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The mystery and meaning of Milan's name

Not the least role for the fate of the girl playsthe name given to her at birth. The meaning of Milan's name will determine the nature, goals and preferences of your child. Think, maybe that's the way to name your daughter?

The meaning of Milan's name

Origin of the name of Milan

This name is the female form of the male name Milan, descended from Milomir and Miloslav. From the ancient Slavic name of Milan literally translated as "dear," "beloved."

Similar forms of the name: Melana, Melania, Milica.

Diminutive-caressing forms: Mila, Milanka, Milka, Mil, Milka.

Name day celebrates on December 31 and July 19.

General description and meaning of the name of Milan

A little girl with this name is very similarcharacter on his father. She is sweet, affectionate, sociable, so she has many girlfriends. I am happy to help my mother in the household. Milan is a very thoughtful child, capable of analyzing the information received. At the same time, it is unpredictable and spontaneous, sometimes its actions are not ordinary, than pose the people in perplexity. The child is filled with energy and cheerfulness.

Origin of the name of Milan

But when a girl grows up, she changes a lot.The meaning of Milan's name is given by a secretive and reserved girl. She is well educated, she knows how to combine several things at the same time, carefully plans her time. During this period of growing up, the meaning of the name of Milan often contradicts the characteristic "dear". Sometimes it can be detached and cold towards others, but those who have entered into its confidence, it will always listen, discuss the problem, give advice and even help the case. But she will never share her difficulties, she will not ask for help. The mystery of the name of Milan is that it is capable of creating a problem for itself, which itself solves. She is very often disappointed in people, and this is why her removal from intimate communication is caused.

The Mystery of Milan

Purposefulness, incredible insight,erudition, developed intuition - this is the meaning of the name of Milan for an adult woman. Communicative is manifested more in communication with men, she never hides her interest in them, than creates competition to other women. At the same time he accepts courtship, which does not go beyond the bounds of decency. She is very jealous, although she does not like herself when she is accused of treason. As a rule, relations with men in Milan do not add up, married several times. It equips the cosiness, warmth, cleanliness in the house is impeccable, it is a magnificent hostess, deliciously cooks and very fond of guests. A woman with this name is characterized by extravagance and economy at the same time, she does not know how to cope with the family budget. Milan homebody, drag her to visit very hard. She is very suspicious, believes in prophetic dreams, visits fortune-tellers.

As for career, women with this nameeasy to succeed in business. Diplomacy, respect for superiors, discretion help her to get a good job in the team and earn respect. A woman is endowed with strong intuition, so she is able to independently develop her business.

Summing up, we can say that the name of Milan will give your child an interesting and pleasant life, and you - a daughter, to whom you will be proud.

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