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Church of All Saints in Minsk: history, shrines and description

There are many churches on our planet.Their appearance directly depends on the religion of the people, its cultural and historical traditions. The Church of All Saints in Minsk is just such a structure. It is closely connected with the traditions of Orthodox architecture. The classical dome, the bells and the general spirit of the building conjure up thoughts of the eternal. The interior of the temple impresses with its calm, confident grandeur and simple beauty that distinguishes all Orthodox churches.

The Church of All Saints: a brief description

The Temple-monument of All Saints is in the cityMinsk. The appearance of it is quite simple, but it is bright and throw. The Church of All Saints (Minsk), whose photo shows the white color of the walls with golden inclusions and domes, has a shape similar to a tent, with a cross at the top. It is traditional for Orthodox churches.

the temple of all the saints in Minsk

Its form symbolizes the Mother of God and Christ.At the base of the tent is the figure nine. It is formed by means of eight facets of a broad form with a geometric center - the apex. In the lower part of the temple, the altar gathers land from the battlefields for the Republic of Belarus. Therefore, the Church of All Saints in Minsk (almost every citizen, Kalinouski Street 121, will tell you this) can be considered one of the memorable places of the Great Patriotic War. In addition, in memory of people who died during the wars, built two side aisles on both sides of the tent. In honor of all the dead soldiers, five domes were built. On the territory of the temple there is one throne (icons of All Saints) and two chapels - icons of the Mother of God and Beheading of the head of John the Forerunner. The Church of All Saints in Minsk, whose photo shows the ideal proportions and the highest level of architectural thought, attracts pilgrims from all countries of the Orthodox world.

Shrines of the temple

The temple has its shrines.These include: particles of the relics of the Diveevsky vintage, St. Nicholas, St. John, the World of the Lycian Miracle-Worker, the list of the Sovereign Icon of the Mother of God and the cross-relic that contains the relics of the 44 saints.

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On the territory of the temple you can find a memorial plaque with an enumeration of all the heroes who gave their lives for their homeland, as well as an unimaginable lamp.


And may the Church of All Saints in Minsk be enoughyoung, he already has a history of his life. It began in 1990 - then it was decided to erect this church. The consecration of the first foundation stone of the Temple took place in 1991. It was produced by His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia. Then he visited the Republic of Belarus for the first time. In 1996, the President of the Republic of Belarus A.G. Lukashenko, as well as the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk Filaret, the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, members of the Government, the leadership of the Minsk City Executive Committee and representatives of the public laid a unique capsule with a letter in the base of the church near the cemetery.

All Saints Church in Minsk

In that place are buried the fallen warriors of the battles forBelarusian land, so you can assume that the location of the new shrine is not chosen by chance. It symbolizes the unity of church and secular life in the state. In 2005, approved the project of building a temple, and in 2006 began its erection with the participation of famous builders and architects. In the autumn of the same year, three large bells and a main dome were raised and installed. Also on the territory of the church was built the Trinity Church.

The development of the memorial

Most of the funds for buildingThe Temple-monument of All Saints was singled out by the state, and everyone knows where the Church of All Saints is in Minsk. In 2008, a group was determined and approved to develop a memorial in the temple complex. The Church of All Saints in Minsk is an important shrine for Orthodox people. Annually the number of pilgrims increases, and this is a good sign.

where is the temple of all the saints in Minsk

Believers from all CIS countries come here tohonor the memory of family and friends who died in the course of hostilities. The opening of the memorial contributed to a significant increase in the flow of pilgrims wishing to kneel at the shrine. Memorial service is held daily in the church about fighters who died defending the honor and freedom of the Belarusian people, about those innocent who were affected by the horrors of the war. Calls to peace, to the cessation of hostilities sound in prayers.

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