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"Teploknauf" - insulation for roof and walls: technical characteristics

Every consumer today is trying to save money.This applies to different spheres of human activity. For example, not only to build your own home, but also to its operation. If you do not want to overpay for heating, it is recommended that the building be insulated. This is especially true for large cottages.

For this, the market of building materialstoday a lot of solutions are presented. Among others it is necessary to allocate a heater "Teploknauf", which will be discussed below. It attracts customers for a variety of reasons, among them quality and low cost.

Technical characteristics: Teploknauf for roofing

heat-insulated heater

This material is professionalheater, which has the form of rolls. The thickness is 150 mm. Thermal insulation is characterized by an enhanced water repellent effect. It is specially designed for pitched roofs.

Heater "Teploknauf" for roofing has an elasticThe structure that allows you to fill the under-roof space. This material is comfortable in work, it is safe, since it does not have acrylic resins, as well as phenol formaldehyde. Manufactured using water repellent impregnation.

Plates are well cut, they are easy to installthey are not flammable. If you are interested in thermal insulation "Teploknauf", the technical characteristics of this material, you must consider. As for the thermal insulation for the roof, it is presented in another version - "For the ROOF +". In this case, the thickness is 150 mm, while the length and width are 5500 and 1220 mm, respectively.

The volume in one package is 1 m3. The area in the package is 6.71 m2. This material is not combustible, as is"Teploknauf for the roof". The latter variety has a thickness of 50 mm, while the length and width are 6,148 and 1220 mm, respectively. In the package the volume is 0.75 m3, while the area of ​​the material in the package is equivalent to 15 m2.

The materials described differ in durability,they can last more than 50 years. The materials do not have an unpleasant odor, are resistant to unfavorable conditions and perform their functions perfectly even in the case when mistakes were made during the installation. Heater "Teploknauf" is resistant to the effects of insects and rodents.

Specifications: "Cottage" and "Cottage Plus"

insulating heater

As practice shows, "Cottage" - this is the mostan innovative and warm solution for houses, whose owners choose the best options, but are not used to overpay. The material differs fire safety, high elasticity, and is created on technology "three in one".

Heater "Teploknauf Cottage", characteristicswhich will be presented below, is suitable for protecting the house from noise and cold. The material has excellent water repellency characteristics. Use this kind of insulation can be used for the insulation of pitched roofs. Excellent material is suitable for noise insulation of premises.

Depending on your preferences, you canChoose thermal insulation in the form of rolls or slabs. "Cottage Plus" - a 100-mm insulation, which is cheaper than two layers of 50 mm. The labor costs for assembly and cutting of the material are reduced, less rubbish and debris are formed during operation.

Due to the increased elasticity, fastening in thedesign is more reliable. This is also due to the whole structure of the material. As practice shows, the thickness of elements of building structures is usually a multiple of 100 mm.

The heat insulation material "Teploknauf" for the roof and walls in the slabs has the following parameters: 1230x610x50 mm. The volume of the material in the package is 0.6 m3. As for the area in the package, it is 12 m2. There are 16 plates in the package. As for the roll "Cottage", its length, width and thickness are 6148x1220x50 mm, respectively. The volume of the material in the package is 0.75 m3, while the area is 15 m2. In the package 2 rolls.

"Teploknauf Dom" and "Dom Plus"

heat-insulated heater for roofing

The insulator "Dom Teploknauf" is acomfortable in operation slabs, which are used for insulation of floors and walls. Thermal insulation is created by popular today and has already proven itself to be the technology of 3d elasticity. The material adheres well to the elements of the structure and excludes the formation of cold bridges.

Heater "Teploknauf House +" is 100 mmmaterial that has many advantages. With the same area, it is cheaper than two layers of 50 mm. During installation and cutting, labor costs are reduced, and less trash and debris is formed. Due to the integrated structure, the material is more securely attached to the structure.

