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Dormer windows on the roof - device, types, purpose and feedback

Not always any term can indicatecharacteristic, the image of his subject. Take the dormer windows. Quite an old construction, which remains relevant today. But why is the window aural? What is it for? How to arrange it, what kind of variety to choose? We will answer all these and other equally interesting questions in the course of the article.

What is it?

The dormer window is one of the small structural elements that is located in the attic or attic roof. You can also find the following names:

  • a birdhouse;
  • plume;
  • Bulls-eye;
  • bat;
  • the house of a gnome;
  • dormer;
  • lukarnya and so on.

The purpose of arranging such an element originallywas the ventilation of the attic space or the attic. Then the dormer window was used as a natural light source. Often today it is designed purely as a decorative element. If you take into account the practical problem, in modern times the dormer window is often replaced by a ventilation grill.

Today you can find whole encyclopedias of recommendations on the form, arrangement and decoration of such elements. Consequently, the dormer windows on the roof and to this day are popular and relevant.

Dormer windows of houses


The purpose of the element affects its location:

  • Natural lighting is the southern slope of the roof.
  • Ventilation of the attic or attic space is the northern ramp.

Sometimes dormer windows are also used inquality "door" for access to the roof - say, for preventive or repair work. Can be an additional emergency. Increasingly, their only function in modern buildings is purely decorative.

If you ignore the arrangement of the dormer on the roof or an alternative to it, you can observe the following:

  • The loss of heat through the attic spaceIt is inevitable, even if you have laid a qualitative inter-storey isolation. Hence the appearance of a large amount of condensate in the attic, which without a vent threatens the accumulation of moisture, dampness, overgrowth of mold.
  • The lack of natural light, even in a non-residential attic, is an unpleasant factor. This promotes the growth of mold and fungus, and also attracts dark corners of mice and rats.
    Dormer window on the roof

Auditory Hole and House Safety

Such elements are also desirable forensuring the safety of the entire structure of the dwelling. The fact is that the speed of the flow of air with a strong gust of wind creates a vacuum over the roof. Under the roof, however, the pressure does not change. From this, the roof tends to rise, to break. Even if its weight is decent, and the fastenings are reliable, this is a negative phenomenon - there are strong vibrations on the walls of the house.

And what about the dormer window on the roof? It under the hurricane acts as a valve of excessive pressure. That is, the flow of air is likely to knock out the glass, leveling the pressure, rather than lift the roof into the air.

Structure, construction of the element

The classic design of the dormer windows of houses -this superstructure on the roof in the form of a kind of house. The calculation of its dimensions is made according to the need of the attic room in the lighting. Often, several such endings are built at once, separated by beams.

Dormer windows can be blind, may beglazed. Very often the door performs both functions at once. Glass - for lighting, the system of blinds - for ventilation. For a sufficient ventilation of the space, a difference with a street temperature of 5-10 degrees is appropriate.

Window auditory blind

You can place several dormer windows in onerow, or in a peculiar way to "scatter them" in a checkerboard pattern. When designing, it is important to remember that the total width of all openings should be approximately equal to the length of the edge of the roof ramp. The distance from the floor of the attic or attic to the lower window row is about 1 meter.

For hearing aids, roofing is usually usedthe same type as for the roof, so as not to violate the overall harmony. Moreover, such windows are equipped not only on new houses, but also on those requiring modernization and reconstruction.

Types of dormer windows

Now let's proceed to the classification of the elements. According to the design features, the dormer windows in the attic or attic are divided into the following types:

  • One-run.
  • Gable.
  • Flat.
  • Triangular.
  • Built-in.
  • With a hip roof.
  • Arched (with semicircular and arch arch).
  • Arched with glazing of the whole opening.

In form they can be divided into the following types:

  • quadrangular;
  • semicircular, round (oval dormer windows look very beautiful);
  • triangular;
  • trapezoidal;
  • panoramic;
  • "light lantern", "antiaircraft lamp" (all-glass construction made without transverse frames).
    Dormer Windows

A variety with vertical glazing is also popular:

  • With a pediment and side walls in the plane of the house.
  • With a pediment and side walls outside the plane of the house.
  • With a pediment in the plane of the house, without side walls.

Let's look at the most interesting varieties in more detail.

Saddle Structures

The roof here lies under a slope of 15 degrees, whichenough to drain the rainfall from the window. This design is known for its simplicity. However, for greater reliability, you should also create a roof over the "house" of the dormer.

Gable constructions

Here there is some complexity due to the fact,that it is necessary to arrange the correct joining of the roof parts at different angles. However, the gable embodiment looks more aesthetically pleasing. It should be noted and its high reliability in the quality of sealing joints.

Often to equip gable roof windows, a dome or a radii roof is used.

