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Destruction of moles in the suburban area: features, methods and recommendations

Moles themselves are pretty nice creatures,which do not interfere with anyone while they live in the wild. However, climbing into your dacha site, they can cause great damage. Destruction of moles can be a challenge, especially in large areas. Sometimes the lime of the underground inhabitants does not work on its own, then you have to turn to special services that are professionally engaged in rodents.

mole destruction

Did you see moles

The enemy needs to know in person.Sometimes the gardener digs in every day new burrows and at the same time he does not meet night animals. Outwardly, they resemble rats, but somewhat larger. They dig the ground and damage the roots, and can also drag root crops under the ground. This sometimes leads to the complete destruction of the crop. On the territory of Russia, the mole is an ordinary mole, Caucasian and small. They live in gardens, in meadows and in fields. Almost all life spend under the ground, and on the surface appear only at night. Gray, with powerful clawed legs and pink nose, it is completely blind. Feed moles worms and larvae, beetles and various insects.

What attracts them to the villa site

Destruction of moles is not a necessity formeadows. Here they perfectly calmly maintain the optimum number of insects and loosen the earth. Every spring the moles reproduce, and the babies grow very quickly. In just a month they reach the size of their parents. Why do they come to the territory of man? The garden plot is a real paradise. The earth is loose, fertilized, watered. At the same time, food is more than enough. Where there are many plants, there are insects, larvae, worms and various insects.

By the way, conceiving the destruction of moles, notforget that they are happy to devour mice that come to the site for carrots and other root crops and grain. At the same time, moles are not afraid of their natural enemies - forest predators. Now it is clear that moles will certainly try to settle in the suburban area, if it is caught in the way. The person in this case begins to notice a convex loosened ground above the tunnels.

mole destruction

When to start a fight

The beginning gardener, noticing the first mole,can decide that this creature will work as a medic in his garden. This is a big mistake. The destruction of moles should be carried out as quickly as possible. Their moves are not very shallow, but they reproduce very quickly. Soon the entire surface of the earth will be covered with mounds, which will lead to the death of plantings.

From the whole family will get rid of more difficult thanfrom one or two animals, so do not pull. Each horticulturist decides on his own what to do with mole rats. They are chased and poisoned, set up traps, fill holes with poisonous smoke. Let's look at which of the ways is the most effective.

destruction of moles at the site


Not such a harmful creature is the mole.Destroying them by physical methods is not an absolute necessity, so it is best not to let them penetrate the site. Contrary to the opinion of many gardeners, they do not eat root crops, although the path is dug under the carrot and can lead to the death of plants. So, even before the mole rushed to the site, you need to install sound offenders. To do this, homemade turntables (shumelki) made of plastic bottles or tin cans are good. A metal pipe is dug into the ground, and the top is put on the jar. Rotating in the wind, she knocks on metal, which frightens moles.

A more advanced way is to dig inthe land of cans, into which are placed inexpensive alarm clocks. They are exposed at different times and periodically checked to replace the batteries. On the perimeter of the site you can install glass bottles, which are buried in the ground at about an angle of 45 degrees, leaving the neck outside so that the wind blows in them. In addition, it is recommended to plant a strip of legumes along the perimeter of the site and arrange timely measures to combat mice. A very effective way is to surround the entire perimeter with a metal mesh, which is dug to a depth of 50-80 cm. Its top can serve as a fence or simply rise to 10-20 cm.

destruction of moles in the suburban area

If the mole is already on the site

All listed methods assumescare away those animals that just pass next to your site. If they seem convincing to him, the mole will turn by and settle somewhere else. And if you already see the holes dug? Do not forget that it is best to do so in order to avoid destruction. A mole can go away by itself, or, extracting it from the ground, a humanist gardener should simply take the animal away to the meadow, where to leave it.

Today, some summer residents use firecrackers.To do this, they are ignited and thrown into the passage throughout the site. Not the best way, because the animal can get a strong concussion and as a result will die within a day. Therefore, it is better to adopt national methods.

mole destruction price

Mole is very sensitive to smells

This can be well played and completelypainlessly scare away the animals. The moles of moles on the site are an extreme measure. So, to scare off insectivorous animals, you need to buy the simplest fish, for example herring, and hold it in a warm place. When the fish fades, it is recommended that it be spread out over small tin cans with holes and buried in different parts of the garden, where there are molehills.

Garlic and camphor work in a similar way.Few animals can withstand such a sharp aroma. Garlic is cut into small pieces, mixed with camphor, after this mixture is placed directly into the mole pit. The destruction of moles in the suburban area may also be more radical. For example, carbide is laid in burrows, which will emit acetylene during watering.


Physical violence

Crawls, crochets and traps are the right onea means of killing moles, but one can argue about his humanity. Someone makes household traps from fish hooks, as a bait using a worm. Others just set them in the aisles so that the animal stumbles on the hooks. In this case, you provide him with a slow and painful death. This also applies to traps. It is much better to set a trap with a bait. In this case, you can take the captured animal and release it to freedom.

Chemistry in our house

To date, there are many drugs,which guarantee the destruction of moles in the area. Prices are very moderate, so dacha often choose this method as one of the simplest and most effective. There are preparations that are recommended to mix with minced meat, and others themselves have an attractive aroma.

  • Lure of "Antikrot". This is a very powerful poison.It will only be necessary to carefully break the course and put 15 grams of bait into it. Now gently close the hole with earth. The sign of the bait eaten is the absence of new activity, that is, burrows. Cost - from 20 rubles for 30 g.
  • The granules of "Krotoboy". It is an effective remedy that is eaten by pests. Usually moles find and eat it in two hours. The cost is about 25 rubles for 60 g.
    destruction of moles at the price section

If you trust the business professionals

Not always listed methods lead topositive results. If you have tried everything, but the animals continue to walk around the site, it is worthwhile to invite a special brigade. In this case, you are guaranteed to get a full cleaning of the site. Professionals are well aware of the habits of animals, they can evaluate abandoned and used burrows and use special compounds that cause them a sense of panic. I must say that this is also humane "destruction" of moles. The price will, naturally, be higher than the standard poison. So, the processing of the plot of 5 hectare will cost 6500 rubles, up to 10 acres - 8500 rubles. After the deratization, the animals will bypass the site with a side. And the effect persists for years.

Instead of concluding

Mole - this is not the most pleasant neighbor, but, on the otherside, and not such a malicious wrecker. Therefore, I would like to ask the summer residents that they do not adopt such methods as the use of traps and fishing hooks. Moles are not so guilty that it is under your lawn that there are many tasty larvae. And if you notice the first mole move, you will go to the site in the morning dawn. At this time, the animal can be found at the exit from the mink. Then it can simply be countered by the quick movement of the shovel, carried away and released to freedom.

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