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Kronostar - laminate, the reviews are impressive

Given the diversity of modern floorcoatings, it is not surprising that the process of their choice is difficult to call a simple and easy occupation. Among the many varieties and manufacturers, Kronostar stands out: laminate (reviews about which are simply beautiful) from this company has many advantages.

kronostar laminate reviews
This is a well-known enterprise owned bythe famous production concern Krono, which is known all over the world precisely because of the highest quality control criteria and the selection of raw materials for production. The leader in the number of environmental certificates. Due to the components of the overlay of silver compounds Kronostar (laminate), reviews indicate the same, has antibacterial properties.

Overlay professional builders are calledthe uppermost layer of the coating. This manufacturer uses acrylic and melamine types. The latter variant is more common, since melamine is less prone to mechanical abrasion. It is easy to guess how important it is for the operational properties, due to which the Kronostar (laminate) is largely known. Reviews say that it can serve for almost decades!

By the way, the product class (showing itmechanical strength) is assigned precisely based on the characteristics of the overlay. In addition, the quality of the top coating determines how long the color saturation of the flooring will last.

kronostar laminate price

Under the top is the layer that defines the figureand the texture of the laminate. Today, one can often find not only the imitation of wood, but even imitation of tiles and natural stone. As we have already said, the drawing can be very different, but most often the wood texture is used, since it is better suited for the interior of various premises.

However, Kronostar (laminate), reviews about whichspeak for themselves, knowingly deserved such a high popularity among consumers all over the world: if you want you can find any type and pattern of floor covering, which will allow you to make your home irresistible.

As we have already said, this manufacturer is specialattention is paid to the characteristics of the raw materials used. The quality is so high that the resulting material can lie on the floor for more than a year, only a little losing in its external gloss. In addition, the laminate "Kronostar Superior" is not only beautiful, but also completely safe for human health. For this is the last layer, which serves as a support for the floor covering.

kronostar laminate
It is made of fiberboard or chipboard, since these materialsrelatively inexpensive, and also resistant to mechanical damage. By the way, if you are looking for a particularly strong and high-quality Kronostar (laminate), its price will largely depend on the thickness and strength parameters of the last layer (within 300 rubles per unit). More common and cheaper is the material by 8 mm, but it is better for the performance qualities floor covering from 12 millimeters thick.

It must be said that all of the abovethe information is quite general. In different series, different production methods are used, which have a significant effect on the quality of the laminate to be produced. In addition, there are varieties that have antistatic properties. Especially expensive varieties are made from pressed particle board, due to which they are distinguished by their high strength.

All this together with a wide range of colors makes it possible to choose floor covering for any apartment.

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