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Children's electric motorcycle: review, models, specifications and reviews

All parents want to provide their children withyou can have more opportunities for development. Therefore, in specialized stores you can meet annually a constantly growing range of products for children. Parents who raise boys often think about buying an electric car or an electric motorcycle. After all, it is not only an excellent toy that occupies a child for a long time, but also a good opportunity to develop many skills that will later be useful to the child. But, what should you pay attention to before buying a long-awaited gift? What are the nuances? Let's try to deal with these issues.

What to look for when choosing an electric motor cycle for a child

There are several important parameters that you should pay attention to when purchasing a children's electric motorcycle.

First of all, the dimensions of the toy are important,depending directly on the child's age. Because for each age category a certain model range has been created. No less important parameter of the child's electric motor cycle is the maximum weight of the load on the toy, which is also subdivided according to the age criterion. Of course, the safety of the electric motor cycle plays an equally important role. Here we must carefully approach the quality of the wheels, and their number. For younger children, it is better to use models with 3-4 wheels, for older age 2-wheeled motorcycles are perfect.

Electromotocycle for child

In addition, it is necessary to look at such parameters as:

  • maximum speed;
  • Battery power;
  • operating time without recharging.

All these parameters in the aggregate are responsible forthe maximum permissible capabilities of the electromotor cycle. In addition, a very important factor is the individual abilities of the child, because children of different age categories have a lot of skills that are very important when choosing.

Additional options

Specialized children's stores offer a wide range of models that have a number of additional functions suitable for children of different ages. Among which there are often:

  • light signals;
  • replaceable batteries;
  • mirrors;
  • blocking speed;
  • special rubber lining on the wheels;
  • switching speeds;
  • acoustic effects (a lot of different signals, right up to the sound of the real motor).
Electromotocycle for baby

The number of additional functions is determined bybrand manufacturer and price. Sometimes you can meet custom-made, exclusive in a single copy, electric children's motorcycle, mini-analogues of these motorcycles.

Separation of electromotorcycles by age categories

Like any other toys that a child exploits, electric motorcycles are divided into three groups, which in turn are divided according to the age criteria and the weight of the child.

Three groups:

  • for children 2-5 years;
  • for children 3-8 years;
  • For children from 5 years old.

Let's see what differences these three groups have, and to which of the groups is best to include the child.

Elektromototsikly for children 2-5 years

A model range for children of this age groupwide enough, and presented in bright colors, can match the cartoon characters or mini-analogues of branded motorcycles BMW and others). The main characteristics of an electric children's cycle from 3 years old include the maximum permissible load of 25 kg. The speed that such an electromotor can develop is usually not more than 4 km / h. The number of wheels for the smallest drivers is 3-4. Battery power does not exceed 6V. Such models can work without interruption up to an hour and a half at most, without additional recharging.

electromotocycle for girls

Elektromototsikly children from 3 to 8 years

The most popular models for purchasing thisage category. That is why the firms give preference to the expansion of their range for this age category of children. Elektromototsikly children for 3-8 years has a maximum permissible weight of 40 kg. The speed that can develop is already 6-8 km / h. The number of wheels is 2-3 pieces, but some models provide for two removable wheels. Battery power 6 or 12V. Without recharging, such models can work up to 2.5 hours.

Elektromototsikly for children from 5 years

This group includes children, given theirindividual ability and weight. For example, the maximum permissible load of such models can reach up to 80 kg. At the same speed, it can reach up to 25 km / h (thanks to which the electric motorcycles of this group should meet the driver's high safety). The number of wheels is reduced to two. Battery power is not less than 12V. Accordingly, the ride time without additional recharging can be up to 2.5 hours. But best of all, have a detachable charged battery for the children's electric motorcycle, at least one. Because with different methods of operation, time can be significantly reduced.

children's electric motorcycle

For older children, you can buy motorcycles that run on gasoline.

Electromotocycles contribute to the development of children

Any developing toy carries a number ofadvantages over others, due to their individuality and the opportunity to give the child development in different directions. So what's so good about an electric children's helmet?

  • First, with this toy the child will be able to learn to keep balance. And it will not be a heavy exercise for him, therefore as riding a motorcycle the kid gets a great pleasure from the process.
  • Secondly, the development of coordination of movement and improvement of motor skills. After all, a child will not only have to travel in a straight line, but overcome various obstacles both on the street and at home.
  • Third, the baby learns to better navigate in space.
  • And finally, what can be more pleasant for a boy than feeling like a real rider?

Manufacturers of electromotorcycles

Today you can meet more quantitymanufacturers of children's motorbikes. But, best of all, when choosing a model, build on trusted firms that guarantee good quality and a high level of safety for the child. After all, no matter what age group the baby is, it is important that the toy bought brings him joy, not disappointment.

motorcycle Ducati

Among the manufacturers, the most popular are:

  • Peg Perego - Italy;
  • TCV - Taiwan;
  • CT, Tizo, JINJIANFENG - China.

Prices for children's electromotorcycles

Of course, there is a huge amountcriteria that affect the price. So, for example, the specialized network of shops "Detsky Mir", electric motorcycles in which are represented by a wide range, offers to buy them from 2 000 to 20 000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer's firm, model and characteristics. In other stores you can find an identical pricing policy, somewhere a little cheaper or more expensive. You can successfully get on promotional products, which should be checked with special care for defects.

The price of children's electromotor cycles is not determinedonly the main characteristics, but also additional features, design, limited models for sale and other individual indicators.

Electric motorcycle BMW

In specialized stores you can meetvarious models of children's electromotor cycles BMW. A distinctive feature of these models is the label of a well-known brand, the quality of toys and high characteristics. So, for example, the model BMW R118 RT is able to conquer a young rider, not only with its magnificent design, but also with excellent functionality.

  • Rubber wheels can provide a good cross-country ability for the motorcycle.
  • Two motors with a total capacity of 90 watts.
  • Leather seat, wide step, handles with anti-slip coating.
bmw elektromototsikl for the child

In addition, this model is equipped with a radio tape recorder,headlamps with neon lights. It even starts like a real motorcycle with a key. R118 RT is perfect for children from 3 years old. If the kid still does not know how to keep a good balance, in the kit for this model there are additional holding side wheels.

Reviews about electromototsiklah

You can meet a lot of different reviews likepositive, and negative. But most parents in the first place worry about safety, especially as for children from 2 to 5 years. When the kid deliberately crashes into various obstacles and runs away from his parents, it is important that at this moment he does not harm himself.

Electromotocycle models for the smallestall equipped with seat belts, but considering that this is not an electric car with protective bumpers and impressive dimensions, this is often not enough for the peace of the parents and the protection of the child.

Among the parents well-establishedchildren's electric motorcycle TR 991, which is presented in various colors, perfectly suitable for both boys and girls. This model combines good quality with a pleasant price. It is suitable for children 2-4 years old.

Elektromototsikl children, reviews of which vary, still continues to be one of the most popular and desired toys among boys, along with electric vehicles.

original electromotor cycle

So, when choosing an electric vehicle, it is important to rememberbasic characteristics and personality of the child. In stores you can find a huge number of models from different manufacturers. And the choice will depend entirely on the capabilities of the parents, but of course, in any price limit, you can find a decent product. The main thing is to carefully study the characteristics of the electromotor cycle. Rejoice your children with new interesting gifts.

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