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What should be the children's furniture made with their own hands

As for the adult, and for the child the main thing -have your own living space, where he will feel like a master. In adults, the habitat consists mainly of three rooms in a house or apartment, it is a kitchen, living room, bedroom. And children have their own world - a room in which they are interested with their toys. According to psychologists, the design of a room for a child affects its development, character, actions. Therefore, the room should be such that in it the child was comfortable to live and play.

Choose a room for your baby

Registration begins with the solution of the problem, whicha room from all living space to take away to the nursery and how to make zoning in it. Then you need to choose the necessary furniture for the children's room. With his hands, his father may want to make boxes for toys and small shelves for books, pencils, plasticine. This is a useful and interesting thing. A set of furniture is usually dictated by the age of the child. For the kid in his room the main thing is a place where you can play with your toys. The room should be light colored. However, taking into account the temperament of the child and following the advice of psychologists, for children who are frisky, quiet walls are needed, the quieter children will be treated with brighter colors.

furniture for a children's room with their own hands

Which choice is best

The child's room can be decorated with furniture, in whichincludes modules for games and sleep. But the best will be a setting made of natural wood. Better yet, if the children's table and chair will not be bought, but made by the Pope. By making furniture with their own hands, the father puts his soul into it, and the child feels it. He likes things more precisely, made by the hands of a native person. The child, depending on his age, tries to help his father by providing the necessary details, bringing the tools. So he knows the process of creating objects that surround him, and directly takes part in it.

wooden highchair for a child

Design from parents

In the design of the children's room like to takeparticipation older children. In them the memory of childhood is still alive, and they know better what the kid might like. A wooden highchair for a child can make an adult schoolboy brother. Moreover, in the lessons of labor, they learned to make small items for babies. Original decor from the mother can decorate the baby's crib. This is a beautiful embroidery, and funny homemade toys made by my mother. Loving parents are better than any designer can decorate the space of their children.

The children's furniture sets offered in the stores are notalways correspond to the design that parents would like to see in their child's room. So, for example, a children's table and a chair, purchased in the store, will look "like everyone else". It will be something like a coffee table, not a place where the child will be interested in playing, drawing and sculpting. Created with love, children's furniture with their own hands differs in that it has a twist, it can provide such details that are not in standard children's furniture sets. It can be a board on which you can draw with crayons or felt-tip pens. Such a thing is useful for children of all ages.

children's table and chair

Ensuring safety in the child's room

Making out the children's room, it is necessary to providechild safety. Furniture for the child should be without sharp corners, and the floor - warm, as during the game, children are mostly sitting on the floor, and, of course, there should be no drafts. The height of the shelves for storing toys should be accessible to the toddler with his height. Sockets - closed, so that the young researcher did not occur to put something in the hole. Designed and manufactured children's furniture with their own hands will just meet the security requirements. The table and chair for the child can be made with rounded details.

The child grows up

The needs of the child change asgrowing up. Some details of the furnishings of his room will need to be replaced. This applies to furniture, and filling the room itself. If a child is of school age, it is not necessary to load the room with subjects that remind him of his studies. After all, adults do not tolerate in their life elements associated with work. Playing, the child develops, so do not deprive him of the opportunity to spend his time with your favorite toys, dolls, cars. If children's furniture is created with their own hands in the room of a junior schoolchild, it can be transformed both for its growth and for new interests. You need to think about this, creating it at the initial stage.

children's furniture by their own hands
Teenager does not need to equip a room,relying only on your rational approach - how to arrange furniture and where to put it. It is necessary to give him the opportunity to equip his room based on his interests, his color preferences. Of course, he "grew out of short pants", so the furniture surrounding him should match his age. And where will the children's furniture go, made with their own hands? Perhaps, it will be kept in a secluded place in anticipation of replenishment in the family. Or through the websites of sales on the Internet it will receive a new baby.

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