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Kitchen furniture for a small kitchen: photo options and ideas

To accommodate any size, a comfortable andfunctional kitchen furniture. For a small kitchen, this issue is especially relevant. In a tiny room, which sometimes does not exceed 6 square meters. m, it is necessary to place everything necessary for the hostess and at the same time manage to leave at least some free space for moving.

It would seem that the problem is unsolvable. However, modern designers find a way out using different methods.

small kitchen furniture photo


Deciding how to arrange furniture in a small kitchen,It is worth considering the possibility of increasing space. The owners of apartments in multi-family houses have few. This can be achieved by adding, for example, a corridor, a storeroom or by creating a kitchen-living room. But this is only possible if your kitchen is equipped with an electric cooking surface.

Another way of redevelopment is totransfer of the doorway. This will not increase the area of ​​the room, but it will be more convenient to arrange furniture. Re-planning will require additional costs, coordination with the relevant authorities. But, if you are ready for this, then as a result you can get a comfortable and more spacious kitchen.

We get rid of unnecessary things

If for some reason you do not likeoption with the expansion of the kitchen, you should think about what you can get rid of, so that the useful area of ​​the room is increased. As a rule, a rather large space is allocated to the dining area. Today, specialized stores offer a wide range of dining tables, which are laid out, and in the assembled form occupy very little space.

kitchen furniture for a small kitchen

In many standard apartments in the kitchen, even in verythe owners install a washing machine. Designers recommend moving it to the bathroom, even if it is not too big: you can choose a compact model, perhaps with a vertical load that easily fits into the tightest corner, or you can place it under the sink.

Choosing furniture for a small kitchen, the ownerseven use is not the most convenient, in our opinion, the option - they carry the refrigerator into the hallway. This is not very convenient for the hostess - every time you have to go to the next room for food.

We use the area with the benefit

Experts note that the less space in thekitchen, the more thought out in it the arrangement of furniture. And indeed it is. After all, you often have to use literally every centimeter of useful space, use corners, ledges, niches.

Purchase (or order) of furniture for a smallthe kitchen needs to be planned in advance. You need to draw a plan of the room and calculate all the shelves, sections, tables. Such furniture, made to order, will not give you unpleasant surprises. Although today the furniture makers try to delve into the problems and needs of the owners of small-sized premises, and furniture sets have already appeared on the market, even for a small kitchen, with an area of ​​about 6 square meters. m.

kitchen furniture for a small kitchen photo

Variants of arrangement of furniture

In small kitchens, owners can use only three options for arranging furniture. Let's consider each of them.

If you do not plan to transfer communications -sewerage and water supply, duct for exhaust, then you have almost no choice. Furniture for a small kitchen will be located in one line, in traditional places. In such a furniture wall there is no room for a refrigerator, and the dining area is located on the aisle.

If you decide to move the dining area toliving room, and the kitchen is left only for cooking, then you get the opportunity to arrange furniture in the kitchen in the form of the letter "P". This option is convenient in terms of functionality, but you will have to eat in another room.

how to arrange furniture in a small kitchen

The most common layout of the kitchenfurniture for a small kitchen (photo you can see below) - in the form of the letter "G". In this case, everything you need is at hand, next to it, a refrigerator is placed, and the dining area is better placed at the window.

angular alignment

We take into account the layout of the room

It's no secret that often in small apartmentsThe kitchens have not only a tiny area, but also a very inconvenient layout. One wall is occupied by a window, the second - a door. In addition, such a room can take the form of a pencil case. How to arrange furniture in these cases?

The far wall of the kitchen (narrow) occupy a high anddeep shelving. It will help to place the necessary utensils and visually make the room more square. Household appliances, built into furniture, will not interfere, but will become a reliable assistant in everyday business.

The more housewives have enclosed cabinets, the easier it is to keep the kitchen in perfect order.

Kitchen furniture for small kitchen: advice from specialists

To equip the kitchen with a very modest size soso that it was convenient to cook and eat, just to sit in the evening with the household and discuss family problems is not easy. That is why we advise you to take into account the recommendations of specialists who have extensive experience in the design of such premises.

  • The wall with boxes and curbstones should be high,practically up to the ceiling. Mistresses know that the kitchen stores a lot of utensils, which is in demand several times a year. Here it is placed at the very top.
  • It is desirable that the furniture doors for the small kitchen are sliding. In this case, you will save free space.
  • Knowing in advance the height of the refrigerator, you can above it place hanging lockers.
  • Looks great in a small room table top, installed on the windowsill. It saves not only space but also electricity, as daylight falls on it.

Features of color solution

Specialists in the field of design know howa variety of shades visually expand the space. Of course, these techniques will not do more of your room, and furniture for a small kitchen will have to be placed taking into account its features, but it will be more comfortable and lighter for sure.

  • Light walls in the kitchen make the room more spacious, visually increase its area.
  • White and black furniture for a small kitchen, as well as accessories of bright and sharp colors, are inappropriate. It is better to use warm colors when choosing or ordering a headset.
  • Quite ridiculous in the tiny space is stucco molding, gilding, shining edging of cabinets and bedside tables. It is better to give preference to matte furniture of excessive ornaments.
  • Corner furniture in a small kitchen will help create a separate recreation area, but you should avoid sharp color contrasts with the overall design of the kitchen.
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