/ How to bathe the kitten correctly?

How to bathe the kitten correctly?

In your house a fluffy miracle settled, behind whichCare is needed no less thorough than for a small child? You should realize that you take on a huge responsibility and have to learn a lot, for example, how to feed, how to bathe a kitten, what it can and can not do. First of all, you should be patient and prepared thoroughly, after consulting with a veterinarian, and for this you need to visit him.

how to bathe a kitten
If you picked up a kitten on the street, the first thingyou need to do it when you come home - look at the presence of fleas or lichens, then prepare for water procedures. You need to know how to bathe a kitten without frightening it, otherwise it can long be afraid of you or take revenge for your fears. It is best if you will be helped by someone, since the animal will break away and can injure the master or run away with the remains of the shampoo on the fur. The vodka should be warm enough, but not hot, about 22 degrees, cats can easily catch a cold when bathing in a colder. Close the windows to avoid drafts, they can also cause illness.

Before you bathe the kitten, prepare everythingnecessary. You will need a special shampoo. Apply it to a damp fur coat, foaming in the palms of your hands. Gently wash it off, do not forget, at the same time, in a tender calm voice, to talk with the pet. Do not make sudden movements, wash the kitten in the pelvis. Putting it in a bathroom with water, you risk provoking an animal panic attack. Detergent should be thoroughly washed, so that it does not remain on the fur and does not cause skin irritation in the baby.

how often can you bathe a kitten
Then wrap it in fluffy terrya towel, it absorbs excess moisture. Then the pet himself will cope, licking himself and drying himself. There is an alternative to how to bathe a kitten without using water - a special dry shampoo. It must be rubbed into the fur, and then simply combed. The animal has no panic and tantrums, you are happy that the pet is clean. But this remedy has a rather tangible specific smell of perfume, not the fact that your pet will approve it.

how to bathe a kitten 1 month
After visiting a veterinarian and making the necessaryInoculations, ask how often you can bathe a kitten. In principle, once in two or three months will be enough if the animal is domestic and does not go out into the street. Watch the baby. Some breeds are so clean that they can do without stressful water procedures, carefully caring for their "fur coat". Especially if the pet panic every time only increases, despite all your efforts, it is better to reduce bathing to a minimum or give up altogether.

Many inexperienced masters, taking a fluffy lumphome, are interested in how to bathe a kitten (1 month old baby). You need to know that if you took it from your mother, then at that age you do not have to bathe, the cat did it well, the fur is still clean enough. But if you brought a street kid, you need to wash it, only carefully. Take care that water does not get into the eyes and ears of the animal. These warnings concern any age of the caudate friend.

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