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If the kitten is festering

The appearance of a kitten in the house is boundless happiness for a small child, as well as for an adult animal lover. It's good, if the animal plays cheerfully, runs and eats well.

the kitten has festering eyes
But often fuzzy lovers come acrossproblem: the kitten is festering with eyes. In small kittens, this trouble happens often, but it does not pass by itself. Of course, in this case, the kitten needs veterinary care. But before turning to the veterinarian, you can significantly ease the condition of your pet.

Features of lacrimation

The kitten has festering eyes for various reasons.A veterinary ophthalmologist identifies several causes of tearing of the eyes. If foreign bodies do not hit the cat's eyes, and they are not injured, the following diseases of these animals may become the cause: chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, eyelid twisting, herpesvirus infection, as well as tear outflow and idiopathic lacrimation. The main symptoms of these diseases are specific discharges from the eyes of a cat that can be watery or purulent.

Transparent, watery lacrimation is not as terrible and dangerous as discharge from the eyes with pus.

the cat is festering with eyes
Transparent selection can be reallytransparent, without any pigment, and can be slightly colored in a brownish hue. Inexperienced owners ask why the cat has watery eyes. Often, the owners of cats observe such lacrimation and do not know that the discharge is colored in a certain shade. Pigmentation of secretions is especially noticeable in animals with white color.

If the cat has festering eyes, and a dischargeyellow-green color of the mucous consistency, then we are dealing with purulent discharge. They show that the cat has some kind of disease, an infection has been entered. Having noticed from your pet a discharge from the eyes, you need to know that they testify not only to eye disease, but can also have a systemic character. That is, tear with an admixture of pus suggests that there may be malfunctions in other organs and organ systems. Therefore, if you saw that the kitten's eyes are festering, contact the vet immediately, because the disease, whatever it is, requires a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

First aid to the pet

What can I do myself before I get a vet?You can relieve the condition of the cat, knowing how to give her first aid. And first aid consists in the usual washing of the eyes. Of course, the cat will resist, so it's better to do the procedures not by yourself, but with the assistant.

why do cats have watery eyes
When the kitten's eyes fester, use a decoctionchamomile or boric acid (1 tablespoon per half a cup of warm but not hot water) and a 0.02% solution of furacilin. To do this, take a little cotton wool, roll it into a tourniquet and lower it into the liquid. Excess liquid squeeze onto a sick eyeball. Such washing will have a beneficial effect on the eyes. Burying in this way the eyes of the cat, you must necessarily seek veterinary care, because the main cause of purulent discharge is much deeper. And one more feature of instillation - a cotton swab should be changed frequently to avoid re-infection. After the washing procedure, you can still apply 1% tetracycline eye ointment under the lower eyelid of the cat's eye with a special small spatula. All these manipulations should be done very carefully and carefully, because you have a living being in your hands, and you can cause him even more pain. Treat all the procedures performed with all responsibility, and if you do not know how to help yourself, trust the animal with the hands of an experienced veterinarian.

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