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Advice to future owners: how to distinguish a kitten from a boy?

Perhaps people who do not like animals cancount on the fingers. After all, animals can sometimes bring not only joy and happiness to their master, but also to save lives. That's why each of us is attached to an animal. And to be closer to the native and warm creature, we start our pets. In our today's article, we'll talk about such lovely and beautiful creatures as cats, more precisely about how to determine their gender so as not to bring home a "surprise."

how to distinguish a kitten from a boy from a girl
Who among us does not like these shortcuts?They are so fluffy, playful, funny, that it is simply impossible to remain indifferent. And it is quite natural that they are prepared in advance for their appearance in the house. Probably, many already know how to distinguish a kitten from a cat, because it is quite obvious. And, in principle, almost every person from the very childhood guesses how they differ. In addition, before the appearance of a fluffy pet in the house, the owner faces much more serious problems. You need to buy food and a tray, as well as protect furniture from sharp claws. But if for you the main question is how to distinguish a boy's kitten from a girl when buying, this article is for you.

It would seem that the difference is very obvious.However, not everything is so simple and trivial. Note the fact that at an early age it is almost impossible to distinguish a boy from a female cat, since the genitals are just beginning to form. That is why we recommend that you learn in advance how to distinguish a kitten from a boy, so that the house can not detect someone "not the same."

how to tell a cat from a cat
So, what are the characteristics of the gender of the kitten? There are several ways:

  1. Of course, the easiest is to ask the selleror the head of the nursery. And ask not only to show, but also to tell about how to distinguish the sex of the kitten. Naturally, potential buyers will be told all the secrets and nuances of life of these creatures, so do not be afraid to ask.
  2. Now you can go directly tovariants of how to distinguish a kitten of a boy from a girl. First, take the baby and turn his back, slightly lifting his tail. Immediately below it are two holes: the anus and the urogenital opening. So, a kitten girl immediately under the anus will have a small vertical lobe, and the boy has a testicle.
  3. Remember that the sexual organs of childrenbegin to form only around 10 weeks. Until now, to answer the question of how to distinguish a kitten from a boy, no specialist and veterinarian can do it, so you may have to wait a little.
    how to distinguish the sex of a kitten
  4. However, there is another way to determinethe floor of the beast. And it can be done immediately after birth (if the situation does not last long). To do this, we also raise the tail and look under it. Generally unformed genitals of kittens look like dark dots. So, the boy's distance between the two points will be 2 times more than the girl's. Do not be scared, every person can visually determine this, even without being a veterinarian and connoisseur of zoology.
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