/ Strawberry "Lord". Description, characteristics, reviews

Strawberry "lord". Description, characteristics, reviews

Strawberry is a berry that children adore and to whichadults are not averse to enjoying themselves. Many gardeners in Russia grow it on their plots. To date, many different varieties of this tasty and healthy berry have been bred. That allows everyone to choose the most optimal option, given the taste preferences and climatic conditions of certain regions. About one of the most popular varieties of strawberries, we will tell in this article.

"Lord" is a British guest

strawberry lord description

Strawberry "lord", the description of which is presentedhere, has an excellent taste. Gardeners note the high yield of this plant. Of course, in order to make you happy, you should consider all the peculiarities of growing this variety.

Derived these berries were breeders in the UK. Strawberry "lord" refers to the mid-late varieties. The period of its maturation is very long, and every year it stretches more and more.

The bush is tall and erect.Individual specimens reach 55-60 cm in height. Peduncles - the main thing is how the strawberry "lord" differs. The characteristic of the flower is positive, it is strong and durable. But nevertheless, if the harvest is plentiful and there are many berries, tie a bush is necessary. Otherwise, it will sink to the ground under their weight.

The berries are usually flocculent and stand out on the bed, since they have a very bright red color. People liked this variety because of its pleasant sweet and sour taste and delicate aroma.

This is the initial information that will help youfind out what a strawberry "lord" is. Description of the variety will not be complete, if not to tell about its yield. Proper care for this plant will be a guarantee that the bush will give up to six berries on one inflorescence. At the peak of the season, you can get two or three pounds of strawberries from one bush.

Choose a seat for landing

strawberry lord characteristics

All gardeners, even beginners, know,that for each plant must be selected for a certain area. This same attentive attitude to the place of its growth requires a strawberry "lord." Characteristics of the site where it will be most comfortable is the following: south-west direction, soil well-fertilized with humus, and preferably location on a slope. In no case need to plant seedlings in the lowlands. The bush will not receive enough sunlight and will not be able to yield a rich harvest. Ogorodniki, who have experience in planting strawberry seedlings, begin to do this in the very beginning of spring. Terms must be observed. Late in this matter is impossible.

Preparing the soil

strawberry lond reviews

So, we have a place where strawberries grow."Lord." The description of the ideal site you have, it's time to prepare it. Take this with special attention. That your plant has not been attacked by various insect pests, the land must be treated with ammonia water, well watering it with soil. Choose drugs that will help get rid of weeds. Immediately before planting seedlings, it is not necessary to water the ground with water, it should just be slightly moistened.

We plant a strawberry bush

The root collar of the strawberry bush is bestlocate on a level with the soil surface. During planting, gardeners use a two-line or one-line method. However, your bushes should not become an impassable thicket. To prevent this, you need to locate seedlings not one after another, but in a checkerboard pattern.

Is one of the most high-yield strawberries"Lord." The description of this variety in special magazines confirms this. But you can get the maximum harvest only by diligently caring for the plant, observing all the requirements and tips for care.

How to look after

strawberry lord description of the grade

Some gardeners say that bushes of thisvarieties of strawberries grow too much, because of what the fruits rot, and in general the berries are quite unsweetened. Of course, you can face such problems, but only if you do not provide the plant with proper care.

In fact, not such a capricious strawberry "lord." Description of the basic rules for plant care, given below, will always enjoy a high yield of delicious berries.

  1. Cut the strawberry tendrils regularly and weed the ground on the beds.
  2. If you planted strawberry bushes in the soil, which is not saturated with a sufficient amount of trace elements, then it is necessary to feed the seedlings using special fertilizers.
  3. The plant should be watered regularly. Do not let the earth dry out; it should always be a little wet.
  4. After the strawberry bushes were planted,It is worth using such an agrotechnical device as mulching soil. The earth around the seedlings needs to be covered with artificial or organic material. Thanks to this procedure, moisture will be retained in the soil, and your strawberries will not become weeds. Experienced gardeners and truck farmers use for mulching strawberries "lord" pine needles.
  5. This variety is very fond of sunlight, so in no case shade the plant.
  6. After harvesting, with the onset of winter on the beds, where the strawberry grows, it is necessary to leave a snowy natural cover. This will allow moisture to linger in the ground.

Variety of strawberries "lord": consumer reviews

sort of strawberry lord reviews

And finally, we will tell about some assessments of this variety, which were given to him by ordinary people.

Many consider these berries very juicy and sweet. But they almost do not need to care, if you change the bushes every five years.

Most gardeners like strawberries "lord."Some people say that these berries are not special. However, such gardeners do not pay much attention to caring for their plants.

But the responses of those people who providestrawberry bushes due care, much more enthusiastic. They just talk about the high yield, juiciness and excellent taste qualities of this berry.

But sharply negative reviews about strawberries "lord" does not occur.

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