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Flowers Echinacea purpurea - beauty and health on the flowerbed

Each gardener has a "bouquet" of his belovedflowers, which for years were selected for seasonal flowering, and for which proper care is already established. On a special, honorable, account - flowering perennials. In addition to decorative flowers on its site, you can plant a medicinal perennial plant, which, with its flowering and beauty, will not be inferior to your pets.

Echinacea flowers

Take, for example, a plant such as Echinaceapurple. This flower is cultivated both for decorative purposes and for medicinal purposes. Beautiful purple and purple baskets will look great on your flower beds. The plant starts from the end of May and continues until the middle of August.

The plant is winter-resistant, loves lighted areas andmoist fertile soils. Complexity of care and vitality of plants, when compared with other flowers, at the level of chemist's chamomile. Echinacea flowers can be grown from seeds, which are recommended for sowing in spring to a depth of about 3 cm. Seedlings appear on the 2nd-4th week, and the plant blooms for the second year.

Having such a miracle plant on your site, you will get a wonderful medicine. Flowers Echinacea relieve you of many diseases, increase and strengthen weak immunity.

flower echinacea pictures
If you collect echinacea for your own purposes,then it is recommended to do this when the plant begins to bloom violently in July. Then the flowers of Echinacea and shoots 25-30 cm long are cut. The rhizomes are excavated in autumn, because at that time the content of medicinal substances in the plant reaches its peak. Infusions cooked both from fresh raw materials, and from dried.

And do you know about the useful properties of plants?Many people do not know what a flower of Echinacea looks like. The photos presented in the article will be eloquently told to you. And perhaps, having examined more closely, many will recognize him.

It has already been scientifically proven that the roots, seeds and flowersEchinacea contain unique natural substances: resins, essential oils, tannins, valuable natural antioxidants and polysaccharides. In the roots of the plant contains insulin, essential and fatty oils, glucose and many other useful vitamins and elements.

Echinacea purple flower

Among other things, this plant is rich in iron,It is necessary for a person to form red blood cells, calcium for teeth and bones, selenium, which gives strength to our body in the fight against diseases. If you go to the pharmacy and ask for a drug to strengthen immunity, you will be offered a tincture of echinacea purpurea. In some cases, the cost of the drug will unpleasantly surprise you.

Often doctors after operations prescribe to patients Echinacea, for faster recovery of tissues.

And now imagine this flower in your flowerbed... It is easy to make it out of it and use it if necessary: ​​to treat a small wound obtained in the fight against weeds, or burn you with your own prepared preparation. More serious illnesses should be treated after consultation with your doctor. Be healthy and enjoy the long flowering of this plant!

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