/ Dimensions of TVs in centimeters. What size is the best TV for home?

Dimensions of TVs in centimeters. What size is the best TV for home?

When buying a TV, pay attention todifferent parameters - the brand of the manufacturer, the design features, the presence of certain functions, etc. However, perhaps the most important characteristic of this home appliances is, of course, the length of the diagonal of the chosen model. The size of the TV screen of a modern assembly can be different. Choose the model of the most suitable in this or that case, dimensions should be based on several important factors.

What to look for when choosing the size

At the stands of modern household hypermarketstechnicians usually put up a lot of TVs of different brands, designs and dimensions. Determine the most appropriate size of the device in the hall of such a store is visually quite difficult. The square of the room itself, other working models, ceiling height, etc., can distort the perception. Therefore, the sizes of TV sets by the owners of apartments and houses are usually determined even before going to the store.

the sizes of TVs

The main parameters that should be considered when choosing the length of the diagonal are:

  • the dimensions of the room in which the TV will be located;

  • the estimated distance between the screen and the future location of the audience;

  • features of the design of the model.

Room sizes

Televisions in our time are established not only inliving rooms, but also in other premises of the apartment. When choosing the most appropriate model, the area of ​​the room should be taken into account necessarily. Dimensions of TVs in cm (diagonal) are officially not currently defined. After all, most models are assembled using technologies developed abroad. The length of the diagonal of these appliances in stores is usually indicated in inches.

Thus, for the kitchen is best suitedmodel for 19-22 ". Install at the same time the TV costs a little higher than in the living rooms. In the bedroom of the standard five-story building, the TV will look good at 22-26 ". For the hall, of course, it is worth choosing a larger model - 32-65 inches.

the sizes of TVs in cm

Of course, the above figures are no more thanthan a recommendation. The dimensions of TVs ideally suited in this or that way may differ from those mentioned above. Even in the typical Khrushchev, the choice of the dimensions of the model is often seriously influenced by such factors as the interior features, the size of the furniture, the way it is arranged, etc. In private houses, the area of ​​rooms can in general be more or less than the size of the premises in urban apartments.

Distance to TV

This factor is usually decisive forselection of the most suitable model. The larger the diagonal of the TV has dimensions, the farther away the sofa or chair should be from it. The comfortable distance to the screen sometimes depends on the design features of the model. Today on the shelves of shops you can find only two main types of TVs - LCD and plasma. In the first case, the color is transmitted through the smallest crystals. Therefore, the monitors of such TVs have quite a high resolution and give a clear picture. And consequently, to sit to them, absolutely without risk to spoil sight, it is possible close enough.

the size of the TV is 32 inches

Plasma TV of the old model followsWatch with a little more distance than the LCD. This is due to the design features of such models. The fact is that the color in such screens is transmitted because of the glow of plasma in the cells (inert gas). The latter have a relatively large size. Therefore, if the TV is too close to view, the image may seem fuzzy and vague. Sometimes on screens of this type there are quite noticeable even pixels. Plasma models of a new generation of such a drawback, fortunately, are practically devoid of. Sitting from them can be at the same distance as from LCD TVs.

Distance and dimensions of the screen

What exactly should be the length of the diagonalat this or that distance from the device to the sofa? The optimal ratios of these two parameters have definite values. Thus, the size of the TV 32 inches allows, for example, to comfortably view it at a distance of 4 meters. What are the relationships between the length of the diagonal and the distance to the screen there are, you can see in the table below.

Diagonal (inches)

Distance (m)













So, in order to know what lengthshould have a diagonal for comfortable viewing, before buying you just need to measure the distance from the couch or chair to the intended location of the TV.

diagonal TV dimensions

Distance to TV with HD-picture

Recently, a lot ofModels that support, among other things, HD technology. The latter provide a very high quality picture. Therefore, you can watch TVs with this screen resolution closer than usual. The table below shows the ratio of the diagonal and distance for HD-Ready technology and even more advanced Full-HD.

Dimensions of televisions in inches

Distance (m)















How to convert inches to centimeters

Dimensions of TVs, as already mentioned,choose, including proceeding from the fact that these devices should harmoniously fit into the interior. Therefore, for sure many apartment owners are interested in what really size can have a model with a particular diagonal and how harmoniously it will look in the room.

Learn the size of televisions in cm (or rather, lengthdiagonal) by performing the simplest mathematical operation. The calculation should be based on the fact that 1 inch is 2.54 cm. That is, 17 inches, for example - it is 43.18 cm, 32 - 81.28, etc.

Additional factors

The sizes of TVs can be selected taking into account and several more parameters. When buying, be sure to pay attention to:

  • The thickness of the framing frame of the screen. In older models, it can be quite wide. And consequently, with the same diagonal size, the screen itself for such a TV can be slightly smaller.

  • Weight of the model.This option is relevant in the event that you are going to purchase a wall-mounted TV and use brackets for its mounting. In this case, the choice of the size of the model can be affected, among other factors, by the retention capacity of the material from which the walls are made.

the sizes of TVs in inches

The most popular diagonal length

In modern apartments and houses you can seeTVs of almost any size. At the same time, both LCD and plasma models are popular. If we talk about the first variety, then in this case the most widespread found televisions with screen sizes of 32 inches and above. The fact is that models with a smaller screen are not capable of supporting HD technology. The size of the TV 32 inches (or a little more) make it suitable for installation in almost any typical living room high-rise buildings. Plasma models are capable of supporting HD only with a diagonal length of at least 50 inches.

TV screen size

The dependence of the cost of size

And, of course, you should choose TVon the basis of including its price. The cost of this home appliance depends on its size directly. The larger the model, the more expensive it is. For example, the budget TV Shivaki with a diagonal of 32 inches is usually sold for 15 thousand rubles. The model for 40 ″ of the same manufacturer costs about 40 thousand rubles. “Shivaki” 55 ″ will cost about 50 thousand rubles. As you can see, the difference is significant. Therefore, before going to the store should, among other things, assess their financial capabilities.

32 tv sizes

The parameters discussed above are basicwhen choosing the dimensions of modern TVs. In most cases, the most suitable diagonal length is 32 ″. The TV, whose screen sizes are 81.28 cm, will look quite harmonious, solid and modern in the standard Khrushchev’s hall. For the living room of the same apartment in Stalinka, a new building or a private house, most likely, it will be possible to choose a model and a larger one.

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