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General information about the ritual of exorcism

"It was a demon!"Such an expression can often be heard from people who believe in everything supernatural. In the media, people are told about demons, demons, souls of the deceased. Whether this is so, we will not understand, but just in case, we will study the rite of exile.

In this article, we will describe what the Exorcism rite is, who should conduct this rite and what happens during the exile, and also who is possessed.

Who is considered possessed, his psycho-emotional state and behavior

Obsession is, in fact, submission to someone,anything. According to the beliefs, demon possession can be expressed by instilling the spirit (devil, demon, demon) into a person, and managing it at a distance, although such thoughts may have been just an attempt to explain some mental illnesses.

The behavior of the possessed is inherent in aggression andcursing the church, fierce hatred of any attributes of Christianity - be it a cross, an icon, a bible, strange behavior, hallucinations, intolerance to holy water, no sense of shame, anxiety in reading prayers and holding church rites.

If you look at these signs without prejudice, then it looks like a mental disorder of a person's personality, and perhaps before you conduct rite of exorcism, it is worth to look to the doctor? But this business is personal.But if you decide to conduct this dangerous rite, then you know, it is highly discouraged to engage in this ritual to an unprepared person who does not possess sufficient knowledge and, most importantly, a strong faith in God. It is very important to consider the following.

Such rites are very dangerous not only for theobsessed and his surroundings, but also the exorcist himself, who conducts the rite. Therefore, the ritual of expelling the demon can not be carried out by all the priests. This requires permission "from above," ie, the ruling bishop. Yes, and the church for this kind of rites is very skeptical, and even completely denies and prohibits such manipulations.

The fact that the rite should hold deepa believing person, and it's not worth talking about. The room in which the ceremony is performed, it is necessary to consecrate holy water, while reading passages from the Bible, to illuminate the cross with the sign of the possessed.

It must be added that the ritual must passin the obsessive room, first remove all small interior items (to exclude air travel, yes, and this can be!), it is desirable to remove furniture from the room, except for the bed and a small table on which there should only be a candle, a prayer book, a saint water and a crucifix. Windows and doors must be closed, but not pinched. This is the necessary preparation of the room for the ritual.

The ritual itself consists of three acts:


Presence: the beginning of the ritual

Here the priest should make sure that the personreally obsessed, and not suffering from a mental disorder, the demon will hide his presence in all ways. The priest prays to God and calls to the aid of all the saints.


Once the demon realizes that he was exposed, hecan try to make the victim behave as a normal person. In this same part, the most important thing happens: the priest must know the name of the demon, their number in the body of the possessed and the way in which the spirit penetrated the body.

The third stage, or culmination

The most terrible and most responsible:even skeptics begin to believe in a demon. He (the demon) behaves extremely aggressively, screaming in his voice, there are visions, the most incredible insults, in general, everything that is inherent in the dark forces. The priest is relentlessly praying to the Lord for the expulsion of the demon, the most incredible things can happen around the possessed person, it is very important not to get distracted and do not stop the ritual. At the same stage, the body of the demon possessed is cleansed. It is important to ensure that the crucifixion is in the hands of the victim throughout the rite.

After the stage of purification from the demon, the victim needsgive a sacred vow in which he swears that he will no longer let the demon into himself. It is important for a person to lead a correct way of life, turn to God, try not to commit sins, because when a demon re-enters a person's position may become worse than the first time. Better still, a baptismal ceremony in the church.

I want to think that everything described above will never be useful to anyone. Believe, and by faith you will be rewarded, and everything else is not so important ...

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