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I know the dream: what does the snake's bite dream about?

What does the snake's bite dream about? This is a bad sign. Any dream involving poisonous (and not so) snakes is a horror for many people.

what does the snake bite dream about
But it's better to let it be in a dream than in reality,agree. Such dreams warn that in the near future we are waiting for various problems, because the snake is primarily a symbol of evil, and only then - medicine! In general, today we will consider what the snake's bite dreams about.

At the origins of life ...

Since ancient times, people have wondered howwhat they see this or that dream. They compared all the pictures seen in the kingdom of Morpheus, with real sensations and emerging situations. All this helped to derive those or other patterns. In the future, this knowledge and conclusions were passed from one generation to another ... Thus, one of the most amazing books was born - a dream book.

What does the snake dream about? on the dream book of Morpheus

  1. If the snake in your dream is in the water (for example, or anaconda) - expect trouble coming from somewhere, namely from your close friends or relatives!
  2. Также сонник Морфея дает обширное толкование the one to which the snake's bite is dreamed - poisonous and not very much! The general interpretation of this dream is treason, lies or the coming disease! If you are bitten by a non-venomous snake - in real life you will create a loud scandal! If you feel the bite on her - your relationship with the authorities will become noticeably more complicated, dismissal may not be ruled out.
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  3. A dream in which a poisonous snake bites not you but another person, says that in reality you will become the initiator of some gossip and intrigues. In the future, you will regret it.
  4. Dream Interpretation Morpheus one of the few explains to us, towhat snakes are dreaming of, the bite of which we were able to avoid! This dream can be considered an exception to the general rules. The day is approaching when you finally make peace with your friend or relative. You forgive each other long-standing resentment, renew peaceful fellowship!
  5. If in your sleep you provide first aidinjured by the bite of a snake - you will soon be able to find some lost thing. Mistress luck will open its doors to you at the moment when you least expect it.
  6. One of the most sad Morphean interpretations - toWhat a snake's snake's dream, from which you suddenly died. In reality you will suffer and suffer because of repeated changes on the part of a loved one, then a rupture of relations or a deceitful and cruel betrayal will follow!

Snake bites in the dream book of Miller

  1. Bites from the great snakes prognosticatewet reputation. Be ready to deserve lost respect from relatives, colleagues and bosses, only by opening and showing all possible potential!
  2. If you are attacked by snakes in a dream, then there is a threat of any damage to your business or work. The fact is that you are quite easily succumbed to someone else's influence and suggestion!
    what does snake snake
  3. Another Millerian interpretation of this dream sayswe are told that a huge number of henchmen and real "jackals" are revolving around the will of which there will be constant quarrels, scandals and intrigues! It is possible and gossip from scratch!
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