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Preparation "Tenoten" (for children). Reviews of doctors. Instructions

The nervous system of the child is far from perfect andIt is very sensitive to various loads and shocks. Practically every modern baby is diagnosed with hyperactivity. Often occurs and vegetative-vascular dystonia. Therefore, often enough for normal and proper activity of the nervous system, the child needs medical care.

The best sedative is the children's drug "Tenoten"

tenoten children's opinion of doctors
One of the best domestic tools,allowing to solve problems of nervous system of the kid, is a preparation "Tenoten" (children's). The doctors' comments about him are mostly positive, as it helps a lot with increased irritability. This medicine belongs to the category of sedative homeopathic remedies, it also contributes to the normalization of the nervous system of the child. The active substance - immunoglobulin, interacting with proteins of the nervous tissue, greatly improves the work of brain cells.

Pediatricians for more rapid adaptation of the baby toIt is the preparation "Tenoten" (children's) that is most often prescribed for visiting a kindergarten. The doctors' comments contain information that the tool helps the child to get used to the new collective much quicker and find a common language with their peers.


"Tenoten" (children's) has a tablet form. Each tablet contains:

  • antibodies to the brain-specific protein S-100 affinity purified - 3 mg;
  • additional components, including lactose.

Properties of the preparation "Tenoten"

The medicine excels from such

tenoten children's instruction manual
pathological conditions, such as:

- children's neuroses;

- neuropathic disorders;

- increased irritability;

- stress;

- sleep disorders;

- memory loss;

- Reduced emotional lability.

By improving the normal functioning of the body, improvingnutrition of brain cells and increasing the rate of metabolic processes, the drug "Tenoten" (children's), doctors' reviews about which do not contain information of a negative nature, can cope with various post-traumatic conditions. The medication helps schoolchildren to adapt to increased workloads much more quickly. The drug "Tenoten" (for children) (reviews of doctors and parents testify about this) increases attention and perseverance in children. After its admission, training loads are much easier to transfer.

composition tenoten for children

Medication Tenoten (for children). Instructions for use

Children up to the age of three give the drugit is impossible. But in pediatrics this homeopathic remedy is also used to treat small patients. The pediatrician reduces dosage in accordance with certain indicators, taking into account age, weight and other characteristics.

The most frequent scheme of the appointment of a remedy:1 tablet up to three times during the day. It is necessary to dissolve it to complete dissolution, it is highly undesirable to chew or grind. Take the drug "Tenoten" (child) should be regardless of food intake. When prescribing a medicine, a small child is allowed to dissolve the tablet in a small amount of water. The drug is recommended to be taken no later than two hours before the proposed sleep.

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