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Choosing a floor lamp floor

The lamp-floor lamp is known to everyone.Today, this object is often used in interior design, as it helps to create a homeliness in the room and a pleasant atmosphere. It is rarely used as a separate lighting, but mainly plays the role of an additional source. There are a lot of kinds of such lamps, that's why every floor lamp has its own purpose. It is used not that

floor lamps outdoor photo
Only in private homes, but also in cafes, restaurants and clubs, where it is an integral part of the interior.

Choose an accessory for your home

floor lamp
The choice of a floor lamp in the first place will bedepend on the room in which he will stand. A big role will also be played by the functional purpose. So, if you need lighting for a large room, such as a living room, then you should choose a floor lamp with a ceiling, which will be directed upwards. In this case, the illuminated area will be larger. In the case where you need to pick up a floor lamp for a small room, a small piece with a trapezoidal lampshade pointed downwards is suitable. It would be enough. Thus it is possible to make out separate functional zones or a corner for reading.

You can also use floor lamps in the bedroom.Some models have a special rheostat, allowing you to adjust the power of the lighting itself. From all the variety of goods you can choose a floor lamp with a shelf. Especially it is convenient if it will be located in the reading area near the sofa or in the office, because on the shelves you can place books and magazines. If such a floor lamp is placed in the living room, then the shelf will become a stand under the vase of flowers. This will be another addition to the decor of the room. If you want the floor lamp to be more functional, then choose a model with drawers and mobile wheels. There are many such today.

Lampshade: elegant addition

Floor lamps with shade

Floor lamps with a shade have a special charm.They are able to give any room coziness and warmth. If we are talking about the design of a house, not a cafe or a club, then the use of such floor lamps will be the most correct and optimal option. They are usually elegant and original. Beautifully look such products made in the old version with fabric shades with fringe. But today's variety allows you to choose completely unimaginable products that are made in the form of a cone or cylinder. On sale there are a variety of floor lamps. The photos presented in the article can help with the choice of shape and design. Of course, the design must depend first of all on the interior of the room, which the product will be selected.


Try to choose a floor lamp that will becorrespond to the general style of the room and fit into it well. In this case, it will become a highlight of the interior. Install the floor lamp floor next to the sofa or armchair. This arrangement is most convenient. As a lamp for a floor lamp, use modern LED lamps that will not heat up and save energy.

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