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Barbie doll houses - the embodiment of dreams in reality

For many girls, Barbie is not just a doll, butwith whom you can share experiences and secrets. At present, toy stores are full of all sorts of accessories for her. Among them you can find sets of clothes, country cottages and much more. Separately I would like to mention Barbie's doll houses. Their price is quite large - up to 30000 rubles and above. But this is not just a toy, thanks to her the child develops motor skills, the ability to communicate, develop storylines. Which model is best to choose, we discuss in the article.

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Choose a house for a doll

Very often from small girls you can hearthe phrase that they bought a doll house Barbie. Currently, children's stores offer a huge selection of such products. They can be made of cardboard, plastic, chipboard. The most reliable is the last option. This design is quite strong, suitable for all age categories of children, the abundance of rooms gives the fantasy of the baby.

The most popular doll houses Barbie producesAmerican company KidKraft. Each little princess will be able to find for her girlfriend the accommodation she dreams about. For example, the house of the series "Villa on the Sea" is perfect for children from 3 to 6 years. It is made of wood. The building has 3 floors and 4 rooms. In addition, there are 2 full-length balconies and a staircase that connects the living room with the kitchen. Such a house, the price of which ranges from 11,000 rubles, is sold with furniture. Another plus is the curtain. After the game, you can close them and keep order and comfort in the room.

What to look for when buying a house for dolls

When choosing Barbie doll houses, parents should pay attention to the following details:

  1. Material. It is better to stop on a strong chipboard.

  2. Dimensions of the house. Consider the growth of the child. Too high a building will deliver a lot of uncomfortable moments.

  3. Quality.The house must be made perfectly, especially if a tree is chosen for its manufacture. Ask what paint was used, make sure there are no sharp corners, rough surfaces.

  4. Cost of the product.A dollhouse whose price is too high can be a headache for both the child and his parents. Remember, children are very active, they can damage or break a toy.

    barbie dream house

These simple tips will help to make the right choice when buying a house for Barbie.

Is it possible to make a house for a doll with my own hands?

Perhaps, every girl has a Barbie doll.A dream house is a gift that she would like to receive. But very often, such purchases are too expensive for parents. After all, such a toy can cost up to 50,000 rubles. In this case, the house can be made independently. It is enough to determine the size and material to be used.

Most often, wood or chipboard is used.This design will be strong and reliable. If the child is large and can handle toys with care, you can use thick cardboard or large boxes (from a TV set, a refrigerator) for these purposes. Examples of the layout and finished works can be found on the Internet.

After the design is ready, you needtake care of the "stuffing" at home. Doll furniture for Barbie is sold in every children's toy store. But it is much more interesting to make it yourself, especially if the child is already an adult and can take part in the process. For these purposes, unnecessary jars, boxes, lids, bottles will do. From the usual packaging of tea can get a vintage bed. It is enough to show a little imagination.

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When the dream becomes reality

Many girls in the childhood played dolls Barbie.The dream house in honor of this character in 2013 was built in Germany. Pink miracle immediately interested all the fans of the doll. The rooms are made in a certain style. There is a wardrobe where you can try on various outfits, play with a toy dog ​​and a pony. For young visitors, they offer special bracelets, with which you can activate slides in the play area. A similar house became the embodiment of a dream into reality for many toy fans.

 doll furniture for barbie

Barbie doll houses are very popular in ourtime. Children are not enough to buy only a doll and wardrobe, they want to have a full-fledged housing for their girlfriend. Such toys are not only beautiful, but also useful. The child learns to build storylines, develops imagination, speech, fine motor skills and much more.

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