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Spiritual Center - Grebnevskaya Church (Odintsovo)

One of the oldest spiritual buildings inthe city of Odintsovo is Grebnevskaya church. For its long history, it survived shelling and desecration by the Napoleonic army, plunder by the Bolsheviks after the October Revolution. Under the USSR, the church was closed, worship services were no longer carried out, and in different years it performed the functions of a warehouse, a hostel and a soldier's bath.

Grebnevskaya church odintsovo

But still, having transferred all the tests, againGrebnevskaya church was opened (Odintsovo). Her phone number is (095) 591-07-31. Grebnevskaya church is not only the main center of the spiritual life of the city, but also a significant architectural monument. It is the property of the city.


According to the surviving chronicles, initially inOdintsovo was built in the late 17th century, a small wooden church in the name of the Holy Martyr Artemon. He was the heavenly patron of the boyar, who owns the village, who was also one of the richest people in Russia.

At the end of the 18th century this village became the property ofCountess Zubova. It was she who ordered to build a new stone church near the old wooden church in the name of Grebnev's Mother of God. It was erected in the autumn of 1801 in the style of classicism. After the completion of the work all the church utensils was moved to a new church.

During the Patriotic War of 1812the Grebnev church was desecrated by French troops. Odintsovo was destroyed. But the next year after the victory over the enemy the church was again consecrated. In the late 19th century, a bell tower was added to the church, which has three tiers, two aisles and a dining room.

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One of the most serious tests for the church wasOctober Revolution. After the Communists came to power, it was closed, all the utensils and relics were taken out, and many priests were sent to camps, where most of them were killed.

Divine services resumed in March 1991, when the Orthodox community of believers was transferred Grebnevskaya church. Odintsovo has returned to itself the oldest temple. His revival began.

Second birth

After the temple was re-opened, steelto pass regular worship services, to which numerous parishioners gathered. While the church was not repaired inside and outside, they passed in a small chapel.

The temple was gradually restored.The funds for this purpose were collected by believers and various public organizations of the city. Its walls inside decorated the paintings again, the number of icons, church books, utensils, which parishioners often donated to the church, was multiplied.

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Of those shrines that he owned earlier,Only two survived: the Crucifixion and the image of Grebnev's Mother of God. Earlier they were in Akulovo, in the Intercession Church, but after the opening of the temple they were returned to him. Gradually, he ennobled and became more beautiful.

In the summer of 1995, Grebnevskaya church was consecrated.Odintsovo took this with delight. From that moment it was officially opened. On the donations of the parishioners, beautiful carved cottages and mahogany iconostases were purchased, intended for the most revered and valuable icons.

Social activity

Spiritual faces of the church, like the whole of MoscowDiocese, pay great attention to spiritual development and enlightenment of the younger generation. Priests of the temple attend various educational institutions in the city, they hold conversations about religion with students and students.

At the church there is a Sunday school, whichvisit not only children, but also adults. Also in the spring of 2000, the Orthodox Center for Youth was opened. If you want to know the path that the Grebnevskaya church, Odintsovo (the schedule of services - from 08.00, and sometimes from 06.30 to 17.00), you can go to the temple, pray, talk with parishioners and clergy.

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Great attention is paid to charityactivities. It helps the sick, the elderly, the homeless and the poor. Priests regularly visit city hospitals and other similar institutions.

Where is the temple located

The church is located near the centerOdintsovo, so it's quite easy to find it. All information about it can be found on its official website. Including where the Grebnevskaya church is located (Odintsovo). Its address: Mozhayskoye highway, 72.

After this temple was re-opened,Odintsovo received a kind of spiritual impetus. Every year the number of parishioners increases, which regularly attend all services. A lot of work is carried out with the population of the city.

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