Technical characteristics: Teploknauf Dom and Dom Plus

thermal knauf heater

Looking closer "Teploknauf Dom", you can understand that its length, width and thickness are equal to 1230 x 610 x 50 mm respectively. In one package 0.6 m3 material. As for the area of ​​thermal insulation, in one package it is limited to 12 m2. In one package 16 canvases.

This material is also not combustible, like"House Plus". Heater "Teploknauf House Plus" has the following parameters: 1230 x 610 x 100 mm. The volume of material remains the same, but the area decreases and becomes equal to 6 m2. In one package 8 canvases.

Comments about Teploknauf Expert

heat insulated house warmer

Прежде чем приобрести утеплитель «Теплокнауф», reviews it is recommended to read. Teploknauf Expert is no exception. It is a thermal insulation, which is compressed in the package. This allows you to reduce the cost of transportation, which is very popular with consumers, as well as the fact that the insulation is convenient for installation: it does not dust when cutting. It is distinguished by ecological safety, and also is not combustible.

Used "Expert" for floors, partitions, interfloor overlappings and attic floors. The density of the material is 20 kg / m3. Buying a heater "Teploknauf expert", consumers emphasize that the price of this product is acceptable and is 690 rubles. for packing or 1413 rubles. per m3. In one bundle there are 8 slabs, this is 4.88 m2 or 0.488 m3.

Consumers emphasize that the heater ismineral wool. It is designed for DIY networks and has enhanced thermal and soundproof properties, compact package sizes and 3d elasticity. The material is stable in design, has attractive cost is popular, and also an affordable solution for private house builders.

Этот утеплитель отлично подходит для unexploited attics, sound insulation of interior partitions, insulation of interfloor floors and floors. The plate is presented in two versions, the first has a thickness equal to 50 mm, while the second - 100 mm.

Reviews about the insulation "Teploknauf Dacha"

heat-knauf heater for roofs and walls

Before you buy a heater Teploknauf,the characteristics of this material must be studied. There is no exception to the variety "Dacha", which has excellent noise insulation and insulation characteristics. This material allows you to save on the cost, but you will not lose in quality characteristics and durability.

With it you can warm the attic, pitchedroofs, unexploited loft superstructures, partitions, as well as floors and paving between lags. Consumers like low insulating weight, long life and ease of installation. This material is very popular among those who know how to count and save money without losing quality.

For one package you have to pay 927 rubles. The volume in the package is 0.9 m3. For the above-mentioned price, you will purchase one bundle with a material area of ​​18 m2. These are two plates. For a cubic meter you will pay 1029 rubles.

Comments about Teploknauf House Mini

heat insulation material technical specifications

This material is intended for ceilings, walls, attic floors and interfloor overlappings. The density of the material is 11 kg / m3. To pay for one package will have 304 rubles. This is 1013 rubles. per cubic meter. The volume of material in one package is 0.3 m3. The material area is 6 m2. In one pack eight plates.

This decision, according to consumers, isaffordable and comfortable. It is suitable for walls and floors. Packaging is compact. The material in it is suitable for sound insulation and warming of small rooms, as well as for additional work in the area of ​​individual sections. Now the buyer can purchase exactly as much thermal insulation as he needs without overpaying for the extra volume. This is very popular with consumers who want to save money.

The heater is made according to the uniquetechnology. The material does not contain phenol-formaldehyde resins and does not have an unpleasant odor. Consumers especially emphasize non-flammability, as well as high sound insulation properties. The material is soft to the touch and easy to use.

For reference

Thermal insulation under the brand "Teploknauf" is presented toselling in a wide range. If you wish, you can choose the material for floors, walls, and roofs. Each offer has its own advantages as well as its cost. If there is a need, you can insulate individual zones or areas by purchasing “Teploknauf House Mini”, the density of which is 11 kg / m3.


It is noteworthy that each speciesThe material presented above does not imply that the master has special skills. Special equipment and tools are also not needed, so you can carry out the work yourself with minimal cost.

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