In these places it is necessary to fill in additional horizontal bars.

pvc paneling

Installation of PVC wall panels with own hands

If there is a need for insulation between the elementsinstalled frame preliminarily fixed to the adhesive plates polystyrene foam. In addition, they are fastened with special "fungi". Then the vapor barrier film is stretched onto the frame.

Actually, the very interior decoration of the walls with panelsbegins with a corner. Here you set the starting bar. In its groove insert the crest of the first panel. To the frame, lamellae are fixed with special staples using a stapler. Next, the second panel is inserted into the first one and also fixed. The last lamella on the wall is inserted into the previously fixed finish strip. If the width of the PVC element is too large, it can be cut off, but not more than 1/3.

After all the walls are paneled, they begin to decorate the space above the doors and windows. At the final stage set the upper decorative skirting.

pvc wall panels for the bathroom

Useful recommendations

Installation of PVC wall panels with their own hands should be carried out in accordance with the following recommendations:

  • The frame can be mounted on uneven or even unfinished walls. This will save on finishing.

  • The bars should be fixed to the wall only using galvanized self-tapping screws or dowels.

  • The first element of the skin must be aligned as carefully as possible. Otherwise, all panels will be set crooked.

  • If the interior decoration of the walls of the roomis produced in summer, the panels are kept at room temperature for at least 12 hours before installation. When the same installation in the winter, this period is increased to 2 days (if the panels were stored in the frost).

  • Unpack the lamellascarefully. This material is not too resistant to various types of mechanical damage. Pull out the plastic elements carefully at the edge and only by the piece.

  • Hacksaw for cutting plastic should be used with small denticles.

 wall panel for kitchen pvc

As you can see, the installation of such material asPVC panels, the price of which is low, - the procedure is extremely simple. The main thing in the performance of this work is to set the frame exactly. The lamellas themselves must be adjusted to each other as tightly as possible. In this case, the casing will turn out neat and durable, and the design of the room is cozy and attractive.

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