Triangular constructions

The most common in modern times.They differ in roofing slopes of a large angle of inclination. The pediment of this design of the dormer windows is in the same plane with the pediment of the building. Thus, the assembly of the element is carried out according to the scheme, that its axial lines coincide with the axes of the windows of the entire building, which quite harmoniously inscribes the design in the overall concept.

The steepness of roof rajas here does not increasethe volume of the attic, but at the same time does not complicate the problem of storm sewage. Also for a triangular design, a simple waterproofing of the side walls is typical. Its ramp descends to the roof to the razzheloBka, which already by itself solves the issue of tightness.

Structures of dormer windows

Installation of the structure

Let's look at a simple example (a triangular dormer) to see how the installation is done:

  1. The first thing you need is a sketch plan for the location of all such elements on the roof of the attic or attic.
  2. Now we draw in detail the drawing of each "birdhouse" in the appropriate scale, indicating the actual size.
  3. For each window, the master installs his own rafter system on the same system as for the roof, with supports, a skate, a bearing frame.
  4. If you are installing a house-rafterdesign, then in the locations of the "starling boxes" set the most massive boards or squared beams, since it is these areas will have the biggest load.
  5. Already on the rafters fix horizontal beams. The first - at the upper edge of the wall of the house, and the second - already along the height of the dormer window.
  6. The skeleton of the birdhouse will be attached to the beams. To the upper crossbar is the hobby of the window house, so the orientation of its own roof depends on its location.
  7. The triangular profile of the dormer window is fixed already to the lower horizontal girder. For fixing use staples, nails, metal corners.
  8. From the base of the "triangle" to the upper beam lay the joists for reliable fastening of the entire structure.
  9. From the top of the triangular profile to the upper horizontal girder is the ridge span. At this stage, the "skeleton" of the future dormer window is already visible.
  10. Now it's time to install the window frame. It is attached not only to the triangular profile, but also joins the beams with the support beams leading from the base of the "triangle" to the upper crossbar.
  11. The next stage is the installation of vertical bridges and a crate (carrying frame).
  12. At this stage, it is important to lay layers of hydro- and vapor barrier, as well as insulation.
  13. The line on which the frame of the "house" of the auditorywindows will be in contact with the roof, it is necessarily sealed with special corners, clamps. Successfully applied mastics, sealants, self-expanding tapes.

Design and installation by standards

Both design and installation of a similar structure is carried out in accordance with SNiP 21-01, II-26. Following the instructions allows you to build a durable and reliable structure.

The most important regulations of SNiPs are the following:

  • The installation of the dormer window is only permissible if the slope angle is 35 ° or more.
  • The superstructure should be located at a regulated distance from the outer walls of the building.
  • The dissolving flaps located on the auditory window necessarily have the minimum parameters of 0.6 x 0.8 m, from which the dimensions of it themselves are 1.2 x 1.6 m.
  • Windows with a quadrangular opening and a hip roof can not be a continuation of the wall of the house.
  • For facing it is desirable to use copper, tile, sheet metal.
    Roof window on the roof

Useful advice and feedback

Let's also present the advice and feedback of those masters who installed a dormer window in their house:

  • It is advisable to install such elements only with a slope of the roof, which ensures a good flow of water.
  • Many masters in their reviews do not advise making the designs themselves - it is possible to make mistakes in miscalculations. It is much easier to order a plastic window according to the dimensions you need.
  • The natural light will be more intense the higher the window is on the roof.
  • Do not forget about the preparation of wood for the construction - it must be dried and treated with special impregnations.
  • In order not to reduce the strength of the supporting element, do not make a sidebar in any case. An alternative to it for the device dormer windows will be staples, corners, nails and other metal accessories.
  • Since the windows account for up to 15% of all heat loss, take into account the "birdhouse" project, especially the climate of your region, in order to establish it on the most advantageous side from this point of view.
  • If you are building wooden dormer windows on the roof of a finished house, then their frames must be fastened to the rafters.
    Wooden dormer windows

Where did the name come from?

In conclusion - a few interesting facts.Why is the window on the roof, the attic - auditory? The fact is that in the depths of the centuries the word "rumor" also had the meaning of "proudhina", "opening", "hole". A certain "opening for hearing" - perhaps to listen, what is going on in the street.

There is a legend that the window got the name fromthe name of the master of Hearing - the one that was in charge of the roofing works during the construction of the capital Manezh. The engineer thought up installing windows to increase the density of long-span structures. And over time they began to be called by the name of their inventor.

The main functions of the dormer in the attic or on theattic - ventilation and natural lighting of space. However, in the modern world, most often these elements are equipped for decorating purposes, which is why they are represented in a wide range of constructive and mold varieties.

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