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The time of planting garlic for the winter on the lunar calendar

At the end of the garden season, when practicallyall works are completed, many gardeners are beginning to think about a new crop next year. Autumn is the right time to plant garlic for the winter, but the main thing is to do it in the right period so that the harvest is worthy. The fact that garlic is grown on its dacha site is not surprising, because this culture is very popular and is present on our table throughout the year. Garlic is good for health, it is added to many dishes, used for harvesting vegetables for the winter. The process of cultivation of this culture is not complicated. The main thing is to know the time of planting garlic for the winter, to find and prepare a place, to have high-quality planting material and to know some features of planting, care and storage.

The time of planting garlic for the winter

About the significance of climatic zones

It should be said separately that the correctplanting of winter varieties of this vegetable depends on the climatic conditions of different regions and countries. So, for example, the time of planting garlic for the winter in Siberia and in Ukraine is different. It is necessary to take into account the temperature at which this process will be most successful in the autumn season - + 13-15 0C. This is done so that before the onset of frosts, a root system can form.

A bit about the landing rules

If you focus on the time of planting garlic onwinter on the lunar calendar, then in this case gardeners adhere to certain norms that have existed for a long time. These rules even in ancient times helped people in planting garden-cultivated plants. The sowing lunar calendar with its lunar days and phases has a great influence on the growth, development of the root and aboveground parts of plants.

The lunar calendar always takes into account the days whenthe Earth's satellite is the closest to it or removed, and many other, equally important cycles of the Moon's motion. So, during the new moon, it is not necessary to plant the plants, the same can be said about the full moon. If you take the time to plant garlic for the winter, the most favorable days in September will be the periods from 19 to 20, in October from 11 to 17 and from 21 to 22 numbers. You can also plant garlic in November, from 8 to 13, but here you need to take into account the weather conditions of the terrain so that there is time for the development of the root system of culture. It is believed that the best period for the lunar calendar for the growth of root crops and plants growing under the earth is the period of the waning moon. The time of planting garlic for the winter in Ukraine will be a little different. It is also important to plant all plants in good weather, with a positive mood, which will necessarily yield positive results.

garlic planting time for winter

During the "rest" of the Moon, all power goes to the rootsystem of plants. Their juices are directed to the roots, and the stems are frozen for a while in growth. Therefore, the period of the decline of the moon positively affects the planting and planting of many plants with underground parts used for food, including garlic. Closer to the new moon, it is good to cultivate this crop - weeding the beds and fighting pests.

Planting in the middle lane of Russia

For the central Russia, the best time forplanting garlic for the winter - this is the period in late September or early October, as winter varieties of garlic in this case have time to grow and give a good harvest. Almost the whole of September, according to the lunar calendar, is a favorable time for soil preparation.

The main conditions for a successful wintering and goodthe harvest next year is the right place, the right time to plant garlic for the winter and the depth of seeding. This culture can be planted in any well-lit place, where earlier many vegetable plants, except for onions, grew, as garlic and onions have many common diseases, they are affected by the same pests. The ideal place, according to many experienced truck farmers, is that where tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, cabbage, and pumpkin grew up before.

the time of planting garlic for the winter on the lunar calendar

The time of planting garlic for the winter in 2014 maydiffer from previous years only by weather conditions, because you need to know that before the onset of severe colds should remain in stock for about one and a half months. It's not scary, if after planting garlic will appear green sprouts. This will say that the root system has formed, the vegetable will be able to winter well and give an excellent harvest next year.

Preparation of beds and sowing

It is desirable to prepare a bed for the sowing of garlicfor a couple of weeks before sowing, it was not by chance that this time of planting garlic for winter was chosen. We must first dig up or plow it, and then make mineral fertilizers, wood ash, humus, taking into account the norms per one hundred square meters of land. It is necessary to know that fresh manure for fertilizer is not suitable, it negatively affects garlic, contributing to the spread of diseases and pests.

In order for the harvest to be really good,it is necessary to select seeds correctly, denticles should not have spots, rot, dents. You should choose the largest and most beautiful. The heads of garlic should preferably be divided before planting, so that their donkeys are not dry, then each of the teeth will start to start roots faster. There is a good proven method, when before planting the seeds they are processed for two hours in a pink solution of potassium permanganate to disinfect before direct planting in the open ground.

The time of planting garlic for the winter in 2014

The cloves of garlic are planted in rows to a depth of approximately6-8 cm without pressing on the ground, as this can lead to a delay in the growth of the plant, with a distance of about 10 cm from each other, with an interval between the rows of 20 cm, sprinkled with a layer of earth at least 3-4 cm thick. shelter winter garlic with dry straw or grass, branches, so that in the future the upper layer could retain moisture. But in the spring all this must be removed, so that the garlic is not spoiled.

Spring Care

In the spring it is also necessary to fertilize the beds againwinter garlic. Abundant watering is mandatory only until the formation of teeth, and then the vegetable is not often and abundantly watered. To make the teeth large, you should stop completely watering for 1 or 1.5 months before harvesting.

time to plant garlic for winter in Siberia

During the whole spring period, one must constantly take care ofbeds - weed them, remove the weeds and loosen the soil. If there are yellow leaves on garlic, then this indicates a lack of potassium in the soil, it should be poured with a light solution of potassium permanganate or potassium sulfate.

What to do with garlic in summer

In the summer, when arrows appear on theshrubs, they must be removed, so that they do not slow down the growth of heads, and the harvest was greater. Sometimes they can be left and received from the arrows seed material for subsequent planting.

time to plant garlic for the winter in ukraine

What we have in the end

It is also important not to miss the harvest period,because in case of delay the head of garlic can disintegrate into separate teeth, and this negatively affects its further storage. If you choose the right time to plant garlic for the winter and follow the simple rules of caring for the culture, using the lunar calendar, you can certainly get a wonderful harvest next year.

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