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Why does a snake dream about biting or wanting to rush?

If you can not tolerate the spirit in real lifesnakes, then you can only imagine in what horror you wake up, seeing them in a dream. Unpleasant sensations. It is worth noting, the importance of sleep with these creatures in the center of events can not be called good. And now we propose to discuss what is worth waiting for in the future, what to beware of and what to prepare for.

The snake has dreamed of meanness

Why does a snake that bites

All interpreters of dreams believe that the snake dreams oftroubles, meanness, deceit. To correctly read information about what you saw in a dream, you should pay attention to some details. Do you know, for example, what is the dream of a snake, which bites the sleeper and lets the poison into the wound? In your close environment there is a two-faced man. On the one hand, he supports and agrees in all of you. On the other - weaves behind you intrigue, doing everything to harm, spoil your life and drive away luck. It is possible that the dreamed snake is a colleague at work. Most likely, you are envious and try to blacken before the top management, pointing out blunders and mistakes. If in a dream you think that the snake is afraid, but you see its desire to crawl, then in the near future get ready for serious trials. Only your wisdom and personal positive qualities will help change the predictions from sleep.

The snake bit or wants to rush

What does the snake dream about in the water

We will discuss what the snake that bites orwants to rush. Remember, it was poisonous? It is very important, according to the dream book, when tapping what a snake dreams about, whether it bites it, splashing it with poison. If in a dream you have got even a drop of snake venom, in reality it will be very difficult for you to overcome the life troubles. Most likely, the wisest decision will be to wait out the black bar without reacting to circumstances.

The color of the snake is very important.If you are bitten by black, wait for a serious ailment, which will be difficult to overcome. Red or bright yellow snake dreams of gossip and intrigues, problems in the family. Especially terrible is her bite, if you feel pain. Such a dream promises betrayal with an unpleasant outcome. If the dream was bright and beautiful - take a look at your half. Probably, it is worth thinking about breaking up relations. This is not your pair.

К чему снится - змея кусает, а после сразу dies. The interpretation is pretty interesting. So, the evil caused by close people will not affect your life in any way. Problems will simply pass by without hooking you.

Snake in the water

What a dream snake bites

What does the snake in the water or snake dream aboutdive into the river or lake. This is a kind of prophecy. You should analyze attitudes to your relatives with all attention. Look closely and think. A snake in a dream is a close person who will become the source of future problems. If it swims into clean water, the outcome of the events will largely depend on who is dreaming. Pay attention to what the snake that bites, if you are with it in the water, dreams. The healers and representatives of the world of magic are convinced that someone spoils you. And the evil is a very strong energy. If the water around you is muddy, - the damage has been done a long time and has already started its black business. What to do in this case? You do not look for an answer in the dream book, you still will not know how to get out of the situation, reading what the snake that bites or swims nearby is dreaming about. You are dear to a powerful magician or sorcerer.

What to do?

Of course, if the snake dreamed, and you readthe meaning of sleep, then, most likely, began to worry and upset. But do not despair. Perhaps you had an empty dream. To correctly interpret its meaning, you still need to take into account the day of the week, and the Lunar calendar, and the date of birth. We advise only to listen to the interpretations of the dream book, and act on the circumstances. In the end, the future depends on the person himself.

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