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Growing turnips - a profitable occupation

To my great regret, most gardeners (yesand large farms) have long since abandoned cultivation of this remarkable root crop. Growing turnips in Russia before the appearance of potatoes in the vegetable gardens was common. This vegetable was almost the staple food of the majority of the population. Until now, in some areas of the Russian Federation, this root vegetable is grown.

Growing turnips

Growing turnips in your garden - profitableoccupation. This two-year high-yielding plant belongs to the family of cruciferous plants. It has root crops of various shapes: oval, round, elongated, flat-rounded. Their flesh may be white or yellow (depending on the type of turnip). In the first year of planting the plant forms a root and leaves, and in the second - the flower stem and seeds.

Reap growing is not much different fromgrowing of swede and beet. Its advantage is precocity. Harvest of root crops can be collected after 60-70 days after emergence. That is why growing turnips in one area can be produced 2 times a season (under favorable climatic conditions).

After harvesting, seed plants are stored inbasement, and in spring they are planted in an open ground to receive seeds. Turnip blooms on the 15th-20th day after disembarkation. Seeds fully ripen on the 65th-70th day.

How useful turnip
Growing turnips requires certain agricultural techniques.She prefers sunny areas of fertile soil. To enhance plant growth, wood ash should be added to the soil, as it reduces the acidity of the soil.

Under the sowing of turnip seeds do not bring fresh manure.They germinate well at 15 ° C, and the shoots tolerate short-term frosts to -6 ° C. They reap in the spring, after the soil has dried (on a patch dug in from autumn). It is best to form on it ridges or ridges, which in spring correct. Seeds are sown on them. At 10 sq.m. The site will need only 3-4 g. Shoots need to thin out, leaving between them a distance of 9-10 cm.

Growing turnips will require a gardenerregular weeding, watering (so that the land does not dry out) and pest control. This root is removed selectively (as it ripens), but it is necessary until frost. Leaves cut off, and turn the pawn for storage.

Feed turnip
Why is turnip useful?This vegetable is an inexpensive source of carotene, vitamin C and many minerals. It has a lot of citric acid. Nutritionists recommend including turnips in the diet as a therapeutic and dietary product. It has long been used not only as a food product, but also as a medicine. Decoctions of it used as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and soothing. The juice of this vegetable helps with colds, cough, toothache and scurvy.

How to use a turnip for food?Salads are made from it, it is boiled, stuffed and stewed. It is best suited as a side dish to meat dishes. Delicious turnips in soups. Even her young leaves are used for a variety of salads, salads and soups.

It is also worth mentioning about such a wonderfula vegetable like a turnip (turnip). This two-year high-yielding plant belongs to the family of cruciferous plants. Turnips is grown only in culture. It can grow in northern latitudes, where other plants can not withstand the cold. They grow it mainly for animal feed, although some varieties of turnip are quite suitable for people.

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