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How to raise a kitten: important recommendations

How to raise a kitten?This question begins to interest people when they think about getting a little furry friend. To pet is always a source of positive emotions and joy, you need to properly educate him, with a little patience and attention. It is necessary to lay the foundations of education in the first months of life.

how to raise a kitten
Cats are very thin and intelligent animals, soobedience from them must be achieved firmly, but without gross physical force and aggression. If you use such methods, you will not be able to train the animal, but will only achieve a state of constant fright and mistrust.

How to bring up a kitten: accustom to the tray

First, a small kitten needs to be accustomed totoilet. To simplify the task, ask the owners of the cat where the kids and mom go to the toilet, and what kind of filler is used. Buy a similar tray and filler - so the kid can soon understand where to do his business.

If you picked up a kitten on the street and do not knownothing about it, then buy a regular tray and a sepiolite or wood filler. You need to follow the baby. After eating and sleeping, the kitten has a need to go to the toilet. If you see that he is worried, then immediately take it to the tray. After the kitten makes his affairs in the right place, praise him, caress.

Remember that teaching to the toilet is verypainstaking process. Some kittens are mastered in a few days, and someone needs a lot more time. Therefore, be patient - and you will get results.

how to properly raise a kitten
How to raise a kitten: sharpen claws where necessary

Another important point - the training of the child sharpenclaws in the allotted place. For this, think about scratching in advance. It can be made independently from a tourist carpet or an old carpet. If you do not want to make it yourself, you can buy it at a pet store.

When your pet will sharpen claws about home carpets or furniture, then shout it, and then transfer it to the scratching. If the kid will sharpen the claws in the proper place, be sure to praise him.

How to raise a kitten: we direct the sharp claws in the right direction

Scratching is another problem that canencounter a newly-born kitten owner. Do not allow your pet to release claws while playing games with you and your children. Also do not let the baby bite. Of course, while he does it almost painlessly, but an adult cat can cause serious injuries with teeth and claws.

How to raise a kitten: the method of punishment

The best way to prevent an incorrectbehavior is a harsh cry. If the animal ignores the cries, you can gently slap the pet playing with a folded newspaper. Zoopsiologists say that noise effects are more effective than physical ones.

how to raise a kitten
How to properly raise a kitten?Just follow the golden rule: do not allow the kitten to do what will be forbidden to the adult animal. To bring up a pet should be started from the moment of its appearance in your apartment. Therefore, be patient, observe simple rules, and you will be proud of the behavior of your animal!

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