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The most original birthday congratulations to the boy

In this article, we briefly dwell onhow best to congratulate children of different ages. Congratulations on the birthday boy should be selected very carefully. Many of you probably know that the child is changing every year, in addition, there are several basic stages, about seven years each. Therefore, we will touch on several main age categories.

The first starting age, which we touch -10 years. If your hero will soon be the first anniversary, then congratulations to the boy on his birthday should be selected especially carefully. Your baby is no longer a small, but quite conscious boy, he has long been attending school, communicating with peers, he has many interests. It should be treated with all seriousness.

How can I congratulate a boy in 10 years?

At this age, children are very active, they are manythey move, sometimes there is a feeling that someone has started them, but the charge does not stop. Therefore, first of all, your congratulations on the birthday of the boy should please and surprise him. That is why you must joke, cheer the hero, and then he will have a good mood, and this is the most important thing.

You can also note in your congratulation that he is already an adult, that, finally, he becomes a man. He will be very proud and thankful for these words:

You, darling, are no longer a child,
10 years is a jubilee!
Happy birthday, our man!
Grow, dear, quickly!

The second starting point is 14 years

A very interesting age period, as you already have,probably noticed, as the boy slowly turns into a young man, he comes the most important stage - the transition age. Your attention at this time is especially important, of course, birthday greetings should reflect your care and attention, as well as an understanding of your child's behavior.

Fourteen years today to you,
You are waiting for adventure!
So let to good luck to you, dear,
Always all roads lead!

The best greeting will be one that does notwill indicate to him that he is a child. Usually at this age, children are in a hurry to grow up, so it's better to cheer him up, to show that he really grew up and became worthy to listen to his opinion. At the same time, one should not forget that now he has the happiest, most joyful age, and therefore in his congratulations you can and joke. Congratulations on the birthday boy can be decorated in the form of a beautiful greeting card in addition to gifts.

14 years old - excellent age:
He dreams of a new open
And to prove to everyone that you can personally
Their successes surprise the world!

Gentle age

The third age period will be seventeen.Another year, and he will no longer be a child. At this time, modern children are far from being small, many have already tasted different things that they are too early to try. They now look at life in a different way, and it is also necessary to please them in a different way.

How can I congratulate a boy at 17?The best option will be, perhaps, serious birthday congratulations to the boy, who will show that you are exactly the way to him and relate. This, of course, concerns relatives or parents. But if you want to congratulate a friend of this age, you need to approach it with a greater imagination. It would be good to think up something funny, some unusual joke, which in no way should offend him.

Poems for the birthday boy will be excellentaddition to your gift, which should also be chosen very carefully. Not bad, when the gift and congratulations belong to the same style. For example, an expensive, solemn greeting is necessary for an expensive gift:

17 - the best of days has come:
Desires all come true!
All the brightest things in your life
Let it begin today!

And in many other words you can congratulate the boy. The main thing is that your congratulations should be sincere, and everything will be fine!

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