When is the day of the angel Julia?

The day of the angel Julia comes already with a new year.January 3 - the feast of the martyr Juliana Vyazemskaya and Novotorzhskaya. This woman was the wife of Prince Simeon of Vyazemsky. She is famous for preserving her loyalty to her husband, giving a heroic rebuff to his murderer, who wanted to seize it. She died by his sword. After her burial, miracles began to happen. The saint helps the healing of the sick and

the day of Angel Julia

Righteous Juliana Lazarevskaya

Next time my angel Julia is celebrating 15January. At this time, Christians remember Saint Juliana Lazarevskaya, who showed unprecedented meekness and self-denial. For this holy main business of life was the care of the needy.

Day of the Julia Angel in the spring

At a time when nature is filled with juiceslife, as many as three times the Orthodox glorify the saints Julianius. March 17 and April 2 - the days of the martyr Juliana Pontic, May 31 - the Virgin of Julia. These women received the title of Saints for their commitment to faith. They themselves strictly kept the commandments and others called for it.

Day of the angel Julia in the summer

Angel Day of Julia 2013
June 15, July 19 and 29, August 30 and 31 are quiteYou can congratulate friends Yul with the name-day. All these days the Church remembers the saints with this name. Of course, it is not necessary to roll a special holiday. But congratulate the girl, having handed a bouquet of flowers, you can. Sam Yulia on the day of the angel is best to go to the Temple to ask his intercessor for protection or fulfillment of desires.

Autumnal Name-day

In autumn Yulia can be congratulated on the day of the angel twotimes: October 11 and November 14. It turns out that you need or buy gifts many times a year, or with relatives to find out when the day of the angel Julia. 2013 is no exception. All dates are named, there is only one left. Before the New Year holidays there is another reason to present a gift to your friend Julia - December 17, this is also her Angel day.

Angel Day Julia

It is believed that the female name Julia derived frommale. Now not often the boys are called Yulia, although in ancient times it was quite popular. If you have an acquaintance with such a rare name, you can also congratulate him on his name day. So when is the day of Angel Julia? The date of February 19 is exactly that day. The church recalls the holy martyr Julian, who died in 312 for his adherence to the faith. He was a doctor, he sacredly fulfilled his duty. Another day, when a young man should be congratulated, - July 4.

day Angela Julia date

When to congratulate Julia and Julia on the name day

First, you need to decide when you shouldcongratulate these people. The celebration of the day of the angel is due to the fact that earlier the children were given names for the saints (the church calendar). That is, they were named after the saints, who were remembered in the church on the day the child was born. If the date was not nominal, then chose that saint whose name was closer in time. In this regard, it is recommended that friends be congratulated on that day of the angel who is celebrated closest to his birthday. But there is nothing to worry about if you mark all the listed days. A girl or a boy will be pleased. But it's recommended to those who are born on the day of coming to the temple or at home praying for the icon of their saint. At the same time every time he (her) is remembered in the church.

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