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Types of fences: an overview of structures and materials

Today there are a lot of options on the marketbuilding materials that are used to create fencing. The choice depends on the operational characteristics of the structures, taste preferences of the site owners.

There are materials that allow you to create capital structures. It is also possible to erect light, decorative fences. What are the types of fences, will be discussed further.

Features of fences

There are different types of fences.They allow to enclose the territory of a site, having designated its area. Also, the fence can be a really strong, stable barrier, which will not allow the uninvited guests to enter the site. The design should also perform decorative functions. It should harmoniously fit into the overall style of landscape design.

Fences for cottages made of corrugated board

Selecting the type of construction and materials for itsThe erection in many respects depends on the location of the site itself. In some cases, you want to hide the space in front of the house from the external bustle. If the house is built on the nature, it is not right to be shielded from natural beauties by an impenetrable fence.

There are different types of materials for fence. Their choice depends on the purpose of the fence. It should more or less perform three main functions:

  1. Determine the boundaries of the site.
  2. Security of property.
  3. Decoration of landscape design.

When choosing the type of construction and materials givenpreference for one of the listed fence functions. The rest of his qualities can be additional. For example, if the owners want to simply indicate the boundary between two sites, they can create a decorative fence. Penetrate through it simply. It can be shrubs or other plants. If it is important to ensure the safety of the site, you need to choose strong materials. However, even in this case, the owners want the design to look aesthetically pleasing.

What do you need to consider when choosing?

Going to create a fence from a fence,profiled, brick or other materials, you need to take into account a few nuances. This will help to choose the type of construction. It is important to consider the location of the house. If it is built near a noisy road, you need to choose materials with noise insulation qualities. Such a construction can not be opened. Otherwise, it will not protect from prying eyes, dust and noise.

Types of fences made of wood

It is necessary to compare the type of fence with the material of the finishfacade, the design of the infield. Fencing will create a first impression of the design of the house. Therefore, its decorative qualities should not be in the last place.

You also need to take into account the features thatthe landscape in this area is different. It is important to find out how close to the surface the ground water is. It is necessary to measure the height differences. This will create the right plan when building a fence.

Not the last place when choosing materials takestheir cost. It must correspond to the budget allocated for the construction of the fence. It is also important to take into account the relationships that have developed between the owners of the house and their neighbors. This will determine whether a capital construction or a symbolic light fence is required.

Also it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the house itself.The height of the fence should not exceed the distance from the base of the house to the second floor. Even tall buildings should not be done anymore. Taking into account the listed nuances, it will be easier to choose the type of fence.

Recommendations of specialists

Wooden, metal, reinforced concrete fencemust be built according to established rules. Before creating a fence, you must obtain the appropriate permissions. Otherwise, you can accidentally build a hedge on the territory of neighbors. Such actions are illegal. The fence in this case will have to be transferred at your own expense.

Types of wooden fences

To prevent such errors, it is better to immediatelyto develop a plan of construction. This takes into account the type of soil, the type of fence, its materials is chosen. Also on the plan, you need to specify the terrain features, elevations (if any). This plan should be shown in the appropriate authority. After obtaining permission, it will be possible to proceed with construction work.

It should be noted that the fences for dachas fromProfiled sheeting, bricks, wood and other materials should not obscure the neighboring plot. Therefore, a high hedge here can be built only from transparent materials or can not be monolithic.

Высота изгороди, которая отгораживает участок от roadway, can be made of any materials. Its height should be no more than 2 m. If the fence is placed between the sites, it is necessary to use lattice mesh structures. Their maximum permissible height is 1.5 m. You can use transparent materials (for example, polycarbonate). The fence must be 3 m from the apartment house, and 4 m from the building. These rules are taken into account when creating a fence.

Also professional builders recommendpay attention to the right choice of foundation. It must correspond to the type of climate, soil. Also, the foundation is selected in accordance with the type of material from which the hedge is built, its weight.


Ограждения могут отличаться конструкцией и material. They can be mesh, latticed or woven. In this case, monolithic fences are a popular species. This, for example, can be a concrete, brick, metal fence. You can create a design that will protect the site from wind and dust from the street, extraneous noise. Such structures are mounted on a strip foundation. They close the site to the very line of the ground.

Beautiful forged fences in private houses

If you do not need to create dust protection, the fencemounted on support posts. They can be fixed on a columnar foundation. There are also loose types of fences. These are decorative, lightweight designs. Also distinguish fences that pass or do not pass sunlight. This parameter is especially important for summer residences and adjacent sites.

Also, fences are distinguished by the material from whichthey erect them. The most popular are different types of fences made of wood, metal mesh, as well as corrugated board. Also erect fencing made of natural stone, bricks. Sturdy structures are fences made of concrete. It is possible to make constructions from vinyl, polymeric material, and also slate. Original and elegant look metal forged fences. A wide selection of materials allows you to choose the optimal type of construction in accordance with the needs of the owners of the house.

Также популярным приемом при строительстве fencing is a combination, for example, a brick with metal, wood with a stone, etc. You can create elegant or, on the contrary, massive compositions. They should harmoniously fit into the overall design of the site.

Also popular are the hedges. They can be built from shrubs. You can also make hedges on trellises from climbing plants. They can be dense, blooming.

