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Dream Interpreter. Butterflies: what are they dreaming about?

dream butterfly
The country of dreams is a separate world with its ownheroes, events and adventures. It's a fascinating journey into which we sink every night. Dreams reflect our inner thoughts and desires, and they are able to predict some changes in life. You just need to be able to decipher them. Naturally, for everyone will be an individual interpretation of a dream. Very important is your inner state, that is, what you feel during the dream. If you experience joy from occurring events, then sleep also foreshadows pleasant changes, otherwise the interpretation will be appropriate. However, there are many publications that describe what you see in a dream a particular object. As it became clear, this is a dream book.

Butterfly in a dream - a pretty pleasant phenomenon. It is very joyful to meet in this dream this beautiful and bright insect. What are they dreaming about? A dream book will come to the rescue.

Butterflies fluttering in a dream mean gettingnews from friends who are far away. A young woman to see such a dream - to the meeting of her only, to which real feelings will appear. This will be a serious relationship, having every chance to grow into a legitimate union. A butterfly fluttering in green grass and flowers symbolizes speedy prosperity. It also means that you will have the opportunity of some advantageous acquisition by legal means.

dream butterfly
Dreamed of a white butterfly?The dream interpreter predicts that soon you will learn about the diagnosis, in the appearance of which you will not blame yourself, but an outsider. If a young woman dreams that a white butterfly flew into her room, it means that her wishes will not come true. In addition, if this insect sits on any piece of interior, then it heralds the illness of one of friends or relatives. Also predicts the dream book: butterflies that flutter in the sun, symbolize joy.

A vision in which a man is haunted by a butterfly speaks of a negative on the part of a woman. Most likely, you can "absorb" a more mature and experienced lady.

Predicts the dream book:butterflies in a dream that resemble a flying flower is a warning that one should not rely on one's own sensations and intuition. In one of the dream books the treatment of a butterfly is indicated as a harmful insect infecting plants and fruits. In this case, this image is negative, it resembles a worm in an apple. This suggests that beauty and charm prevent the vision of the whole picture as a whole.

If a guy sees a butterfly in a dream, then this visionwarns him of some danger. A beautiful and bright insect tells a person that he is dealing with a frivolous and unreliable girlfriend who is trying to use it for his own purposes.

butterfly dream book

So, if we take as a basis a dream book, butterflies,despite its beauty, in a dream are not always positive forerunners. However, do not forget to be guided by the impressions and sensations that you experienced during sleep. They will help you establish the true meaning of the dream.

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