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Interpretation of dreams. What does the man dream about?

At first glance, it seems that if a man dreams in a dream, then such a vision does not say anything about anything. Why is that? Let's understand.

Why do men dream. Ancient dream book of Maya

what does the man dream about
Someone will say that to trust this dream book is notit follows, because the end of the world in December 2012 did not happen. However, do not ignore the ancient knowledge. So, what does an unfamiliar man dream about? To the fact that you are waiting for a very tempting offer. Here, the dream book does not explain whether to accept it or not, but advises burning your photo. This is an ancient rite, driving away bad energy. When a man builds a structure, be wary of everything connected with cars.

Why do men dream. Ancient French dream book

what does an unfamiliar man dream about
If you dream of a handsome with nice features, thenall at you will be good, at least, in the near future. Fate will only present surprises (in a good way). But when men are dreaming of beautiful guys, it means that in real life quarrels can not be avoided. Evil enemies are plotting at every turn. It may be advisable to change the place of work, if you, for example, are sure that there you have no friends. When a man is dressed in white - this is to the joys. Conversely, the black robe symbolizes sorrows and misfortunes. Fat is a sign of fertility, well-being and kindness. A man of small stature points out that all your problems are just as small. So do not worry. But the terrible hunchback is an omen of bad events.

Why do men dream. A competent dream book by Miller

A clever and muscular representative of the stronger sexsymbolizes your cunning. You easily overcome difficulties, and from each problem will benefit. In general, you will enjoy everything that is happening. An ugly, repulsive man points to infidel friends. They can not wait to see your fall. Obstacles, arranged by detractors, just exhaust you. But do not give up, because dreams are warnings and come so that you can prevent bad things. When a young girl dreams an incredibly handsome man, she will definitely become famous. Of course, such a dream does not promise worldwide glory, but in certain circles one can succeed and gain authority. To frighten a freak is to deceive.

Why do men dream. Esoteric dream book

the man dreams in a dream
Dream young man or boysymbolize your beginnings, some profitable new business. An elderly man, a pensioner or a decrepit old man - to deserved rest and even honor. If a guy is stuffed into boyfriends, calls for a date, then in reality we advise you to remember, have you done all the work? Perhaps they missed something. Here it is you and "calls." If your chosen one caresses you in a dream, then be afraid to be caught unawares. Try to keep everything under control! Especially it concerns your emotions. In your hearts, you can tell a superfluous, and then how do you disentangle? Especially envious and gossipers do not mind spoiling you. If you do not recognize a familiar man in a dream, then you should reconsider your views on life. Naked handsome man, lying in bed, promises the development of the creative principle in you. Something will push you towards opening up the potential.

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