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How to finish the house

Interior decoration of the house is considered a laborious and complex process.To ensure that the results of the work were qualitative, it is necessary to observe some of their sequence. The finishing of the house is divided into rough and finish. The purpose of the first is to eliminate the disadvantages of floor, walls and ceiling. Proceed to its implementation can only be after dismantling unnecessary designs, cleaning the area of ​​the premises and erecting all partitions. Even before the beginning of roughing it is necessary to determine:

  • building finishing houses
    Place of future location of switches and sockets, equipment, electrical appliances, wall and ceiling lamps, computer, TV, telephone.
  • Type and size of interior doors.
  • Type, model, as well as the location of the installation of sanitary equipment.
  • Type, kind of material for finishing ceilings and walls.
  • Type of floor covering for all rooms.

Particular attention should be paid to layingunderfloor heating. It is more suitable for decoration from tile or porcelain tiles. These materials best conduct heat. Screed is carried out using dry modified mixtures. In places where furniture will always be standing, there is no need for a warm floor.

When selecting materials for roughing, you should immediately take into account the quality and

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properties of finishing coatings.For example, for a floor in different rooms different material is used. Tile, deck board, carpet have a different coefficient of expansion, thickness, as well as the way of laying. To ensure that the floor surface is flat, you need to consider all these factors, determining the height of the screed. It is clear that the finish of the house is carried out, starting with the ceilings. There are some peculiarities here. Ceilings, which have a deviation from the horizon of not more than 3 cm, are leveled with putty. With a larger slope, plasterboard is used.

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Finishing the house in the second stage is alignment andshpatlevanie walls. For leveling, special mixtures or coarse fillers are used. After that, irregularities remain on the surface. Their depth should not exceed 3 mm. They are eliminated by putty. Depending on the finish coatings, the amount of shpatlevochnyh work fluctuates. If the walls are prepared for painting, then shpatlyuyut 3-4 times. If under the textured wallpaper, it is enough and 2 times. Primer - the final stage of roughing the walls. After it, the surfaces are less prone to deformation.

Construction, finishing of houses is a long process.But when performing rough work there should be no rush and fuss. This is fraught with financial and time costs. It is necessary that each applied layer is well dried. Then the connection with the next, whether it be putty, plaster, primer, will become strong. Categorically it is impossible to artificially dry or leave in direct sunlight building mixtures. This will lead to internal stress and cracking of the surfaces.

If the house with a rough finish was investedenough funds, and the work itself was done without haste and bustle, then the finishing will be easier and faster. And for many years you will not have to remember the repairs.

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