/ / Determine with the dates: when is the Day of the Medic in our country?

Determined with the dates: when is the Day of the Medic in our country?

People of our country love various holidays,that we have a huge number of them. Almost every day it's accepted to celebrate something: professional days, holy days, big religious holidays. In this number of figures it is easy to get lost. Therefore, for many, a reminder can become important when the Day of the Medic is celebrated by our compatriots.

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About dates

As everyone knows, we often have many holidayssimply duplicated, because are celebrated several times a year - according to our rules and the schedule of the European calendar. So, for example, when examining the Day of the Medic is celebrated in our country, you can find the following information: this is the third Sunday of the first month of summer - June. But you do not need to confuse it with the International Doctor's Day, which, according to European dates, is put on the first Monday of the autumn month of October.

history of the holiday

If briefly, then officially the Day of MedicalWorker in the Soviet Union was established in 1980. At that time, a date was simply needed, when all workers in the health sector would be awarded for successes and victories in various socialist competitions. Time is gone, but the holiday has remained. Today, on this day, not only the management, but also grateful patients, congratulates all medical workers.

congratulations on the day of medic

Even without knowing exactly when the Day of Medics, about thisyou can learn from TV news. Today, the country's leadership often awards the most worthy members of this profession with diplomas and personal gifts on the trade day, and this day is widely celebrated at the workplace of the staff - within the walls of the hospitals themselves, as they say, without interruption of production.

Whom to congratulate

If the International Doctor's Day is somewhat narrower inits profile, then our Medical Day is a celebration of a wide range of people. On this day it is customary to congratulate all representatives of the sphere of public health - doctors, nurses, hospital management and even nurses.

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How to congratulate

How will I congratulate my players?leadership is their business. But here's how to thank their doctors to patients who know exactly when the Day of the Medic - there may be some questions. To give money in this case is not worth it, it can be considered a bribe and adversely affect the career of a doctor. But the small presents - the very thing. Cake, a box of chocolates, a small souvenir or a necessary office for any doctor - this is the list according to which you can easily pick something up as a thank you. Also relevant are always congratulations on the Day of the Medic in the form of poems or prose sent by SMS or e-mail. If there is no opportunity personally to congratulate your doctor, you can at least so honor it with your attention.


Also it is possible for personnel who are not working on this dayfully celebrate the Day of the Medic. The script in this case is the first assistant. Organize a small concert for colleagues, a collective trip to nature, gatherings in a cafe - that's the scenario that is so prevalent in our country. And then there is nothing wrong, because there is nothing wrong with the fact that on such a day medical workers will communicate in an informal atmosphere on topics that are far from professional activities.

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