Wooden fences

Fences are most often built from wood.This material looks aesthetically pleasing. From it, you can build almost any kind of hedge. There are different types of wooden fences. They fit well into the style of the countryside. In this case, the wood is easy to install. From it you can make different decorative elements for fencing. In this case, wood is a fairly strong material. From it you can create not only decorative, but also fundamental fences.

Fence from the fence

Wood is an environmentally friendly material.This is its advantage. The material does not release toxic, harmful chemicals into the environment. In this case, wood can be combined with other materials. Therefore, this type of material can be used as decorative inserts or, conversely, supports between spans from a metal mesh.

The presented material allows creatingdifferent weaving. With the help of such fences, the space between the two sections is delineated. This category of hedges includes many structures. It can be a colorful wattle fence, a strong, strong fence of logs or timber. Also, the fence from the lining looks beautiful. Fence from the fence can also be done using wood.

It should be noted that natural material hasa number of shortcomings. It is prone to rotting, deterioration due to unfavorable weather conditions. Wood can be damaged by insects, rodents. It is also a combustible material. It must not be installed near materials that can ignite. However, with the correct processing of wood, it can stand for many years. It is treated with fire-fighting, antiseptic compounds. To protect the fence surface from damage, it is necessary to coat the wood with a layer of varnish or paint. Periodically, this treatment will need to be repeated.

If the construction used a lightmaterial, the fence will perform a decorative function. Designs from logs or beams can protect the site from the intrusion of unexpected visitors. In this case, such a fence looks beautiful.

Reinforced concrete fences

Beautiful looks modern ferro-concretefence. Previously, this type of structure was used to protect industrial facilities. The fence looked standard and did not have high decorative qualities. Production does not stand still. Today, there are presented on the market designs that can decorate almost any style of landscape design.

The texture of such a fence can be different.In this case, the structure can qualitatively isolate the site from noise, fuss, dust, etc. The type of material presented can simulate a stone, brickwork. There are fences with a lattice pattern in the upper part. Ornament can be very different. Applied for decor floral, marine, other subjects. The choice depends on the style of the exterior of the site, as well as taste preferences of the owners of the house. Monolithic blocks are also on sale. They are used for economic objects.

The cost of such fences remains acceptablefor the buyer. Existing types of decorative concrete fences are cheaper than brick, metal fences. Therefore, such a variety of materials are often used to create a durable and beautiful fencing.

In this case, reinforced concrete structures differhigh strength. They can be operated for about 50 years or even longer. The surface can be painted in any color, creating an original finish. If you do not, the fence still looks beautiful. At the same time, its lifetime does not decrease. Simplicity in maintenance is another advantage of reinforced concrete structures.

The disadvantage of this kind of hedge isdifficulty in installation. The installation is carried out using a special technique. This increases the cost of work. However, the advantages of concrete fences contribute to the popularity of this type of materials.

Brick fencing

Today, different types of brickfences. They need a qualitative foundation. This is a capital structure that can protect the site from the intrusion of intruders. At the same time, the building can look aesthetically pleasing, if you pay attention to the correct choice of its design.

Reinforced concrete fence

For construction, red orfacing brick. The surface of the enclosure can remain unplastered. This reduces the cost of erecting a fence. However, it is better to finish the finish. In this case, the fence will be operated longer. Weather conditions will not affect the masonry. You can apply plaster or a special facing brick.

Such fences can have a different color and design.Clutch can be combined with other materials (for example, metal). If it is required to create a fence with increased resistance to fire, refractory varieties of bricks are used. Their cost is much higher than that of conventional types of blocks.

If you want to create protection for the site from noise, dust, brickwork will be one of the best options. It will fit in almost any type of landscape design.

The drawback of a brick fence is itshigh price. At the same time installation requires the master of certain knowledge. Most often for the construction of such a wall you need to hire professional builders. It is also important to equip the right foundation.

Metal enclosure

Metal fence is also populara kind of fencing. In this category there is a wide variety of designs. They can be continuous and latticed. At the same time, it is possible to create both the simplest and the most complex, decorative type of fences.

Metal fence

This category of fences includes fences forcottages made of corrugated board. This is one of the most simple and popular types of hedges. Profiled sheeting is a durable material. It is covered with a special decorative layer of paint that protects the sheet from adverse weather conditions. This is a light enough but sturdy construction.

Also for a summer residence it is possible to apply fences from differentnets and grids. Such structures will not shade the neighboring area. Therefore, they are installed between adjacent sites. For such fences, support poles can be installed from a tree. For other types of metal fencing you will need to use pillars of the same materials. This allows you to create a quality support.

Forged fences

Also often you can meet beautiful forgedFences in private houses. They can be assembled from prefabricated sections. If the owners of the house can work with a welding machine, they can independently assemble the structure from different sections. Such fences look very beautiful and delicate. However, their disadvantage is the fact that the interior space of the site will be viewed.

When choosing materials for creating metalIt is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a special protective layer on them. You can use galvanized sheets, as well as products with polymer spraying. If there is no such layer, it will be necessary to primer the surface of all metal parts and apply a special paint on top. Also, you need to periodically repaint the fence. Otherwise, it forms rust.

Other types of materials

There are other types of fences.They can be collected from slate. This is a durable material that allows you to create a relatively inexpensive fence. Also, various polymer materials are often used. It can be vinyl siding, polycarbonate or other similar materials. A variety of shapes, textures allows you to choose the type of fence, which will best meet the requirements of the owners of the house.

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