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Interior of bathrooms combined with a toilet: advice on arrangement and decoration

Combining bathroom and bathroom by demolitionPartitions - an elegant solution for those who own a small apartment. With a competent choice of planning options, zoning, design and placement of furniture, the room will become comfortable and cozy. So, there are certain rules, which obey the interior of the bathrooms, combined with the toilet. What do designers recommend?

Combined bathroom with a bath: lay-out

There is a universal layout, when choosingwhich can get rid of the need for a complete replacement of the layout of communications. A small combined bathroom will accommodate everything you need, if you install the largest element of the bathroom equipment near the wall opposite the entrance.

The toilet is located at either side. It is desirable to choose it for installation of other sanitary equipment, washing machine.

bathroom interiors combined with a toilet

You can also remove the partition separating thebathroom and toilet, not completely, leaving a small section of the wall to distinguish between these two zones. In this case, the plumbing elements (bathroom, toilet) will be attached to one wall located opposite the entrance.

Choosing a plumber

If the dimensions of the combined bathroom are leftTo be better, it is worthwhile to dwell on a compact shower cubicle as an alternative to a bulky bath. Angular-type models are most preferable, but other options may be considered. Having liberated a significant part of the space, you can easily accommodate a washing machine, there is a place for shelves, and for cabinets. Disguise the communication will help a small podium.

combined bathroom 4 sq. m

Small combined bathroom (4 square.m) - an ideal space for corner plumbing. To reduce the consumption of the area will help the hanging toilet. The best place for the machine is under the sink, so the model should be small.

Architectural zoning

Совмещенный санузел в "хрущевке" более удобным и spacious will help to make competent zoning. For visual differentiation of the area you can use architectural elements. It's about screens and partitions, which require such important qualities as subtlety and weightlessness.

combined bathroom with bathtub

Solid partitions created from "heavy"materials, do not suit, as will make senseless the union of a bathroom and a bathroom. Rather, drywall is treated, treated with a means to protect it from moisture, decorated with a decorative coating, also demonstrating a high level of moisture resistance.

The role of the partition can take on the elements of furniture, say, a small pedestal, breaking the space into cozy zones.

Color and light zoning

The architectural variant of zoning is the easiestway to make a combined bathroom with a bath as comfortable as possible. However, if desired, you can designate zones, experimenting with lighting. By placing the lamp in such a way that the bright light bar "looks" at the area where the shell is located, you can make an accent on it. The toilet area remains slightly darkened.

bathroom design of a combined bathroom

Game with the coloring of finishing materials - moreone effective zoning tool. The ceiling, the floor, the walls of the site, which occupies the bathroom, are decorated with materials of the same color, for the rest of the space, coatings differing from them in color or shade are selected.

Choose a tile

Tiles are the most popular material when speakingis about developing an interior of bathrooms, combined with a toilet. From its size and shape, the final form of space directly depends. If the area of ​​the room is not large, it is best to decorate the walls with tiles of small size. At the same time, an optimal floor covering will be a large tile.

combined bathroom in Khrushchev

If the tile has a rectangular shape,the laying should be done so that it lies horizontally. This simple reception visually adds a few centimeters of space to the room. The floor and walls do not need to be decorated using only one color finish. Experiments with contrasts can achieve an effective result.

Light or dark materials

The choice of shades and tones that will bedominate in a combined room, directly depends on its size. If the room belongs to the category of spacious, dark colors will help to reign in an atmosphere of elegance and luxury. The design of a bathroom, a combined bathroom is preferable to decorate in light colors, if the area leaves much to be desired.

Choose the perfect color

According to most designers, to createThe interior of the combined bathroom is more suitable for warm colors. If the desired goal is the atmosphere of freshness, airiness, you can bow in favor of a pale blue, light green tone. A small bathroom will only benefit if it is dominated by a yellow color (in the first place it is relevant if there is no window).

small combined bathroom

It is not forbidden to combine shades of onecolors. Let's say the walls are laid out in mosaic, the floor is decorated with a darker, monophonic coating. A fashionable solution is to cover the floor with a material such as thin tile strips, which have different shades (or even colors).

Lighting is important

Thinking over the interior of bathrooms, combined withtoilet, you can not ignore such an important detail as lighting. The union of space leads to an expansion of the area, hence, it will not be possible to limit the upper light. Fixtures, sconces, floor lamps - any additional source of a light stream which visually will expand borders of space will fit. Also it is possible to introduce halogen lamps into the furniture elements, for example, cabinets.

Creation will help to fill the room with lightfalse windows, the illumination of which is carried out by means of LED strips in it. Lighting devices are located behind the glass, placed in a special box. By the way, the surface of such a light source and a decorative element can be decorated in any way, starting with exotic landscapes and ending with a mosaic. The luminaire will exactly repeat the look of the real window.

Accessories and furniture

Ergonomics - perhaps the main requirement,which is presented to the furniture. You can not use the furnishings that are inclined to fill in the remaining meters after installation of sanitary ware. A successful solution may be the purchase of a narrow multi-level furniture (cabinets), which needs a minimum of space.

dimensions of the bathroom

Planning the interior of bathrooms combined withtoilet, do not leave without attention the space above the sink. Suspended shelving with compact dimensions, will be an ideal container for bath accessories. A small cabinet (or shelf) is also relevant above the toilet.

The problem of lack of space will help solvespecial niches in advance equipped for shelves. The role of the mirror, without which it is difficult to do in the bathroom, is able to play the doors of the cabinet hanging above the sink, equipped with mirror elements. The larger the mirror surface, the better, because the visual size of the room directly depends on it. It is great if the cabinet hanging above the washbasin is also provided with a comfortable light.


The material from which the furniture is madeintended for combined premises, plays a significant role. The ideal acquisition will be products made of plastic, glass and any other materials that are characterized by qualities such as airiness, smoothness. First of all, the abundance of glass elements is welcomed.

It is worth paying attention to the shower stall.Well, if its doors are made of translucent materials, and not of frosted glass. The spectacular and modern solution is the acquisition of a shell made of colorless glass. No need to worry about security, such models look fragile at first glance.

Using these simple tips designers, you can quickly finish the design of the interior of the combined bathroom.

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