/ How to make a metal detector yourself?

How to make a metal detector yourself?

Almost everyone in some measureunderstands what a metal detector is, what it is designed for. In fact, this is an instrument with which you can detect metal objects deep underground. It is used not only to earn some money in the sale of scrap metal, it is also used by sappers to detect mines or other explosives.

Not everyone can afford to buy such adevice, even if it is second-hand. Its cost varies depending on the depth of scanning, convenience and brand. There are many varieties of such devices. All of them differ not only in their characteristics, but also in the type of construction. Therefore, it is best to learn how to make a metal detector yourself at home, and after that try to make it.

Of course, if you do this for the first time, you canthere are difficulties and misunderstandings. Therefore, you need to prepare thoroughly: read several articles, ask friends how they did it, and only then buy the missing items.

It is also worth noting that the search for metal -unpredictable activity. That is, today you can get lucky, and then there will not be anything for a few weeks. Therefore, all who are going to do this kind of activity, you need to be patient. If you plan to find large volumes of iron objects every day and thus improve your material condition, you still need to weigh it well, and then start creating a metal detector.

What can you find a metal detector

The 90s

Thanks to a metal detector in the 90s, it was possibleeasy to live without the main job, since this device brought a lot of money. Young guys, constructing a metal detector, often went around the neighborhoods of large industries and abandoned factories, trying to find coins, jewelry or parts from broken equipment.

Already in his teens, many teenagers knew how todo a metal detector at home. Walking through the abandoned ruins for several hours, you could find many useful things. Nobody was ashamed of this way of earning, because this activity brought a good profit.

Let's look at how to make a metal detector at home. Perhaps, in our time you will be lucky.

how to make a metal detector at home


As we have already found out, metal detectors come in different types. They differ not only in their characteristics, but also in their design.

The most primitive is ultra-low frequency.Almost every schoolchild could do this device. The fact that its assembly does not require much effort and knowledge, and also that its design is primitive, does not make it ineffective. If you correctly configure this device, the results will be stunning. The most important thing is patience.

The second kind is the impulse seeker.This unit has a deeper scan environment. He is able to find coins, figurines and other valuables at great depths. Such devices are used by experienced treasure hunters.

The metal detector, working on the beats, is appreciatedin that the depth of detection reaches maximum marks. This device will find any metal object or mineral at a depth of more than one meter.

Another kind is a radio detector.The depth of detection is less than a meter, so its design is very simple. Often such a detector is used by pioneers, beginners. For experienced diggers, such a device is not suitable.

Homemade metal detector

How to make a metal detector yourself

The most important detail for a metal detector isconsole. A long-wave radio receiver is perfect for such a case. To build it, you need to draw the simplest electrical circuit, consisting of:

  • The generator.
  • Coils.
  • Resistors.

Fixed all in order.First, we attach a circle cut from the plywood to the handle. After that, on the other end of the handle tightly attach the attachment and install the handle. It is necessary for comfortable and long use of the device.


After installing the radio, the instrument must beattach to the coil. Above we have already said that you need to worry about a comfortable handle that will help keep the searcher for a long time. In practice, such a simple detail is very important.

By fastening the knob to the radio, you can begin to tune it to the desired frequency. In our case, this is 140 kHz. As soon as the first beep is heard, the setting is complete. You can try it.

To check the performance of the metal detector, you need to bring it to any metal object. If you hear a change in the tone, then the instrument is set correctly.

Metal detector "Pirate"

This is a fairly popular model both amongfans, and among professionals. How to make a metal detector "Pirate"? It's simple. Fortunately, you do not need to re-program the chips, since they are all ready for a long time. It is only necessary to properly gather all the details.

Scheme for metal detector do it yourself

The schema for this crawler can be purchased atmarket. All the details that will be needed are cheap and common, so there will be no problems with their purchase. Scheme "Pirate" surpasses many other analogs in its characteristics. Let's figure out how to make a metal detector in this scheme.

You will need:

  • Chip NE555 (you can use and KR 1006VI1).
  • Transistors NPN.
  • Material for the body of the device.
  • Transistors of the IRF40 and BC547 series.
  • Chip K157UD2.
  • Insulating tape.
  • Tools.
  • Resistors.
  • Diodes.
  • Ceramic and electrolyte capacitors.

The circuit has two main nodes: a transmitting circuit, consisting of a pulse generator, and a transistor switch. The coil should be 190 mm in diameter, and the coils on it should be 25 pcs.

First you need to create a PCB. Then install electronic components on it. Connect the power supply. Assemble the coil.

If you properly assemble this metal detector, then there is no need to configure it.

professional metal detector


Summarizing, we can say that for the assemblyalmost any metal detector needs to spend quite a bit of effort and make an effort. To learn how to make a metal detector, you need to view explanatory materials on this topic. In the Internet age, this is not a problem.

How to make a metal detector?In this article, we looked at the two most popular options that not only beginners prefer, but also experienced specialists. All the necessary equipment you may need can be found in almost any market. You can also use old electrical devices that have circuits, such as a radio, tape recorder, television, and so on.

Perhaps you think:"Why know how to make a metal detector, if you can buy it in the store?" Yes, but the cost of such devices is quite high. For example, the price of unpretentious on the possibilities and functions of HOOMYA MD-1008A starts from 2900 rubles, and for the professional Marko Multi Kruzer you will need to pay over 40,000 rubles.

It is much more profitable to make the metal detector yourself.

If you manage to make such a device with your own hands, then you will get not only great pleasure from the quality of the work done, but also save a decent amount of money.

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