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The "Life-giving Spring" temple in Tsaritsyn and its history

Orthodox churches and monasteries are rich in Moscow.From ancient times, the crimson ringing of their bells floated above her. From all over the immense Russia there were pilgrims to worship the relics of holy saints and pour out their sorrows before miraculous icons. And the Lord sent such icons to the White-stone set. In their honor the temples were built and consecrated. One of them is the temple "The Life-giving Spring" in Tsaritsyn. About him is our story.

Holy spring

The Life-giving Temple Source in Tsaritsyn

But first of all, a few words about theA life-giving source, in honor of which is written the icon and the temple is consecrated. Tradition says that in the 5th century near Constantinople there was a grove dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the grove was a miraculous spring. The Most Blessed Virgin herself showed people where to find him, and commanded the pious people to come to him and by faith receive healing from illnesses. Among the healed were both ordinary people and emperors. In gratitude for the revealed miracles, the source was initially enclosed in a stone circle, and later a stone church was erected next to it. To all who addressed her with faith and prayer, the Mother of God sent healing.

The first wooden church

The site where the icon temple is now locatedMother of God "Life-giving Spring" in Tsaritsyn, received its name only in 1775, under Catherine II, and before there was the estate Black Mud. In 1680, Prince AS Golitsyn became its master. He and his family rebuilt the dilapidated estate and erected a wooden church. But the time of the Streltsi riots came, and all supporters of Princess Sophia fell into disgrace, including the Golitsyn family. The farm was taken away, and it went to the treasury.

Stone temple "The Life-giving Spring" in Tsaritsyn

In 1713, Tsar Peter I presented it to an outstandingstatesman DK Kantemir, who built a new stone on the site of the wooden church. Over time, it was repeatedly rebuilt by heirs and for many years served as their ancestral burial vault. The next owner of the estate was Empress Catherine II, who bought it from the Kantemir family. She instructed the architect Bazhenov to rebuild the whole ensemble of buildings and replaced the cacophonous name Black Mud on Tsaritsyno. From now on, it housed one of its summer residences.

temple of a living source in Tsaritsino

Throughout its history, the "Life-giving"Source "in Tsaritsyn repeatedly rebuilt and refurbished, sometimes it was done with the money of rich donors, sometimes at the expense of ordinary parishioners." A sad fate befell him in 1939. The godless authorities came up with a suitable excuse and closed the temple. "The historical monument, the masterpiece of architecture, was otherwise used. in it was a transformer box, then a printing house and finally a woodworking shop.As a result of vibration from the work of its equipment, considerable damage was inflicted on the walls of the building, and their of the survey.

Return of the building of the church to the parishioners

In 1990, the "Life-giving Spring" temple in Tsaritsynoagain was returned to the believers. Under the guidance of the abbot, Archpriest George Breev, his recovery began. To give the temple an original look, they used documents preserved among the inventory of the Tsaritsyno estate and memories of the old parishioners.

Temple of the icon of Our Lady of Life-giving Source in Tsaritsyn

Currently, the parish life of the church includesin itself the most diverse aspects. In addition to the fact that daily worship services are held here, a rich church library is at the service of believers. Attend it as students of the Orthodox school, and all comers. On the basis of the Sunday school, a support group for people in prison was organized, as well as support for their Orthodox communities. The "Life-Bearing Source" temple in Tsaritsyno is widely known for the organization of pilgrim trips and charitable consultations, which are conducted by lawyers and psychologists.

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