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Dream: what did the church dream about

what did the church dream about

Even people who do not believe in God, churches, churches andother places of worship almost always cause respect, tranquility and pacification. And what if the church had a dream in us? Is this a good sign or, on the contrary, warns of impending adversity and problems? We propose to address with a question, to what the church dreamed, at once to several most popular and full dream books.

Gustav Miller's dream: the church in a dream

According to the interpretation of this source, ifyou saw the church far away, then you will be disappointed with the long and anxiously anticipated events. A dream in which a person enters a church in utter darkness promises him a visit to the funeral in the near future. Also, such a vision may symbolize some vague prospects or the need for a very long wait for change for the better.

Dream Husset: what the church was dreaming about

This dream book examines a dream churchor the temple as a forerunner of happy changes in your life. If you are inside the church, then in case of need or trouble you can always rely on the help and support of close people and loyal friends. If you hear church singing, then your luck and beginnings will be crowned with success. However, a dream in which a person passes by a place of worship warns him about the likelihood of committing an imprudent act capable of causing bad consequences.

what the church is dreaming about

Assyrian dream book: what the church was dreaming about

Visiting in a dream of the temple predicts a person receiving in the near future good news. In addition, this dream promises the embodiment of all dreams into reality, as well as health and well-being.

A modern dream book: what does the church dream about, the church

This collection of interpretations of night dreamsconsiders a dreamed church or temple as a symbol of the need for spiritual purification and repentance. If you are present in a church service in a dream, then in real life you can count on the love and devotion of all people close to you. Why did the church dream of boarding up windows and doors? Such a vision is considered a bad sign, predicting changes in life for the worse, despair and longing.

what does a white church dream about

Dream for the whole family: a church in a dream

A ruined building in a dream promises a dreamermoral suffering and health problems. To see service in the church is to harmony and peace in your home. A terrible dream is a church around which a serpent coil rims. This vision can serve as an omen of the future troubles that will overtake all of humanity. Also a bad sign is a dream in which a person sees a castle on the door of the church, which promises problems and obstacles in business. Why dream of a white church with golden domes? Such a dream is considered an exceptionally favorable sign, symbolizing the cultural dawn of the entire state, as well as its spiritual and moral foundations. Directly to the dreamer, such dreams await a reward for his striving for spiritual growth.

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