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Ferroli gas boiler: types, instructions and references

Segment heating equipment todayis in the stage of transition. This is due to the emergence of new concepts and technologies for the development of aggregates, as well as the introduction of electronic control systems. Boiler devices have always been considered the basis for this group of equipment. With the help of such installations, it is possible to provide heat for a small private house, and public buildings and industrial premises. The choice of the buyer offers a wide range of options, including the Ferroli gas boiler in different versions. The Italian company has been known for more than 50 years in Europe, and the Russians have been acquainted with its proposals for the last 20 years. The manufacturer strives not only to preserve the most successful technological achievements introduced during its activity, but also to actively improve products with modern developments.

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Features and benefits of Ferroli boilers

Of course, this is far from the only onea manufacturer using new technologies. Therefore, in a competitive environment, engineers tend to offer effective solutions in a variety of ways. First of all, the gas wall boiler Ferroli provides the necessary level of performance, expending the minimum amount of fuel. Together with automated control and the ability to control temperature conditions, this allows the owner to optimize heating costs. By the way, about automation: the manufacturer also provides the possibility of self-diagnosis of boilers, which is very important for users without technical training.

It is valuable for Russian customers thatThe company adapts the models to harsh operating conditions. Low water quality and voltage drops sometimes become the main problem of heating equipment. In turn, the gas boiler Ferroli is fully ready for use in such conditions: according to the manufacturer, the service life of the equipment is more than 40 years.

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Wall Models

This is one of the most common speciesboiler equipment, which in the line of the Italian brand is represented by the models Diva, Divatop Domina, etc. Thanks to the affordable price and simple design, the Arena model is in great demand. This boiler is a gas dual-walled Ferroli, in which two heat exchangers are provided. The combustion chamber of such models can be open or closed, depending on the modification. The design itself allows for high heat dissipation, but there are other advantages of boilers of this type precisely in the design of the Italian designers.

In particular, developers use the primaryheat exchanger made of copper, and its secondary analog is made of stainless steel. As components, branded parts are also used. For example, a valve from Siemens, and a three-speed circulating pump - WILO. To ensure stable operation, the Ferroli gas double-circuit boiler is supplied with a control board, resistant to differences in the network. In the complex, the listed components provide high reliability of equipment and safety during operation.

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Units for floor installation

This variety is represented by the Pegasus seriesand Atlas in different versions. As a rule, these are cast-iron units supplied with atmospheric or mounted burners. Advantages of such models are well illustrated by the Ferroli floor gas boiler in the initial version - Pegasus. The model is equipped with a cast-iron heat exchanger, a Honeywell valve, a single-stage burner, an alarm contact, as well as connectors for a circulation pump and the connection of a room thermostat. To facilitate operation, the developers provided for electric ignition and the possibility of connecting the boiler.

It is worth noting and security.The boiler has smoke control, an ionization sensor for the flame, and it also offers the ability to monitor overheating with the Ferroli bimetal indicator. Gas heating boilers of this category also have an additional option. Suffice it to mention the cascade control unit, the means for connecting the remote thermostat and turbo-attachment.

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Condensation models

Condensing equipment from Ferroliis available in the Econcept, Energy and Bluehelix series. These are single-circuit units, among which there are options for increased power. For example, the Econcept model is capable of providing power up to 300 kW. The peculiarities of condensation devices include the presence of weather-dependent automation and a large liquid crystal display. In addition, the gas boiler Ferroli in the Econcept series has an aluminum heat exchanger and a ceramic burner. The use of these materials is due to less high security requirements. Actually, the purchase of a condensing unit is advantageous in terms of broad functionality and increased ergonomics. The user can view all the main operating parameters, use the boiler modes depending on the time of year, and operate the connected boiler via a remote control.


For each category of boilers manufacturerprovides and additional accessories. In particular, wall models of the two-circuit type can be supplemented with a kit for smoke removal systems and devices that allow equipment to operate on liquefied gas. In turn, the floor gas boiler Ferroli can be equipped with boilers, priority systems of hot water, turbo-attachments and devices for cascade control. Condensation aggregates have the largest range of additional options. They can be provided with outdoor temperature sensors, control boards for multi-circuit systems, water guns, assembly manifolds, and special sets of valves for connection of boilers.

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User's manual

Most Ferroli models are equipped with a basiccomplete or supplemented as an option with automated controls, which facilitates operation. The user sets the modes and adjusts through a special panel. To start the equipment, it is necessary to open the burner and ignite. But before that, it is necessary to turn on the unit into the mains, after which press the special start button, which is equipped with a gas boiler Ferroli. The instruction also provides for a situation in which the launch of the equipment does not work. If the boiler does not start within 15 seconds, restart the system. Turn off the boiler should not only by closing the valve and turning off the button. It is recommended to disconnect the unit from the mains, but it is important to consider that in this condition the boiler will not be protected from frost. To avoid this, you should either drain the water, or add antifreeze to it.

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Maintenance Instructions

To maintain the boiler's working stateThe user should regularly clean the equipment cover with a cloth and soap solution. At least once a year, a complete technical inspection is necessary. It is also recommended to carry out a combustion analysis. It is important to monitor the operational parameters of the Ferroli gas boiler. The instruction instructs the owners of the equipment to closely monitor the fault indication. Most cases of incorrect operation of the equipment are connected either with voltage drops or with no gas. Contact the service center is recommended only after eliminating such problems and regular inspection of the boiler.

Reviews about boilers Ferroli

Frankly negative reviews of Ferroli productsHardly ever. But there is a high performance, thoughtful design and low fuel consumption. Separately, the owners point out the low noise of the equipment, which is very important when installing in residential buildings. And yet there are nuances of exploitation, which should be remembered when buying gas boilers Ferroli. Reviews often often indicate leaks in heat exchangers. This is a common problem, but it has nothing to do with the quality of the equipment. Similar phenomena arise due to improper operation, when work with hard water is allowed. Therefore, it is necessary to initially focus on models that can work with both gas and water. For example, bimetallic heat exchangers are not suitable for such needs.

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The Italian heating equipment can beattributed to products with a European quality level. We can say that this is not the only manufacturer that produces equally functional and productive units. Nevertheless, the gas boiler Ferroli also costs inexpensively against the background of other proven models from other manufacturers. In other respects, the product justifies itself in terms of heat transfer, and ergonomic advantages. Even if the inexpensive basic equipment of such a boiler will eventually lose its relevance due to insufficient capacity or lack of modern controls, it can be modernized. The engineers of Ferroli envisaged the possibility of including units in a single cascade, additional provision of boilers and automation, so any acquisition even in years will be useful in the farm.

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