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The contradictory and enigmatic meaning of the name Nina

The origin of the name Nina is mysterious and mysterious.They say it came to us from the ancient Greek language: Ninos - the name of the founder of the Assyrian Empire and the city of Nineveh. The root "nin" of the Greeks meant divinity and was contained in the nicknames of many gods of ancient Greece. There is one more opinion - the name came from the Hebrew language and means "great-granddaughter". The meaning of Nina's name is surprisingly contradictory: from Georgian it is translated "affectionate", from Assyrian - "queen".

The meaning of the name Nina

Even in early childhood, the girl aspires in everythinghelp adults and imitate them. Nina always comes to the aid of younger or weak classmates. It can easily get into a fight, if it is necessary, so in school, Nina is often called a bully. A very active and active child has unique qualities - perseverance and diligence in studies. All the forces she invests in becoming the best, take the lead in the class. The "affectionate" meaning of the name Nina does not at all smooth out the violent nature of the girl.

Nina always tries to be a leader in a narrow circle.For her opinion is important from the side, and to all the words said in his address, Nina often listens. It has a realistic mindset, prudence and high work capacity. Moreover, Nina does not build air locks and always knows exactly what she wants to achieve.

The owners of such a name have a number of negative qualities.

Origin of the name Nina
The main secret of the name of Nina, such a gentle andsoft - self-esteem, pride and zealous attitude to others' successes. In society, its owner tries to show its importance, therefore, in her environment there are few true and sincere friends who are ready to accept her nature. Nina can easily gain competitors or rivals among the female, but betrayal and betrayal is going through hard.

In adulthood, the meaning of the name Nina -"Queen" - has a strong influence on fate. In relation to the male sex, Nina does not tolerate weakness. In the family, she realizes her aspirations for freedom and freedom: she does not allow her husband to subordinate herself, but she herself wants to be the undisputed leader in the family. If Nina can not achieve the primacy, she experiences a trauma. The meaning of Nina's name is confirmed - a female head with a complex character risks remaining without male attention with children in her arms, so she should choose men with complaisant and uncomplaining character. According to the compatibility of names, Vladimir, Roman, Sergei, Philip and Athanasius are the most suitable for her.

The Secret of Nina

Material values ​​often eclipse spiritualNina's needs - she manages to support herself and her family, successfully combining homework and career. Often, it overloads itself with worries that are necessary for a sense of self-sufficiency and significance. The owner of an amazing name chooses that profession, which will help her to provide for her family and firmly get on her feet. The bulk of women named Nina are fond of exact sciences, technology, sports, and production.

The meaning of Nina's name is extremely contradictory. If you decide to win the friendship or love of a woman with a gentle name, but prickly character - be patient.

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