/ / Balthasar is a higher level demon. How to call Balthasar and is it worth it?

Balthazar is a higher-level demon. How to call Balthasar and is it worth it?

In jest or in earnest, but some peopleattempt to communicate with otherworldly forces. One of their counterparts in this virtual dialogue is Balthazar, a high-level demon. Is it worth it to get involved in such experiments, what do they end with? Let's figure it out.

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Who is Balthazar?

Demon, according to the beliefs of believers, isservant of Satan. He fulfills the orders of the head of the dark forces. However, demons are completely different. This is a whole science - to understand their classification. All of them differ, firstly, by the way of creation, or birth, if you like. Secondly, they have the most incredible, but strictly individual abilities. Thirdly, they have their own character and aspirations. In principle, from people these essences differ in their abilities, received due to their belonging to the satanic army. And so you can say that every little demon. After all, we experience some kind of dark feelings or desires.

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Entity Features

Balthasar is not an ordinary demon.It is believed that he was once born on earth. His father was the most ordinary man, but his mother belonged to the demonic class. She, as the legend says, seduced the man and, as usual, brought him to untimely death. So the demon Balthazar was born. Of course, it's impossible to make a photo of him. What is this otherworldly nature, if it can be caught unawares with our human equipment. To understand that it is absolutely impossible is not so difficult. It is necessary to get acquainted with his character. Then everything will become more or less transparent. Do not ask "strange" questions.

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The character of Balthasar

The demon has the distinct features of a warrior.He literally revels in his power, fueled from Hell. The essence of it is hatred. But not simple, but destructive, killing all life. Satan is said to use his martial art. Balthasar is entrusted with the killing of enemies, the hunt for the guilty, organizing all sorts of trouble and wars. However, bloodless excitement does not attract him. The demon needs cruelty and suffering. He seeks complete control over the victim, reveling in his incredible cruel power. Where the blood is pouring, our demon must be present. He is in the center of the bout, sending waves of horrendous hatred towards the soldiers. Another trace can be seen in the minds of generals who commit wrong moves under the influence of emotions. This Balthazar pulls these people for sensitive places. He always knows how to offend the one who needs him now. Do not think that the demon kills himself. It's too easy. He wants to enjoy the raging terror in the minds of many people.

The earthly hypostasis

Many otherworldly beings have the opportunityto become inhabitants of our planet. In connection with the peculiarities of birth, Balthasar feels free on the Earth. He appears here in the image of a man. The appearance of it causes trembling in women and an underlying fear in the representatives of the strong half of humanity. This is a huge, well-complex warrior with a burning diabolical fire. He is dark and skinny, unusually energetic and charming. Not surprisingly, some original ladies often wonder how to summon the demon Balthazar. They think (by naivety) that this chevalier will eclipse any earthly boyfriend. It's true. Just what happens next is a frivolous harlot? Very difficult and bitter question. They say that he does not immediately kill those who agree to give birth to his child. However, the fate of such a lady is unenviable. They will not just suffer. From their memory, the very idea of ​​a happy existence, joy or ordinary human feelings will be erased. Although, however much they warn, there are still people who want to enlist the protection of this being.

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Spells to summon the Demon Balthazar

Try to talk with otherworldly forces notit's so difficult. They are just themselves and are looking for an opportunity to start a dialogue. The fact is that demons feed on our emotions and feelings. It is vitally important for them that the flow does not fade. Therefore, there is no need to look for spells to summon the demon Balthazar. He is always close. Just waiting for your ego to break out because of an act or the word of a person. In the soul, hatred, thirst for revenge will be born and begin to germinate. Consider that the demon is no longer just next to it, it is inside. But if you need special words, then try these: "Dark powers, Adam born! I appeal to you, I open the gates! Let this moment through them Balthasar in the world of the world in a hurry! What I say, let him do it right away! "However, do not think that this is the only formula for invoking the essence. Words are not important. You need an inner, firm intention to contact the demon. He himself will hear and come.

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How does contact occur?

Let's be frank.People sometimes confuse reality with the plot of serials. They think that after performing the ritual, Balthasar will appear to them in person. Demon - "Enchanted" (TV series) is sufficiently accessible it demonstrates - not every time is in physical guise. He first "feel" the caller. And why should he bother with trifles? He can lead his victim, so to speak, at the level of the senses. So you can leave your hopes for visualization for later. He is only to those who harm the plans of Satan by their activities. Do you know what you need to be to reach this level? No less than the Angel in the flesh. To a normal person this is beyond his powers. Yes, and very difficult. On the other hand, the demon gladly seduces beautiful girls. What, by the way, is enjoyed by black magicians. Balthasar needs a victim, over which he will conduct his brutal experiments. Therefore, maybe it's good that he is so arrogant. A lot of potential corpses and remain to live on our cozy planet. If they met with the demon, they would quickly move to another world.

spells for summoning the demon balthazar

Should I contact a cruel entity?

While we talked only about the negative sidesthe demon. You will think that only absolutely strange or completely crazy people call it. Of course not. There is an opportunity to agree with Balthasar. But this requires courage, cunning and courage. It must be surprised, interested, intrigued by your plan. In addition, the idea must be "bloody". Not in a literal, but figurative sense of the word. The "plan of measures" should include points about suffering, hatred, troubles and so on. The bigger, the better. It's not easy, but it's possible. If you decide to come up with something like this, then do not forget that the demon has already seen and experienced a lot. Those who manage to get hold of the attention of the demon can be at the top of success. Everything will be realized in accuracy, as planned, without effort and in the shortest possible time. Balthazar will not even demand payment for his work. This is the basis of its popularity and relevance.

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