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Horoscope and Compatibility: Snake Woman and Snake Man

The Snake Woman is very beautiful.It has an excellent taste as far as clothing is concerned. Has a passion for unusual accessories. The Snake Man is very nice and a little sentimental. He has a sense of humor.

Compatibility of female snake and male snake
Horoscope: Snake Woman

This woman always wants to look at all one hundred: pedicure, manicure, new underwear, shoes, jewelry. She changes her hair every couple of months.

The Woman-Snake craves knowledge. She knows everything, but not everything tells. This woman is constantly working on herself and reveals many talents.

The main value for her is the family. She constantly cares for her loved ones, though she does not spoil children.

The Serpent woman has great demands on the person, withwhich she wants to marry. She is not quiet, but not foolhardy. The Snake Woman is mysterious, seductive and interesting for the opposite sex. Men are trying to earn her attention. She is hot in love, she can gladly make multiple novels.

Horoscope Serpent Woman
Horoscope: The Snake Man

A Serpent man can charm absolutely any woman. At the first opportunity, he will take off his shirt to demonstrate his beautiful body to the opposite floor.

The Serpent monitors the appearance and is kind to people. If anyone on his path becomes, he becomes a very vicious and vindictive person.

He does not like confrontation, risky situations,excitement or fuss. If he feels tense, he will try to escape from problems or smooth the situation. He is often considered a coward or a lazy, as he leaves any worries. But it is not so.

The Snake Man likes to relax in an armchair or to talk about what is happening in the world. He is very versatile. If you put pressure on him, he will simply leave the contact.

The Snake Man can become an excellent teacher, doctor or professor.

It is closed. His silence can embarrass the partner, but that's his character.

This man is tight-fisted, but still enjoys popularity among the fair sex. Women are fascinated by his directness. But deep down he remains Casanova.

Horoscope man-Snake
Compatibility: female snake and male snake in love

In love, the Serpent chooses a pair of herself.She is very jealous and intolerant even if she no longer loves her partner. The snake wraps around him, leaving him no freedom. This applies to both men and women, and this is their compatibility.

The Woman-Serpent and the Serpent-Man are striving for extramarital affairs. If they devote themselves to the family, then their life can be more harmonious.

Both partners enjoy success with the opposite sex. They are wise and perspicacious. Can be extravagant. They better not be angry. They are not always confident in themselves and often stay at a distance.

In the marriage with the Bull, the Dragon and the Rooster at the Snakeperfect compatibility. The Snake Woman and the Serpent Man will be able to plunge into the sea of ​​passion with the Pig or the Horse. Friendship will be strong with the Rat, Tiger, Goat and Dragon.

The compatibility of "Snake Woman and Snake Man" is successful in the event that partners are friends.

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