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A parrot. Breeds of birds in all their glory


At times, I want so much to have a pet nearby.It seems that cats and dogs are a lot of trouble. From fish - dampness, there is a danger of breaking the aquarium, and they do not live very long. Hamsters, too, not always and not all fit. But birds - this is another matter. The parrot (their breeds are quite diverse, but we will bring a wavy and a corolla) and sing the song, and will adjust the bright plumage to a positive. In a word, beauty, and only. But you do not know the reverse side and all the nightmares from these colorful birds.

Parrot Parakeet

This is the second most common poultry.Her approach to understanding exotics makes the parrot popular. What are the pros and cons of this breed? The pluses include a beautiful appearance, small in comparison with other breed sizes and extraordinary mind, which has a bird. Teach her to talk much easier than the same wavy parrot. The representatives of this breed reproduce without problems. By the way, they have a family like a penguin - the father hides eggs while the mother produces food. Very sociable birds. Cons: the communication of these birds is very loud, and at times they can issue such trills that can cause headaches in the owners. They wake up with the first rays of the sun, and therefore you, if you are with them in one room, will wake up at dawn. If you do not communicate with a bird, then it starts to be infected, which will be the result of neuroses, molting and other manifestations of depression in a feathered friend. Attention Corella requires constantly. If you do not give it, then he will begin to demand your presence. And to demand very aggressively and loudly.

rocks of parrots with a photo

Parrot Wavy Parrot

This is probably the most common birdhome content. Its small size allows you to keep it even in small rooms. Pros: compact appearance, variety of coloring, ability to talk, easy multiplication. Parrot wavy has a pleasant, melodic and quiet voice. Cons: to teach to talk is much more difficult than other species of parrots. Requires, if not attention, the mass of accessories that will entertain him during the absence of the owners. With constant contact with the same sounds, learns to parody them. And it's not a fact that these sounds will be pleasant for you.

breeds of talking parrots

Parrot Parrot

This bird is very beautiful and bright.Many subspecies distinguish them from others. Pros: colorful plumage, small size, easy to breed and multiply, very fond of human society and fairly affectionate. In the pair, both beautiful parents. Cons: just as loud as the cocks. This voice is very sharp. They require special content and a cell of appropriate size. They are called inseparable because they do not tolerate loneliness. Those who lived alone, as a rule, had owners who practically did not separate from their pets. If you pay little attention, the bird is in the wild, and eventually dies of anguish. One of the accessories here is indispensable, since she is very communicative.


We advise you to think three times before the parrot(breeds of any kind, and especially if they are large individuals) will settle with you. Before buying, read more reviews. Do not buy on beautiful images and recalled responses. All have shortcomings, and if you have incompatibility, it will first of all hit the psyche. And not only yours, but also the feathered settler. So the breed of parrots with a photo view is not enough. Study the chosen bird thoroughly. Representatives of the breed of talking parrots are very smart, but they are very loud and require a lot of attention (no less than dogs, by the way).

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