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Clock with a calculator for all occasions

On the street, in the metro, bus or publicplace we often notice on the hands of people a watch made of "plastic". At first glance, the most common, which wore literally a few years ago. Then the world was ruled by convenience and simplicity, and it was the plastic watch that was the trendsetter. But it only seems so.

clock with calculator

Today, when the clock is already embeddedGPS receivers and mobile phones, the company Casio seemed to remember the past and released a series of watches that allow you to produce simple arithmetic operations. New watches with a calculator, unlike their distant brethren, have a rather attractive design and can boast of their multifunctionality.

First, it's still a wristwatch,showing the current time in two time zones. People use them to find out what time it is, or to track how many minutes are left before an event. These electronic watches Casio Databank with LED backlight are miniaturized, elegant, versatile. Well, and secondly, this multifunction device has a calculator, a list of contacts and a notebook for 25 numbers.

This watch is for all occasions!They are inexpensive, light and suitable for almost everyone. Watches with a calculator can be bought by both schoolchildren and pensioners. So, for example, they may be needed when going to the market or to a store, helping adolescents on exams, and the office manager - on re-certification. Practical and convenient devices will be useful for a student, a scientist, a financial worker, and a housewife.

casio databank
Universal watches with a calculator havebuilt-in memory, excellent automatic calendar, chronometer and stopwatch. They have a multi-lingual interface and can display the day of the week in English, French, German and another 10 other languages.

The clock allows you to program five independentalarm clocks. The alarm sounds again after a while, if this function is not completely disabled. The clock with the calculator amazes with its durability, because the batteries are designed for 10 years of operation. You can swim with them, do not be afraid of changes in temperature and rain.

Built-in 8-bit calculator most oftenis below the display. Usually, the buttons are placed as in the usual calculator from the bottom up, only four in each row. Handle the clock-calculator is extremely convenient, because their creators specifically applied a large high-contrast LCD, which makes it easy to read information.

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In the accessories of the sports type, not onlyusual calculator, but also a countdown timer. In more "heaped" models can be counted spent calories and heart activity.

Clock with a calculator, having a body made of plastic,ideal for people who follow themselves and lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The company Casiox produces both male and female models of calculator clocks. Well, someone who wants to stand out from the crowd can do it with an original watch in a stainless steel case. Such accessories are not only practical, but also very impressive look on the hand.

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