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Dream Interpretation: What Owls Dreamed About

Owls are very interesting birds of prey,They have funny facial expressions and memorable appearance. Today we propose to find out what these night predators are to us in dreams. For this, we decided to address immediately to several of the most famous and complete dream books of our time.

what did the owls dream about

Gustav Miller's dream interpretation: what the owls dreamed of

According to the interpretation of this dream book, if in a dreamyou have heard a deaf and somber owl cry, then you are threatened by some sad events. Therefore, try to protect yourself and your loved ones as much as possible. A dreamed dead owl predicts a happy escape from health problems. In general, this bird of prey is seen as a forerunner of the situation in which you will undergo a secret defamation, and thus face a lot of problems and hassle.

Dream Hasset: owls in a dream

Answering the question of what the owls dreamed of,the originator of the source claims that such a vision acts as a warning about the need to avoid bad society. A flying bird is seen as a good sign, a promise of deliverance from a threatening danger.

white owl dream book

An ancient French dream book: what the owls dreamed of

In the opinion of the compilers of this collection of interpretationvisions, a dream in which the owl appears, reflects the current situation in real life, in which you were entangled in a whole network of intrigues. However, nothing threatens you, and you will easily be able to disclose in time all the evil intentions of your enemies and competitors.

Dream Interpreter XXI century: an owl in a dream

The dream, where this predatory bird appears, presagessee you soon with a friend with whom you have not seen each other. If a dreamer keeps an owl in his hands, then he may be threatened by a fire or an overwhelming sense of fear. The cry of this bird promises sad news, which can be associated with someone's death. A white owl in a dream predicts a successful date with a representative of the opposite sex who is not indifferent to you. It is possible that these relations will later turn into something very serious.

white owl in a dream

Ancient English dream book: what the owls dreamed of

This source considers a very bad dream sign,in which a man hears a long and sad owlish cry. Such a vision promises troubles, illnesses and misfortunes. As a whole, having seen this predatory bird in a dream, one can not hope for the speedy achievement of success and prosperity, as well as the wedding with a loved one. Perhaps you will also be exposed to an ominous and terrible secret, foreshadowed by a dreamed white owl.

Dream Interpreter for the whole family: an owl in a dream

These birds of prey, dreamed of by men, canact as a sign of wise counsel. So listen carefully and try to remember what the intelligent bird told you. If this predator is caught in a dream to a fair sex, then in a difficult situation, she should seek help from close people who will necessarily give wise and right advice. A flying owl serves as a warning of the threatening danger to you or to someone close to you. If you dreamed that an owl caught a mouse, then perhaps one of your enemies learns about the secret you carefully hide.

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