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How to properly nurture a kitten: a little trick and the sea of ​​affection

As has long been known, the cat always walks by itselfitself. Cats are wayward animals, who, in spite of everything, try to act only as they like. Therefore, the question of how to educate a British kitten, another thoroughbred or a nonbreeding cat, is not entirely appropriate. You can slightly adjust the behavior of this fluffy lump, but it is almost impossible to raise it.

how to properly raise a kitten

Mode from the cradle

Of course, the behavior of an adult cat is a directthe result of raising a kitten. After all, if a pet is properly educated from an early age, so it will remain and when it grows. Therefore, do not allow even a small kitten to be never allowed to an adult animal.

For example, do not ignore the constantsscrambling crumbs you do not shoulder, scratching your feet or clothes, climbing on a table, turning over pots with flowers, etc. While your kitten has not grown yet, he is able to react to the sharp intonation of the owner, in order to stop wrecking. In the future, your pet will learn to correctly respond to a certain increase in voice.

How to properly educate a kitten, if there is a child in the house

Prohibitions should not only concern the kitten.If you have a small child, first of all, explanatory work should be done with it. Prevent his attempts to throw, squeeze, smother in the arms of a small animal, and even more so to beat. Thus, the kitten will have to constantly protect himself from assault.

how to raise a kitten affectionate

After such torture, it is completely meaninglesswondering how to raise a kitten affectionate. After all, the most likely outcome after such treatment with a pet is a nervous, biting and scratching beast, and not a calm and gentle kitten. In order for a kitten to have a happy childhood, all members of the family should treat him kindly and affectionately without exceptions.

How to properly educate a kitten: we learn from my mother

The most important taboo in dealing with both small and large animals is violence. All that you achieve is reciprocal aggression from the animal. As a rule, cats do not understand why they are beaten.

If your baby is very naughty, best of alldo what the cat-mother did: strongly and at the same time gently press on his tiny nose. Try and you will touch his nose with your finger, so he will understand that he is behaving badly.

How to properly educate a kitten: let everything decide itself

Cats are proud and independent animals.While the kitten is still growing, its behavior can still be significantly affected. We must try to instill in the animal that all its habits - this is purely his decision, not his master. That is, you need to turn his favorite activities into unloved.

how to raise a British kitten

For example, if a crumb has chosen the habit of climbingon the table, put a pair of empty tin cans on it, a sharp rumble immediately scares the curious kitten. In the future, such a procedure will be associated with something unpleasant enough for him, and he will simply stop doing it. If your pet has started checking the trash can, you can pour water into the bucket. Thus, another "revision" of the bucket for the content of something edible will turn into a terrible cold shower.

All these tricks will be effective only in thatIf you pay enough attention to a small animal, love and care about it. If you only think about how to properly educate a kitten, without creating favorable conditions for life, then all your attempts will never succeed.

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